negative clearance letter exemption letter procedural phase stay proceedings
procedural framework closed case blocking effect prohibited restriction
market-share threshold criterion bureaucratic constraint preventive mechanism illegal competition agreement
positive judgment conflicting decision incriminating question formal complaint
detecting infringements reprisal measure letter stating reasons prima facie finding
serious damage interlocutory proceedings interlocutory procedure corrective mechanism
non-return principle of non-refoulement principle of non-return non-refoulement
insulin glargine TEN-RF TERFN sustainable agriculture
sustainable farming integrated farming market situation concentrating agent
staining reagent cystine reagent key action pleuromutiline
valnemulin dicopper oxide alfaprostol rifaximin
conditional access service conditional access device associated service oxidising substance
hazardous activity ruminant feedingstuff enterococcus bromocresol purple
polymyxine sulphate indoxyl muscle tissue flumethrin
calcium gluconolactate nickel sulphate bronopol sodium cetostearyl sulphate
wool alcohol mecillinam dodecanadioic acid trifluoromethyl
ferric ammonium hexacyanoferrat dalfopristin quinupristin phosphoglycopeptide
everninomycin sustainable job revitalisation job-creating activity
rearing season surface duck acute risk biological entity
geochemistry phenotypic instability genetic instability postmarketing inspection
ultra-violet light source portable ultra-violet lamp latent security feature European Fraud Bulletin
document specialist fixed ultra-violet lamp stereozoom microscope infra-red scanning equipment
OCR scanning device kinegram non-discrimination eradication of poverty
eradicating poverty alternative economic development danger of waste innovation assistant
organic aquaculture organic production method winding-up declaration ship-generated waste
cargo residue area of agreement fishing-dependent community technologically backward region
most advanced region feasibility threshold threat of violence harassment at work
CARNOT Carnot programme small-calibre weapon vanillin
UNSMA terrorist organisation legal requirement ADLNB
natural casing animal casing acorn allspice
rice paper waxy maize hydrolised vegetable protein baquiloprim
penethamate cefazolin difloxacin formamidine
eprinomectin toltrazuril sulfone arylpropionic acid vedaprofen
covering operational expenditure lethal weapon ware potato flexography
benzoate oxasulfuron SOMA spray dry absorption
ammonia scrubbing resistance gene protected service white citrus fly
abandoned area depressed urban area productive environment mutual guarantee scheme
Digital Selective Calling Japanese star anise parent drug government entity
enforcement action rotogravure appeal neighbourhood service
emergency response plan rule of law industrial accident compensation arrangement
TSEC top secret storage site coordinator
beak trimming adverse effect footing CCN CSI
common computer network POCO Political Committee organisational arrangement
dismantling information rate of re-use rate of recycling rate of recovery
spillage collection facility cleanser-degreaser light fluid separator treatment site
neutralisation on site pyrotechnical component prototype development alpha testing
alpha test computer-tractable resource ontology terminology collection
translation industry all-digital process electronic directory user referral service
multilingual networked service competitive factor multilingual service provision self-help teleservice
networked translation service battery rearing pecking claw shortening
cross-infection disused off-shore installation disposal on land anchor-base
modular support frame gravity installation s-PVC suspension-PVC
oxychlorination trace gas technique single plant combined plant
effluent stripper manifest error animal density Clean Coal Technology
non-interventional clinical trial investigator s brochure conducting a clinical trial occupational exposure table
fall from a height viable rural community traditional rotation very intensive agriculture
non land agriculture counterfeiting travel documents human smuggler people smuggler
facilitator urine store ammonia emission agricultural waste water
silage effluent virtual discussion forum mass tourism Community instrument
leading sector innovative strategy societal implication fixation of films
luxury expenditure expenditure on luxury Guide for Proposers ISSAP
anti-insect netting climate control removable insulation warm-air ventilation
drainage equipment electronic money issuer electronic money scheme electronic money holder
redeemability requirement continuing redeemability disposable card reloadable card
complete food energy value absorbancy wavelength
bombing property ownership private ownership State ownership
land reform employee compensation breakdown portfolio investment
credit intermediation liquidator hive-off vehicle firm offer
digital platform audiovisual service business object unencrypted TV
nutritionally complete food osmolarity oxaloacetate pyruvate
acidified wine glutaconic dialdehyde colorimetry ground glass stopper
argentometric titration countervailing regulation definitive antidumping duty diplomatic personnel
consular mission Compensation Act Trusteeship Act parliamentary majority
bench of judges savings share prudential ratio restructured claim
interim balance sheet asset management vehicle bad bank defeasance structure
hive-off structure aggregator bank dismantler oil filter
shredding less-used language operational life-time floating installation
substructure pile implementation report serious adverse event
environmental permit subpoena paper version ISIS
criminal abuse electronic transfer invitation to bid doubtful loan
winding-up procedure holding loan default charges
liability poor quality loan fraudulent action organometallic derivative
chlornitrated compound truffle star fruit carambola
horses mules chewing gum covered textile fabric
laminated textile fabric impregnated textile fabric machine-tool for grinding grinder
shark semi-diesel engine machine-tool for slotting pulse
gherkin rope dormancy fluorescent brightening agent
basketry basketware basket-weaving wickerwork
basketmaking floor covering drilling machine coating
planing machine electrical static converter chuck clamp
coal tar extract light oil tar oil hepatitis C
transfer of funds oxyethylene substitute product substitute good
sealant supernatant solution governing board net sales price
misleading claim competitiveness objective income target income objective
stabilisation objective structural objective current access quota minimum access quota
green box depreciation costs single aid rate set-aside rate
cereal substitute intervention cereal cruise period heavily taxed goods
privatisation contract microbial threat public health threat bacterial population
antibiotic resistance marker sustainable transport chain Energy-efficient Labelling Programme checklist
media policy risk supporter risk fan operations coordinator
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