high-strength steel framework buckling curve steel foil bottle green
straight laid tobacco transnational measure transnational action visitor management
European classes recreational craft pleasure craft windsurf board
windsurfer sailing surfboard powered surfboard cull
culled cow reform cow reformed cow cast cow
anabolic substance anabolic agent biotoxin toxicity threshold
economiser dibenzo-furan activated carbon filter quota statement
cultivation certificate end-of-service allowance ICSG crotch strap
endowment capital monitoring centre partnership principle unit production aid
water rail stock record stock accounts Finnish markka
Prime Minister s Office Foreign Ministry Ministry of Justice Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Finance Ministry of Education vine disease Social Democratic Party
National Coalition Party Swedish People s Party Centre Party Kela
Employees Pensions Act National Pensions Act Survivors Pensions Act benchmarking study
Health Insurance Act frontman front man reflecting strip
interconnected paging paging service TSER Targeted Socio-economic Research
single rate pension butanoic acid The Left Left Alliance
broken grains green grains Paris Convention International Press Club
zetta peta tera giga
mega kilo hecto deca
deci centi milli micro
pico femto atto zepto
yocto steradian atomic mass unit kilojoule
ampere per metre ampere per meter volts per metre volt per metre
megaohm microohm dioptre gross register tonne
Scientology Church Church of Scientology Package Deal Agreement Baltic Convention
PTBT ILZSG Madeiran sardinella International Energy Programme
Industry Advisory Board Regional Environment Centre IPRA International Advisory Committee
ICAR London Convention company accounts SACB
ISM Code ISMC target group grounds of urgency
compact disc WARC HELCOM Helsinki Commission
New York Protocol Marrakesh Final Act Western European Assembly sardinellas
local savings instrument telephone pre-payment card calling card spotted seabass
IBBY LTDP Non-Aggression Treaty Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty
ABM Treaty indicator index budgetisation
strepie salema yellowing cigarette paper
root crops marine fishes campylobacter camphylobacter
otorhinolaryngology notional security polyphenylene sulphide rain forest
composting plant garganey unimpaired subscribed capital pedigree breeding establishment
taster catchment area sound insulation water content
double glazing unit acoustic double-glazed window phon reverberation room
reverberant room noise generator reverberation bleaching
calendering short flax fibres tow yarn flax tow
flax yarn monofilament sliver staple fibre
texturisation texturising texturing non-textured yarn
untwisted yarn gimped yarn fineness mark assay mark
sale on consignment sale or return consignment sale risk phrase
health warning distribution agreement wave absorber surge suppressor
certificate of airworthiness airworthiness certificate front fog lamp adaptor
connecting point adapter permanent paper movement of workers
methylindol accident investigation agro-industrial sector prometazine
turbojet aircraft microwave amplifier winch capstan
video-amplifier horizontal action approach angle trailing-edge angle
departure angle provisional duty monocalciumphosphate drought-prone area
family planning fertility planning birth control passenger handling
ramp handling service ramp service ramp handling charterer
lighterage hole pitch sprocket hole feed hole
halogenated olefin ratification trichloroethyl phosphate water-deficiency area
water-shortage area arid area low-lying coastal area barley
life-jacket mae west lifejacket sustainability
decommissioning of equipment shrimp trawler one-stop ordering management account
computer terminal subject to computerisation office furniture
automatic labelling machine addressing machine political dignitary passive safety
river pearl mussel pearl mussel seed-capital money start-up capital
seed-capital current transfer planning permission building permit
communications allowance rolling programme rolling plan automatic speech recognition
automated speech recognition simsim sesame cold chain
skidding resistance sheep dip duty to assist opinion multipliers
tuna vessel sea-going ship tonnes per inch individual ceiling
customs regulations EC verification slab local network
application for annulment action for annulment hoopoe dibromoethane
Advanced Manufacturing Technology free warehouse krill sole plate
base plate electron beam source inositolhexaphosphoric acid
ferro-cerium breakdown-voltage anode breakdown voltage break-even point
bitter white lupin bridge rectifier noise buffer sound-proof wall
noise barrier pooling Pool calliper gage
calliper gauge vernier gauge calliper switch unit
switch gear conveyor electric generating set lubricant
greasing agent fenugreek gyro magnetic compass gyro compass
bridging facility monitoring procedure pesticide residue mercury compound
sprout inhibitor sprout suppressant anti-sprouting product purity criterion
criterion of purity coaxial cable electrolytic capacitor flag-carrier
plant CFIT telephony laminated timber
muting circuit mute circuit leakage current leakage
licensing agreement licensing contract licence agreement movement
thermal expansion coefficient passenger compartment polarisation process production animal
animal for production contact-brush thermostat bearer
declaration of invalidity conurbation rubberlip grunt organic foodstuff
verification procedure pine forest obligation of secrecy secrecy obligation
duty of secrecy spasmophiliac employment consultant share-cropper
encryption system consumer conditional-access unit digital broadcasting customs valuation
chestnut semi-sanguine raspberry blueberry
whortleberry bilberry Sharon fruit conversion company
near-equity funding public group write-off specific conversion contribution
subsidy-equivalent grant equivalent bona fide charge operating budget
cost benefit aspect intermetallic global change programme anthropogenic atmospheric emission
anthropogenic emission anthropogenic air emission intercalibration extended burn-up
nuclear aerosol redcurrant guideline figure equivalence coefficient
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