ROTI rate-of-turn indicator radio direction-finder direction finder
marine safety information O-Ethyl S-phenyl ethylphosphonothiolothionate animal protein bilharziasis
bilharziosis schistosomiasis bilharzia child soldier
child combatant CSAM child pornography inland waters
inland water early childhood fortified food enriched food
nutritional status nutritional situation nutrition policy preschool child
prevocational training commercial value psychiatric nursing stand-alone project
summer camp holiday camp wettable powder acepromazine
activated attapulgite alfacalcidol distillation point aluminium distearate
aluminium hydroxide acetate aluminium phosphate aluminium tristearate aluminium salicylate
ammonium bituminsulfonate ammonium phthalamate amperozide apramycin
argobase arnica bacitracin benzetimide
benzocaine benzoic opium tincture benzonaphtol benzylideneacetone
betaine betamethasone bismuth subnitrate bithionol sulphoxid
bithionol bromhexine butanilicaine butaphosphan
butorphanol butylscopolamine calcium-urea acetylsalicylate calcium glucoheptonate
calcium glucono glucoheptonate camylofin carboxypolymethylene cefacetrile sodium
cefalexin cefoperazone cefuroxime cephalonium
chlormadinone acetate chlormadinone chlorobutanol chlorbutanol
chlorpheniramine chymotrypsin clanobutin clazuril
cloprostenol cobalt gluconate copper heptonate copper napthenate
copper oxinate coumaphos coumafos cronolone
cyhalothrin denaverine dextromorphan hydrobromide dextromorphan
diclofenac diminazene diprophylline doxapram
echinacea emulgade sodiumstearylsulphate enilconazole
ergometrine maleate etamsylate etilefrine fenprostalene
flumetasone flunixin meglumine fumagillin furosemide
glucan glycofurol guaifenesin heptenophos
hexetidine hyaluronic acid hydrochlorothiazide hydrocortisone
imidocarb dipropionate imidocarb isoflupredone kanamycin sulphate
levomethadone levothyroxine luprostiol lysine acetylsalicylate
manganese pidolate manganese ribonucleate mebendazole meclofenamic acid
sodium meclofenate meglumine menadione mepivacaine
metamizole metrifonat metronidazol morantel citrate
morantel tartrate nafcillin narcobarbital niauli oil
nickel gluconate niclosamide nicoboxil nitroxynil
nonivamide norgestomet novobiocin sodium oleyloleat
orotic acid oxolinic acid oxyclozanide parconazole
pentetrazol pentoxyverine peppermint oil permethol
phenazone phenylbutazone phenylethyl alcohol magnesium hypophosphite
sodium hypophosphite piperazine citrate polyhexamethylene biguanide potassium aspartate
potassium glucuronate potassium guaiacol sulfonate prethcamide procaine
propetamphos propionylpromazine pepsin pyrantel pamoate
pyrethrum extract pyrrolidone rafoxanide ramifenazone
roxarsone sesame oil smectite sodium acetylsalicylate
sodium salicylate suxibuzone terpin hydrate tetracaine
tetrachlorvinphos thenoic acid thiamylal thiopental sodium
tiamulin hydrogen fumarate tiaprost toldimfos sodium tolfenamic acid
toltrazuril tricaine methane sulphonate tricaine trichlormethiazide
trypsin vetrabutine vincamine xylazine
cephapirin thiamphenicol cuproxoline child mortality
price reduction variable unit of measurement non-life insurance
operational leasing economic territory surplus deficit
premium supplement tenant secondary school increase in capital
capital increase track account radio-allergo-sorbent test
RAST radioallergosorbent test distillation range Wankel engine
quality improvement CARPE vehicle-kilometre DETR
permanent magnet traction unit multiple-unit train blow moulding machine
civilian demining powered wheel driving wheel whiplash effect
whiplash thermal reactor reduction catalyst Rankine cycle engine
secondment relegation in step registered stock registered share
half-time work half-time employment written warning pre-clearance
customs pre-clearance special adviser consignee on-board diagnostics
on-board diagnostic system vehicle family visible indicator audible indicator
malfunction secondary air warm-up cycle calculated load value
peak flow throttle current airflow peak airflow
atmospheric pressure barometric pressure Power Take-Off unit diagnostic message
parameter identification most significant bit least significant bit binary-coded decimal digit
binary coded decimal formal standard de facto standard Publicly Available Specification
SOMO SAFE European Eco-label Organisation Community Information System
western Mediterranean islands Minimum Equipment List Palestinian Development Fund Palestinian Enterprise Centre
ECTF framework partnership contract framework partnership agreement Extended Delivery Point
German Red Cross UCAH liquid waste isolated settlement
urban agglomeration POSEI response polypropylene
polystyrene prosulfuron urea cyclanilide
bilateral cumulation diagonal cumulation wholly obtained product unit of qualification
territorial requirement sanitary measure ScVC Scientific Veterinary Committee
swine vesicular disease European Green Forum flupyrsulfuron-methyl azimsulfuron
urea four freedoms the Save II flint maize
FISIM capital account PNPISH GFCF
gross fixed-capital formation opacimeter Scientific Review Group REWS
cross-border distance selling cross-border distance sales tele-shopping distance selling
organised distance sales distance contract distance communication automated calling system
automatic calling machine unaddressed printed matter addressed printed matter audiotext
door-to-door selling door-to-door sale deregulation policy deregulation
VIZO Enterprise Formalities Centre CERFA single registration form
identification number service voucher coordinating department Simplification Committee
Small Business Forum Inter-ministerial committee Central Trade Register National Tax Board
period of eligibility form of assistance real costs expenditure actually incurred
probative value overhead allocation overheads indirect costs
financial engineering bank guarantee working capital racism
xenophobia anti-Semitism RAXEN trade agreement
Bougainville Transitional Government Connected Telecommunications Equipment DPKO full container ship
non-returnable pallet non-reusable pallet one-way pallet single-service pallet
expendable pallet hydrofoil fixed-wing aircraft external-external traffic
through traffic transit traffic by-passable traffic tourist traffic
electromagnetic clutch electronic control delta wing drift angle
traffic light signal traffic signal traffic light traffic sign
road traffic sign roll-on roll-off ferry roll-on roll-off ship ro-ro ferry
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