subscribed capital unpaid called-up capital investment pool cash at bank
gross premiums earned syndicate account aggregate account equivalent fund
provisions for taxation cold-rolling mill retorting one-month delay rule
social housing levy eligible expense eligible expenditure derogating provision
co-rapporteur negative integration connected clients interbank claim
interline connection new entrant status feeder-service agreement restricting competition
multilateral cumulation multi-species quota multi-area quota research-scientific community interface
nail gun reintegration expenses transitional end-of-service allowance transitional allowance
ethylmethylketone methyl ethyl ketone methylethyl ketone butanone
cyclohexane marine diesel two-parent family associated trade
growing under glass soil-bound horticulture cultivation under glass sufficiently processed product
beneficiary Republic manual tuning fused magnesia digital tuning
auto-reverse system sulphonaphthenic acid sulfonaphthenic acid noise reduction system
aromatised wine-based drink aromatised wine-product cocktail aromatised wine-based cocktail ionomer sheet
ionomer film transfer paper offset plate photogrammetry
photogrammetrical surveying rangefinder surveying direct labour contract
services technology haemostatic function inspection pennant boarding ladder
bulwark ladder rewrapping centre maximum authorised weight hormone mafia
approach control system spotted wild cat natural sanctuary geological danger zone
real estate bond building cooperative transnational cultural itinerary Philippine natural carrageenan
acid-insoluble matter computer peripherals landfill archaeology site operator
national focal point focal point AIDS task force laying-up premium
heavy semi-trailer LLDPE prime contractor stem rot
link road sensitivity integrated services environment anhydrous milk fat
high-speed train auxiliary parallel processor biological balance biological equilibrium
balance of organisms veterinary check documentary check physical check
shiftwork environmental disturbance information provider citizens advice service
Euro-Jus network Candidate s Guide sliced sugar beet environmentally sound reactor
toroidal magnetic configuration reactor blanket module wire rod merchant bar
processing security weapons dealer gunsmith transparency clause
social clause non-ferrous metal waste maritime pine processionary caterpillar
social dumping European Wheelchair Endurance Special Olympics World Games
satellite ticket printer biotherapy pranotherapy joint aviation requirements
Joint Airworthiness Requirements commuter aircraft regional aircraft commuter aeroplane
harp seal hooded seal seal pup experimental test reactor
indigenous propagation project Euro-Mediterranean Bank dropped furskin ecotoxicological effect
teleshopping service malicious call permanent override function on-hook equipment
IT security criteria non-repudiation protocol airborne remote-sensing shore-based navigation aids
proprietary information repository recovery of waste reuse of waste
land treatment cache memory controller household-rate pension family pension
newsprint sour cherry mother plantation woven polyolefin sack
traveller plant growth regulator working life operating lifetime
back-end cost Seveso Directive dual use industry bone mineral content
bone mineral density bone density slow-down strike go-slow strike
soft disclosure JetSki water scooter aquatic scooter
GSP cut-off zero duty ceiling national treatment obligation industrial crop
recovery of claims sheep scab nosema sacbrood
chalkbrood Earth Day great skua whimbrel
backbone sub-network multi-vendor system paperless trading clean car
clean air car terpene multipartner contract triazine
turn-key contract mixed-oxide fuel mixed plutonium-uranium oxide alternative justice
environmentally friendly farming AECCG AHFV Junin virus
Seoul virus Ebola virus rabies virus Lyssa virus
Lassa virus grassroots organisation cross supplies physical interaction
scientific apparatus time-sensitive document heating network district heating scheme
mono-organotin compound di-organotin compound defence advisory team non-refillable container
document exchange system reserved area high-energy study centre receive-only satellite station
Palma document supernatant coagulum harness belt buckle
shock-sensor impact sensor pyrotechnic pre-loading device pre-fixed aid rate
heavy category premium slot mask slit mask radiological monitoring system
contingent loan conditional loan minority shareholding minority holding
steppe zone semi-steppe zone Pic procedure severely restricted chemical
time of demand trustee chairman President
Vice-President immunity of archives approval deemed given biohazard sign
medical check health surveillance representation allowance official expenditure allowance
special-duty allowance duty allowance medium-term loan facility petroleum products
digital avionics remanufactured product reconditioned product tape library
capercaillie limit state partial safety coefficient permissible stress method
hare coursing statute for steelworkers transferable pension rights portable pension rights
unofficial statistics alpha acid content bitter hops aromatic hops
buffer region infected region evaluation meeting craft paper
sack kraft paper sack paper kraft sack paper wood-free paper
cartonboard paperboard cardboard nursing mother
lactating mother skylight EC type-examination intensity ceiling
dune belt estuary estuarine area multi-media kit
public service concession exposure assessment assessment of exposure regenerated cellulose film
returning holding non-negotiable note CEC criteria document sound banking principle
executive summary standardisation mandate Joint Presidents Group European Standardisation Board
primary cellulose low salary cost display unit video-display terminal
visual display unit display station puppet leader domestic energy source
contribution in kind stable forest ecosystem coelenterate coelenterata
joint marketing conference voting rights joint-terminal operation joint operational office
equipment pool joint scheduling environment-friendly farming method common spiny lobster
green factor tamper-proof label export licence export certificate
professional reintegration childcare facilities childcare worker user network interface
attachment requirement terminal adaptor terminal adapter speech bearer service
audio bearer service terminal portability end-to-end protocol social ecology
social economy mutual society salicylanilide national pharmacovigilance centre
ancillary restriction non-competition clause non-competition covenant non-competition obligation
restraint on competition cross-shareholding meslin enrichment of uranium
dismantling of installations maximum waterflow flood flow minimum waterflow
containment testing for leaktightness leak test leak rate
heat release rate controller work station man machine interface human-factor expert
interlinable fare unsuberised potato immature potato rent allowance
business consultant enterprise consultant business adviser enclosed public space
safety of services longwall face shearer thicknesser
plough powered support pneumatic stowing armoured conveyor bridge
shield canopy rear shield winning machine extraction drum
collection system shearer loader de-duster heading machine
shield-type powered support machine-mounted air curtain thermoluminescence authorised mesh size
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