bind over Boundary Commission government department eutypa disease
Technology Transfer Centre additional directive BNFL British Nuclear Fuels
response measure NAPF Gamblers Anonymous Institutional Shareholders Committee
SMMT Anti-Apartheid Movement NERC British Bankers Association
ABPI nomenclature bulk-shipping pool Parliamentary Labour Party
Anti-Nazi League Public Accounts Committee Parliament Office Joint Hull Understandings
Agricultural Engineers Association contempt of court British Medical Association British Empire Medal
JCPC Crown Prosecution Service Country Landowners Association Refreshment Department
bulk goods Industrial Development Act High Court Ukooa
Social Security Act Back to Basics Carriers Liability Act peerage
UKIP UK Independence Party Lay Peers Lords Temporal
Lay Lords floating establishment aryl hydrocarbon receptor NetPC
VESper WAVAW Progressive Unionist Party Ecuadorean Roldosist Party
CONAIE Ecuador Socialist Party Radical Liberal Party Conservative Party
Radical Alfarist Front Alfaroist Radical Front Broad Left Front Popular Democratic Movement
transurethral resection CPCz Civic Democratic Movement Civic Democratic Party
Public against Violence koruna Peer by descent hereditary peer
Slovak National Party Civic Forum Central Committee Velvet Revolution
Gentle Revolution Coexistence Czech National Council House of Nations
Structural Adjustment Loan Independent Democratic Union National Intelligence Directorate Popular Action Movement
Chilean Copper Commission National Renovation National Renewal Lautaro Youth Movement
Santiago International Fair CODEPU Social Democratic Party Moslem Brothers
Moslem Brotherhood Wafdists Wafd Party trigger option
barrier option Revolutionary Left Movement Movement to Socialism People s Electoral Movement
Democratic Republican Union National Integration Movement National Opinion lovage
GIGN IRAM public interest grouping Family Allowances Fund
Special Petroleum Absorber Relit SNIF-NMR CFP franc
ADFI Security Management System Martinique Communist Party EEC type-approval procedure
ANRS Refugees Appeals Board debtor s account Reform Party
MIPIM Generation Ecology French Franchising Federation elected workers council
Reunion Communist Party Su Vi Max future combat aircraft FFCAT
helicopter carrier air cover operations centre clean room
zone operations centre landing craft mechanised basic load infantry division
DIRCEN Defense Security Protection squadron escort fleet escort ship
Mobile Gendarmerie Squadron electronic protective measure amphibious operation airborne operation
helicopterborne operation nuclear-powered aircraft carrier airborne command post fleet tanker
key point e-mailing national service table of organisation
defence area SCPC Special Education Commission AICF
Rural Coordination AFIC Golgi apparatus Bank of France
ADIB internal auditor financial director SPOM
self-programmable one-chip microcomputer INNPPP Workers Struggle party Supreme Judicial Council
National Football League Monetary Policy Council INEE CTRON
point-of-sale advertising CIMADE Ecumenical Aid Service district judge
primary dealer marketmaker INRIA national park
International Migration Office investment certificate certificate of investment preference share
BTAN short-dated government bond MILDT CEPH
AHRC FNTR Joint Technical Committee manager
medium-range air-to-ground missile removal ITeCs ATIC
young farmer premium INSU Meteosat Second Generation ROSY
Road system CIRED Cemagref Engineers Without Borders
DGSE French Secret Service DGAC CECOS
OFPRA IFRTP Government armaments agency French Stock Exchange
wage guarantee insurance day-to-day money call money renewable bond
information sheet point-of-sale terminal Civil Liberties Organisation high-rise building
INSEE reasonable audit evidence area development plan roads and services
joint development zone coding codification Infight
business profits General Tax Code Workers Force CNET
People s Revolutionary Army Side National Action Party Radical party
Inland Revenue Service Frontline First National Conciliation Party Justicialist Party
Judicialist Party Democratic Centre Union Argentine Industrial Union Argentinian peso
Argentine automakers association pre-agricultural sector CASAR CELS
Environment Liaison Centre Cencira Croatian Democratic Union Croatian Democratic Party
TDUs Territorial Defence Units UNPA new Yugoslavian dinar
Brioni ceasefire Liberal Party Democratic Socialist Party MAAK
Slovene National Party Serbian electoral commission Civic Alliance Democratic Party
UNIKOMB Albanian Unification Party Yugoslav United Left CAEU
Arab Monetary Fund Arab Labour Organisation CACAS AIESP
AOAD witchweed Arab Lawyers Union Arabsat
ASCO Arab Accounting Dinar sequencing Third Disarmament Decade
Republican Turkish Party National Unity Party Falkland Islands pound ICSPRO
People s Liberation Movement SPPF Seychelles rupee Solomon Islands dollar
St Helena pound United Workers Party St Lucia Party Progressive Labour Party
lilangeni Islamic Rebirth Party IRPT pa anga
AOECS CSIRO ANSTO Nuclear Disarmament Party
Labor Party Australian Labor Party Closer Economic Relations examining magistrate
ACTU AUSTPAC ICAC Australian Conservation Foundation
National Farmers Federation HREOC CALM ECDIS
AAASA Ivorian Popular Front commodities marketing board Ivorian Press Agency
National People s Congress CCTV China Central Television CAAC
special administrative region People s Liberation Army CCPIT number code
magnetotherapy foreign exchange certificate Line of Control MOFTEC
Avic socialist market economy market socialism Preliminary Working Committee
Preliminary Work Committee ACFTU CNPC DIAG
Statistics Denmark June Movement peach tree tropical agriculture
mandarin tree Danish Youth Council ISCOMET INTERREG
Danish Communist Party Danish Red Cross NALA Left Socialist Party
Danida Fiji dollar Fiji Labour Party Fijian Association
Legco Legislative Council UDHK United Democrats
HKMA DABHK MAPAM United Workers Party
National Religious Party shekel Israel Defense Forces Palestine Liberation Army
Council of Conservative Citizens Black September PNSF Declaration of Principles
discoid lupus erythematosus IPCRI Jamaican dollar Jamaica Labour Party
Liberation Party Muslim Brotherhood Moslem Brotherhood FORD
KANU Kemri KMRI Attention Deficit Disorder
NCPB Kenya schilling Kenya Wildlife Service LPRP
new kip Latvian lats Latvia s Way Latvian Way
Latvian Path party Progressive Socialist Party Lebanese Forces South Lebanon Army
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