Lebanese Communist Party Revolutionary Justice Organisation Arab Deterrent Force lebanese pound
Labour Party Islamic Unification Movement CGTL National Liberal Party
Basotholand Congress Party Basotho Congress Party Marematlou Freedom Party Basuto National Party
Basotho National Party Lesotho Liberation Army Libyan dinar NFSL
Patriotic Union Fatherland Union FBPL Progressive Citizens Party
LDLP Democratic Labour Party Democratic Labor Party ULIMO
Liberian dollar Revolutionary Democratic Party NPRA INPFL
People s Redemption Council Stanford Linear Collider NCMPA ARTCC
World Asthma Day CSIS Jet Propulsion Labs Jet Propulsion Laboratory
American Automobile Association JAMA EDGAR AAAI
United Mine Workers NATPE decision in principle electronic stability system
extra stability program Electronic stability program FHWA Federal Highway Administration
Asian Women s Fund NCAR Defense Intelligence Agency NCHS
AMEX American Stock Exchange CBOE Gamma Ray Observatory
USitc International Trade Commission Democratic Leadership Council DIRECTV
Defense Support Program Voice of America TFTR United Farm Workers
WIPP AFDC USNRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
EEOC CGIEMA Group of Thirty CAAA
Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act Cafe Environmental Defense Fund European Graphical Federation
Gramm-Rudmann-Hollings Act LOCOM Wram Windows RAM
NAPM CSPI Very Large Array NRAO
EPRI National Hockey League SDIO Semiconductor Industries Association
National Rifle Association American Bankers Association American Booksellers Association AAOC
Anti-Aircraft Operations Centre Anti-aircraft Operations Center ACCP ACLU
ADCC National Basketball Association Congressional Budget Office Individual Retirement Account
NYCE SLAC OFAC health maintenance organization
CDCP DFMO eflornithine hydrochloride ribaviran
ribavirin ribavarin Electronic Industries Association completion bonus
NTSC Free Software Foundation COMPAK Eximbank
USIA USMC General Accounting Office TSCA
Addiction Research Center NIMH Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association regional medical association
DTST American Arbitration Association gasohol NAIC
BATF NBATF American Indian Movement US Geological Survey
USGS USPGA temporal peerage NASD
Planning-Programming-Budgeting System PPBS J-STARS Joint Stars
ACOG Airman s Information Manual ALPA American Standard Association
ATC Advisory Committee ATCAC recall GADO
GAMA American Electronics Association TIGR GCAS
Conflict Alert System BMDO Eastern Standard Time NABE
Federal Election Commission American Petroleum Institute Oil Pollution Act NCBI
NEXRAD NPRM National Weather Service abbreviated flight plan
RAPCON Radar Approach Controls SAGE Semi-Automatic Ground Environment
American Geophysical Union Wasp White Anglo-Saxon Protestant American Bar Association
NAACP LODE ground-based interceptor ground based radar
CORE Chief Warrant Officer heptahydrite hydrated magnesium sulfate
BEIR MOMA Black Muslims OAAU
Black Panther Party Revolutionary Action Movement UNABOM Unibom
University Bomber Unabomber Democratic Party MBTI
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Meat Export Federation SHARP Super HARP
stalker Commodity Research Bureau American Psychiatric Association USATF
IICA UCMJ National Reconnaissance Office NIAID
Space Surveillance Center USTA ELSI Ku Klux Klan
Sea Shadow ATBI Brilliant Eyes Brilliant Pebbles
Earth Radiation Budget ERBE ERBS GCRP
CEES AARP municipal bond zero bracket amount
canteen Parliamentary Counsel Office NTSB low beam
prime mover Cuban Democracy Act Faint Object Camera high resolution spectrograph
NEPA gas collecting main IITF side pact
side-letter side agreement unitary taxation worldwide combined reporting
unitary tax Health Security Act Act of Parliament spiritual civilization
NYPD Conservation Reserve Program NORD Warehouse Service Agency
CANF Cuban-American National Foundation Firewire Gopher
Go For Information Pretty Good Privacy Nation of Islam Administration Department
USRO WAES political action committee HFIR
H of R USHR House of Representatives Interstate Commerce Commission
Congressional Research Service brief USDOT Department of Transportation
employer s excise tax executive meeting National Information Infrastructure Ebonics
Ebonic attorney general NEACP NMOS
negative metal-oxide semi-conductor SPADATS SPADOC PDNI
New Left WWACPS WWMCCS Distant Early Warning
German Football Federation German Sports Federation German Archaelogical Institue International Tourism Fair
Democratic Socialist Party DIW Berlin German Development Institute German Farmers Union
German Farmers Association Central Intelligence Administration German Historical Institute German Hydrographic Institue
engineering industry association Federal Intelligence Service German Postal Union Federal Criminal Agency
Federal Labour Court Max-Planck-Institute Democratic Awakening German Social Union
ADAC German Car Club Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e V East German Police
Federal Administrative Court German Patent Office German Research Foundation German Research Council
National Democrats DESY German Electron Synchrotron Point
OeTV Public-sector trade union German futures exchange Treuhand Agency
soil productivity soil yield cropping capacity MAGLEV
magnetic levitation train Franco-German Institute New Forum Friedrich Ebert Foundation
Federal Environmental Agency Federal Environment Office in Roman letters transferring bank
UPU Provident scheme chlorofluorocarbon receiving bank National Liberation Army
New Länder New Federal States job creation schemes Job Creation Measures
German Athletics Federation Arts Alive Helgoland Biological Institute German Development Service
King s Queen s Speech Sovereign s Speech Gracious Speech Address regulation on packaging
Telecommunication Engineering Centre three-line whip associate partner Federal Prosecutor-General
Public Prosecutor General Supreme Restitution Court Federal Finance Office Federal Building Office
Federal President Federal Security Council Federal Social Court Federal Insurance Office
Armed Forces Office FBSO Federal Disciplinary Prosecutor Federal Printing Office
European Publishers Council Federal Patent Court Federal Debt Administration Franco-German Youth Office
DFKI Armoured Command Vehicle armoured combat vehicle German Meteorological Service
Federal Statistical Office Central Placement Office Customs Criminological Institute potency testing
arbitrage in securities motorway freeway German employers federation
Nationalist Front Land Welfare Association motorway interchange FAEP
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