viticultural tractor ERGA Raphael office paper
unit price price transparency final price satellite receiving site
Eurathlon Programme for Sport Eurathlon Committee Regulation Council
public entity international body scale division of work
adopt provisions heritage conservation appropriate regulation contractual relations
senior official broad guidelines assises adopt detailed rules
when convened by supply of reserves foreign-exchange operation denomination
discuss matters general payments system multiannual programme sound public finances
single monetary policy government financial position have a derogation major health scourges
series of guidelines common standard multiannual framework programme rule governing
supplementary programme land use forward a report fail to act
on a non-profit-making basis transfer appropriations meet cash requirements personal liability
draw up proposals cohesive force procedural question weight votes
be authentic spot and forward under repurchase agreements levy penalty interest
independent external auditor existing law capital subscription remoteness
island status small size venue Planning Cell
European armaments agency forensic matters criminal records departments appropriate measure
silver pomfrets butterfishes pompanos drumfish
drums croakers drums West African croakers
electronic control unit flyingfishes gastropods global network
lefteye flounders needlefishes palaemonid shrimps pandoras
red porgy pargo breams snappers jobfishes
soles triggerfishes durgons wahoo
white grouper ECPI EICP red pandora
scomber mackerels tropical spiny lobsters surgeonfishes African sicklefish
bastard grunt law croaker bobo croaker bluespotted seabream
separate technical unit CISPR electrical electronic sub-assembly LISN
transmission line system transverse electromagnetic mode plenipotentiary sargo breams
Joint Committee ground plane message transfer file transfer
composite panel interactive communication Amazonian Cooperation Treaty ardacin
electromagnetic immunity electromagnetic environment reference limit reference antenna
broadband emission narrowband emission stripline testing TEM cell testing
free field test septum monetary movement plasterboard
multi-shell chimney fibrous plaster fibrous gypsum structural bearing
beta-glucan beta-glucan hydrolase database access hydatidosis
silvery John Dory boe drum cassava croaker saddled seabream
West African goatfish bearded brotula bonga shad Guinea shrimp
scarlet shrimp cephalopods magnetic tape computer tape
appeal body flow measurement device debt guarantee foot-and-mouth disease virus
FMD virus taking of specimens sampling official surveillance
official supervision protein efficiency ratio magnesium lactate ADISOK
Socialist Party bastard rye-grass Bulletin Board System New Economic Policy
document of compliance registration certificate certificate of registration registration fee
tank barge tanker barge dumb tanker separation wall
alarm system adolescence selling expenses marketing costs
rectangular frequency polygon histogram saccharide dimethylthiambutene
dimethylotryptamine endocrinology electronic device change of identity
women s refuge battered women s refuge football hooligan regulatory load
regulatory burden borate nitrate pectinate
phosphate sulfate hydrochloride dredger
declaration of surrender composite material isotropic material metal comb
timer stop-watch data subject s consent national law applicable
national provision digital pay-television service multiplexing of signals channel coding
energy dispersal wide-format service integrated digital decoder Euro file transfer
vehicle immobiliser rolling code mechanical locking system electrical locking system
electronic locking system control equipment set state unset state
override alarm signal device inclination sensor panic alarm
false alarm audible alarm radio alarm semi-anechoic chamber
AOSA Freight Committee mandatory cargo-allocation system single-ended light bulb
opposition fee appeal fee revocation fee invalidity fee
shared-cost contract co-contractor NAFO Fisheries Commission sheltered waters
safety management manual container cargo gross tonnage bulk oil carrier
vehicle carrier dry cargo barge clock hour counterclaim
express mail service Monitoring Agency plastic film butterflies and moths
large copper butterfly hexalhydrobenzene UPEACE University for Peace
licensed conveyancer Master s Degree doctorate in Mathematics National Veterinary School
qualified nurse first degree Arts graduate graduate in sociology
graduate in economics technical qualification preparatory cycle diploma in interpreting
degree in economics degree in chemistry qualified journalist graduate in education
commercial college administrative academy college of medicine diagnostic stage
State examination qualified teacher technical university remedial teacher
teacher training college college of education enrolment fee licentiate degree
assistant grade primary school elementary school leaving certificate
qualified agricultural technician qualified industrial technician graduate in theology faculty council
research doctoral programme matriculation college intermediate-level education
faculty of philosophy State recognised university independent university state university
higher technical institute qualified land surveyor land surveyor State Examining Commission
merging of schools occupational agricultural college educational software teachware
educational package Euristote Euristote database European Baccalaureate Certificate
Board of Inspectors Eurotecnet Advisory Committee Comett Advisory Committee Erasmus Advisory Committee
assistant professor entrance examinations degree in medicine agricultural education
European Baccalaureate Agreement SOCRATES Socrates programme Complaints Board
final examination labour academy training course agrégé in letters
university department engineering studies examinations exam period
coeducational school agricultural college chair re-sit
natural sciences agrégé hall of residence academic subsidy
psychological studies law studies economic studies International Literacy Year
non-entitled pupil out-of-class activity language section inspector
illiterate pupil initial vocational training doctoral level
post-doctoral level Diploma in Commerce diploma in Accountancy graduate in psychology
graduate in physics graduate in chemistry lycée research assistant
university institute college of art Faculty of Medicine examining board
board of examiners planned curriculum childcare worker applied arts
school milk scheme correspondence course student distance study distance learning
European student card customs school European Open University functional illiteracy
interactive learning system authoring environment university degree educational attainment
educational status educational advancement post-secondary course endogamy
visiting professor associate professor distance education flexible learning
foreign-language assistant European chair teaching staff educational personnel
nursery teacher kindergarten teacher educator educational adviser
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