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trike en français :

trike, tricycle landing gear, tricycle landing-gear, tricycle landing gear, tricycle undercarriage, tricycle-type landing gear, nose-wheel landing gear, nose wheel landing gear, nose-wheel aircraft, three-wheeled motorcycle, motor tricycle, motorized tricycle, trichomoniasis, motorised hang-glider -*- trike, train d'atterrissage tricycle, train tricycle, atterrisseur tricycle, avion à train tricycle, motocyclette à trois roues, tricycle à moteur, trois roues, trichomonase, avion ultra-léger motorisé de type aile delta, deltaplane motorisé, DPM,


train d'atterrissage tricycle [ train tricycle | atterrisseur tricycle ]

avion à train tricycle

motocyclette à trois roues | tricycle à moteur | trois roues


avion ultra-léger motorisé de type aile delta | deltaplane motorisé | DPM [Abbr.]

datacenter (12): (

trike -> trike | tricycle landing gear [ tricycle landing-gear | tricycle landing gear | tricycle undercarriage | tricycle-type landing gear | nose-wheel landing gear | nose wheel landing gear | trike ] | nose-wheel aircraft [ trike ] | three-wheeled motorcycle | motor tricycle | motorized tricycle | trike

Date index: 2021-02-27
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