canary seed triticale sorghum maple sugar
Community processor hulled grain rolled grain perled grain
pearled grain appropriate definition cider apple indicative ceiling
trimmed cauliflower round tomato ribbed tomato elongated aubergine
globus aubergine preferential import weighted average price representative market rate
storer warehouseman depositor matured cheese
olive-pomace oil olive residue oil refined olive oil cyanopropisilicon
free acidity carrier gas gas chromatogram transisoleic acid
resolution index trans octadecenoic acid transoleic isomer cis-trans octadecadienoic acid
trans-cis octadecadienoic acid translinoleic isomer trans-cis-trans octadecatrienoic acid cis-cis-trans octadecatrienoic acid
trans-cis-cis octadecatrienoic acid translinolenic isomer authoritative text authentic text
intervention store surveyor methyl ester Pacific salmon
peas in pods spread protamine sulphate hard fish roe
tailing freezing flammability perishable goods
ribbed celery chanterelle chantarelle sweet pepper
heavy lamb self-inflicted injury poultry product band
chemical intermediate renotification discriminating dose molecular formula
nature of impurities method of determination toxicokinetic behaviour absorption screening test
desorption screening test authorised target species radioactivity certificate radiation certificate
tarred paper bag knitted fabric knitted or crocheted hosiery
slip certificate of authenticity radio-broadcast receiver sugar cane-sugar-rum sector
cane-sugar-rum sector stone clearing stone picking removal of stones
farm road levelling soil compaction soil decompaction
agricultural rum grafted component graft responsible official body
pomological value certified material virus-free material virus-tested material
Culicoides insect standard serum reference reagent virus isolate
smoking tobacco product health education sachet portion porous sachet
goose rump goose paletot supplementary amount additional amount
processed cheese waste paper de-inking installation control copy
common transit document milk component assimilated product pilot product
milk granules whey granules composite food preparation galactose
tricalcium bis orthophosphate aliphatic solvent rosin acid resin acid
organic livestock production grated shredded tuna bed linen video monitor
video projector retrospective Community surveillance on-demand switching circuit-switched data service
bulk provision cyclic redundancy checking Cyclical Redundancy Check cyclic redundancy check
in-service monitoring container corner fitting cast steel advice of delivery
delivery advice return receipt acknowledgement of receipt telefax
cereal-based compound feedingstuff new knowledge throughput feed rate
sharps mineral tar filing cabinet fob price
flange spring swede rape hazardous substance heartwater
cowdriosis anaplasmosis premium scheme Barbados cherry
acerola marine biology laboratory fuel flow fuel delivery
flowmeter horticultural industry polluting goods redfish
presentation display lightning arrestor assistance expenses
fuelling trouble-shooting debugging delay line
disaster-prone area differential crosspoint switch analogue-to-digital converter digitiser
Analog Digital Converter photo-detector photodetector Emergency Management Manual
grid floor genealogical certificate disc storage unit subscription
building society Community investigation procedure Helcom Combating Manual contagious epididymitis
organostannic pesticide slimicide earth-moving machine earthmoving machinery
earth-moving equipment hexyloxyethanol exhaust silencer tobacco refuse
tobacco waste offal threshed tobacco tobacco powder
tobacco in powder homogenised tobacco leaf reconstituted tobacco homogenised tobacco
harvest year tobacco crop year tobacco harvest year crop year
tax stamp excise stamp moisture content degree of moisture
State monopoly veneered panel Cretan formation LAEC
parent material growing medium paper sorghum kenaf
ambary hail system silver leaf vertical legislation
proximity principle withdrawal scheme carry-over aid autonomous withdrawal price
mechanical coupling type coupling device towing ball coupling ball
drawbar eye fifth wheel coupling fifth wheel coupler drawbar coupling
steering wedge automatic operation mounting frame in-motion test
dynamic test underrun protection device avalanche barrier farmed deer
telecine machine dedicated encoder satellite uplink station cable head-end
satellite tuner decryption facilities re-mastering process Feasibility Award
barium carbonate condensation polymerization product rearrangement polymerization product sponsor s mark
custom car taxidermy transplant selection committee
misuse of procedure resuspended material multiplier chick stripped raw tobacco
light lamb black bee building for lease procedural infringement
highly concentrated market atomic absorption spectrometer supercritical fluid extractor x-ray powder diffractometer
leaching procedure equipment legal transfer bench seat cementing
bonding covering cladding upholstery
nuclear mercenary novel genetic combination contract solicitation inertia selling
recognised expenditure expenditure recognised expenditure charged table egg
differential diagnosis nucleotide sequencing sterile sand gentamycin
oxytetracycline oxitetracyclin embryonated egg allantoic cavity
allantoic amniotic fluid polyclonal antiserum neuraminidase serological monitoring
cell monolayer crystal violet chorioallantoic membrane acid precipitation
conformity assessment procedure gas fired boiler gas boiler effective rated output
useful efficiency part load low-temperature boiler expansion chamber
gravity circulation gravity system natural circulation thermosiphon system
convective self-flow industrial waste gas rated capacity rated output
rated power nominal capacity identification symbol quality system
written telecommunication non-reusable closing device vertical-shock test not detectable
food simulant residual heavy metals manure processing factory variable operation cost
entrepreneurial risk business risk bone meal nitrogen fertiliser
vegetable fertiliser weighting coefficient purchase bid order
carded yarn combed yarn pure wool yarn mixed yarn
blend yarn interest on arrears late-payment interest default interest
parenchyma parenchyme parenchym fumigation certificate
cash loss rectified concentrated must concentrated rectified must graphic symbol
glyph family farm reference income cigarette rag
expanded tobacco dried egg enhanced aid system free port
symbolic price storage module drive attachment-unit interface repeat interface controller
regional base area flexible machining centre rush baggage expedite baggage
chilled sea water refrigerated sea water removal of peat layer of peat
rigged-up vessel nominal weight cylindrical bearing spherical bearing
needle bearing auxiliary steering equipment UNCR MTNC
transmitted throughput received throughput turnaround time round trip delay
call set-up delay multiple subscriber number three-party conference three-party service
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