Korean haemorrhagic fever phlebovirus sandfly fever RSSEV
acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis milkers node virus rotavirus HTLV
Euro-vacancy Euro-adviser summer-time Daylight Saving Time
Cnetalepesosit computerised vineyard register life-saving drug new post
discount factor printer bookbinder hand bookbinder
packaging producer Wider Window proposal closed-loop voluntary offer natural sweet wine
PTWI scientific programme pilot scheme structural adjustment support
structural adjustment assistance crane oxazolidone endogenous hormone
oestradiol sustained-release product Community stamp media company
high-risk processing plant endo-parasite internal parasite endoparasite
breeding hen breeder hen general partner limited partner
guided-weapon system total turnover usable communications capacity satellite footprint
contract right senior debt facilities pressed aluminium part variable costs
administrative redress minimal clause indica rice on-going assessment
green ECU lending activity borrowing activity appropriation committed
overdraft borrower official residence staff accommodation
official accommodation ledger proposal for commitment proposed commitment
commitment proposal serial-impact dot-matrix printer environmental quality standard rotary kiln
chloroamino-aromatic chloronitro-aromatic contract for works intellectual profession
blown glass pre-litigation procedure aglycone anomeric carbon
vaccinin hamamelitannin sinigrin aloin
scoparin nucleoside tomatine toyocamycin
investment business open product tourist number plate EBHS
relocated product infringement of a patent validity of a patent intra-day credit
privileged access prudential consideration sorrel common sorrel
nasturtium eligibility for election electoral territory electoral area
Community voter electoral roll list of voters electoral register
reference date formal declaration wages dumping plutonium nitrate
spinal unit non-reducing clause non-regression provision document accompanying goods
staple remover stapling pliers cabinet maker cooper
parquetry worker wood sculptor wood carver single regional sticker
intra-Community transaction wood turner leasing contract production declaration
ageing contract cabotage authorisation master light headlamp levelling device
headlamp cleaning device headlamp washer headlamp cleaner windscreen demisting
retort carbon windscreen defrosting diesel pre-heat brake failure
intermittent windscreen wiper significant specific percentage roasted iron pyrite manganiferous iron ore
ovoid pyrogenetic impurity empyreumatic odour denatonium benzoate
mineral naptha methyl violet promotional fund publicity fund
identification document netter river policing equivalent lamp
independent lamp rear fog lamp apparent surface reference centre
centre of reference election observer international observer Elections Adviser
Voter Education Adviser Training Adviser Conflict Resolution Adviser security adviser
Logistics Adviser ferro-phosphorus poly-alpha-olefin benzylbiphenyl
phenoxybenzaldehyde glutathione DIPN diisopropylnapthalene
trade union rights digital video broadcasting cull dairy cow multilingual printer driver
declaration of principles CASA computer-aided sperm analysis agglomerated cork
natural cork unit construction machine multi-station transfer machine combined machining centre
universal machining centre coin microwave oven green wetland
wide-screen format gas-fuelled lighter flint lighter reference country
analytical flow cytometer downsizing in systems Theocratic Republic SWIS
isotachophoresis spirometer mixed set-aside metamycine
resale at a loss trade mark rights agrochemical products sector entry visa
yield per recruit railway undertaking terramycine acetyl spiramycin
sand filter thiamin hydrochloride overdraft facility claims assessor
bar-tailed godwit felbinac gabapentin nilvadipine
isepamicin sulphate twin reel drive-unit glazed rice test fuel
dynamometer adjustment acidified methanol acetonitrile molecular sieve
di-sodium hydrogen phosphate methanesulfonic acid methane sulphonic acid mead
traditional expression labelling local wine country wine
vacuum chamber hydroxylamine phosphinate phosphonate
oxometallic acid peroxometallic acid fulminate phosphide
hydride nitride azide silicide
boride diol sulphonitric acid phosphate of triammonium
thiourea resin amino-resin insecticide disinfectant
opacifier slip englobe glass frit
lactone piperazine vegetable alkaloid hollow glass
ready-mixed concrete powder metallurgy outboard motor derrick
mobile lifting frame straddle carrier moving floor moving pavement
moving sidewalk moving walkway passenger conveyor pedestrain
moving carpet scarifier weeder seeder
haymaking machinery secretarial allowance fixed entertainment allowance fixed travel allowance
temporary daily allowance temporary fallowing scheme MFSU intra-Community network
best practice investment forum systemic overall approach technology fair
pay restraint wage restraint pay moderation services sector
services industry right of deduction individual guarantee toilet water
area-aid area aid general format updating indicator
internal number pelagic trawler pelagic trawler cutter pelagic cutter trawler
longlining cutter longliner cutter pelagic seiner suction dredger
Community tuberculin unit international agglutinating unit EEC sensitising unit priority technology project
network control system network management system pre-basic seed right of priority
successor in title interlocutory revision further appeal Formalities Examining Division
plutonium oxide youth worker oxygenator itinerant trade
itinerant street vendor itinerant street trader tuberculo-protein guinea pig
brucella agglutination agglutinating value bacterial dissociation potato agar
bacterial emulsion physiological saline dilution factor hematoxylin
haematoxylin safranin stopping solution agar gel
voluntary social sector residential care institution residential institution residential care facility
satellite network service satellite communications service one-stop shopping procedure review procedure
bearer share certificate intaglio printing watermarked paper cotton rag
indivisible load transient oscillation suspension test damped transient response
ground administration baggage handling aircraft maintenance crew administration
surface transport service Legal Department serviced land serviced site
improved land budget accounts associate partner seaturtle
fibre-tipped marker highlighter felt-tipped marker plywood
bank reconciliation travelling exhibition short butter dough employment of children
child employment desulphurization solid fuel time limit
extinctive time limit application for decommissioning production aid start-up aid
launching aid financial compensation production levy additional levy
EEIG monetary compensatory amount differential amount temporary abandonment premium
installation premium single premium variable premium farmgate price
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