call for applications determining income variable-rate tender reserve holdings
safe custody account custodian averaging provision post-fixed coupon
start date valuation date standardised deduction deposit facility
ECB time fixed-rate instrument floating rate instrument NCB business day
Eurosystem business day close links minimum allotment amount stripped bond
strip structural operation maintenance period minimum allotment ratio
repurchase price cross-border settlement earmarking system collateral pooling system
maximum bid rate minimum bid rate major disaster hazelnut in shell
shrunken fruit shrivelled fruit mould filament fat-soluble pesticide
abdominal fat subcutaneous fat citrus molasses herbal tea plant
manufactured milk product processed cheese product cheese preparation flavoured yoghurt
foaming whipping visa shopping annoyance
day-evening-night noise indicator Lden day‐evening‐night level Lday
day-noise indicator Levening evening-noise indicator dose-effect relation
public participation procedure default option incident sound sound event
noise event tonal industrial noise difference map project in preparation
quiet façade formal extradition procedure simplified extradition procedure pre-sentence decision
double criminal liability organised robbery illicit antiquities trade counterfeiting of products
piracy of products herb tea self-interest threat familiarity threat
trust threat intimidation threat state of cultivation cultural condition
pollen source sweet whey powder orange essential oil ePrivacy Directive
hidden identifier forwarded call directory of subscribers reverse search function
unsolicited communication opt-out register automatic calling machine printed form
off-line electronic form serious criminal offence tachograph card card consecutive index
cumulative break time vehicle unit maritime player BC Code
INF Code cargo transport unit place of refuge coastal station
ship s routing system dioxin-like PCB congener dioxin-like PCB HRGC
high-resolution gas chromatography corporate nature audit group joint research
voting procedure alpha alpha error beta
beta error CCalpha decision limit CCbeta
detection capability fortified sample material MRPL reagent blank determination
repeatability conditions reproducibility conditions sample blank determination single laboratory study
standard addition standard analyte Selected Ion Monitoring full scan
ICP-AES ICP-MS bound fraction chemical ionisation
diode array detection electron capture detection electronic impact ionisation visible light
ageing of wine euro symbol medals and tokens cereal products content
port charges harbour dues translational approach diagnostic tool
pharmacogenomic approach information society technologies integrating research all-digital world
multi-sensorial interface quantum engineering supramolecular architecture cylinder rack
essential emergency operation bone-in hindquarter suspension clause service procurement notice
works procurement notice discarded vehicle public figure protection services
movement of delegations consensual basis paramilitary equipment constitutional Loya Jirga
contributing cargo ship manager oil account LNG account
LPG account production equipment cocoa paste cocoa liquor
cocoa cake cocoa nib matching assets localisation of assets
capital at risk life assurance sector assurance on survival assurance on death
marriage assurance birth assurance annuity permanent health insurance
tontine mathematical provision prospective valuation guaranteed surrender value
retrospective method single-premium contract advance against policy Zillmerising
cancellation period deep-sea fish congestion pressure drum
mistletoe lectin Iscador autostereogram Bulgarian Business Block
Bulgarian Business Bloc INTERFET People s Democratic Party vestibulo-ocular reflex
Nairobi Stock Exchange COSPEC correlation spectrometer COME-ON
JAIA bFGF supersonic car Enhanced Parallel Port
national electoral board Union for Peru Republican National Committee FDCE
Carpathian Euroregion Halden Reactor Project goldenberry Cape gooseberry
House Resolution digital video disc Shan State Army RITTS
Expression of Interest cryoprotectant FDIV DocuRT
Document Recognition Technology Tape Carrier Packaging Tape Carrier Package VCSEL
vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser IWOSP Igora Ulster Democratic Party
comparative genomic hybridisation ACAT acyl-CoA cholesterol acyltransferase SLPI
direct reduced iron NSPCC NACO DSVD
Fourier Transformation InterNIC TDWR FESPACO
Berlin Congress Center profit and loss DOTS special purpose language
British National Corpus Belgian Ergonomics Society BAREE EELV
HPAEC IDEA Telecities Ameslan
American Sign Language general relativity SEPASAL green fluorescent protein
USTDA dimethylether dimethyl ether Income Tax Act
integrated rural development PAFTAD ITEA Euro-CASE
Borna Disease Virus Reuseable Launch Vehicle EPIC Royal Greenwich Observatory
Medium-sized company index autogenic training synchrotron radiation joint implementation
Activities Implemented Jointly CD-R CD-Recorder CD-ROM recorder
CD burner magneto-resistive feature creep focus creep
kitchen sink syndrome requirements creep scope creep creeping functionality
nucleotide excision repair nursing assistant care-giver Public Russian Television
CIPID UNCC UNCRO Federal Security Service
computer-assisted research ANBRE Analog Biomechanics Recorder wavelength diversified multiplexing
wavelength division multiplexing wave-division multiplexing OPRAF BFTB
Crew Rescue Vehicle Decas civil defence committees UNPF
Jewish Autonomous Region PFDJ polyhydroxyalkanoate ICVA
Azeri Popular Front pula Botswana Democratic Party United Workers Front
Democratic Nationalist Action Revolutionary Nationalist Movement National Revolutionary Movement Bolivian Communist Party
Social Democratic Party Bolivian peso Civic Solidarity Union Action Against Hunger
European Bank Academy two-drug combination therapy two-way drug combination double drug combination
PAICV PAIGC Movement for Democracy Democratic Convergence Party
ANLF Secret Army Organisation Jamiat-e-Islami NIFA
Grand Assembly Council of Elders Combined Card African Jurists Association
AACC Amur pike IACO Inter-African Coffee Organization
SECAM African financial community AMREF AMCEN
AAPC All-African Peoples Conference AAPSO AATUF
African Cultural Institute WARDA African Football Confederation Afcac
Afraa African Airlines Association AFTA African Groundnut Council
CCTA relative efficiency SPAAR Intertropical Convergence Zone
African Nations Cup FIAS FORIS PARC
Pan-African Rinderpest Campaign ACBF ACHPR IBAH
IBED STRSC National Veterans Committee MAVE
Socialist Vanguard Party Algerian Communist Party Socialist Forces Front Social Democratic Party
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