Developing Defence Industry SCNR TSGCE NIAG
NAAG NNAG LTSS Long-Term Scientific Study
HLWG NTTS CJTF Cooperation Partner
Advanced Research Workshop NRDS COMBALTAP CEOA
CEPO United Nicaraguan Opposition National Opposition Union Sandinista Popular Army
Conservative Democratic Party Independent Liberal Party Nicaraguan Resistance Credit institutions committee
cordoba Social Christian Party MAP-ML Constitutionalist Liberal Party
hawthorn common hawthorn course impala
Simplified English whole life costing life-cycle costing HIPPARCOS
HARP SKIDS Delivery On Line JPEG
MPEG Ijcai non-obese diabetic Non Obese Diabetic
African bee ring dove sheet moulding compound sheet moulded compound
S-SEED SSEED TENS transvaginal
atomic force microscope QALY QUALY Ulev
Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle universal personal telecommunications Encapsulated PostScript sodar
knowledge attitudes practice alternative vote British National Overseas completely knocked-down
diagnostically related group diagnosis-related group equilibrium business cycle GTAR
Gusto IVTPF N-acetyl cysteine NAIRU
MCBSF resin transfer moulding CFTR overuse injuries
overuse syndrome repetitive strain injury WRULD cumulative trauma disorder
recommended dietary allowance Multimedia Control Interface solar neutrino unit glass reinforced polyester
glass reinforced plastic foreign currency DINK Dinks
poisoned bait proteasome WORM Write-Once and Read-Many
Interchange File Format Resource Breakdown Structure Access Feeder Node African clawed frog
CALS Council of Seniors DTMF digital tone multi-frequency
ATLAS transgenic plant Public Relations alfalfa looper
superoxide dismutase xeroderma pigmentosum NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride
electrical impedance tomography MSAM chief financial officer SSRI
Altocumulus Addition air-ground Altostratus
ISAC amethyst-throated sunangel geranium bronze snapping turtle
common snapper Eurasian cuckoo box jellyfish VHF omnirange TACAN
VORTAC VOR-TACAN atrophic macular degeneration personal accident insurance
collision damage waiver high pressure injection dynamic linked library dynamic link library
Phase Alternating Line Phase Alternation Line Phase Alternative Line Phase Alternate Line
light combat aircraft SCAT Supersonic Commercial Transport dengue haemorrhagic fever
PCNA Sqn Ldr Squadron leader Earthshine
Strato-Cumulus dog-whelk unshielded twisted pair unscreened twisted pair
Audio Visual Interleaved Audio Video Interleave ebook e-book
electronic book digital book net national product critical path analysis
accelerator mass spectrometry Grand Unified Theory hantaviral infection hantavirus infection
HFRS QPSK Q-phased shift key letter of credit
Chinese Restaurant Syndrome magnetic resonance spectroscopy DMAE dimethylaminoethanol
Fractal Image Format WYSIWIS magneto-optical AEMM
ASEAN-EC Ministerial Meeting internet café cybercafé QDOS
riyal Omani Islamic Democratic Alliance Pakistan People s Party Al-Zulfikar Organisation
Pakistan Democratic Party Workers-Peasants Party Mazdoor Kissan Party Inter Services Intelligence
rupee Muhajir Qaumi Movement National People s Party All-Pakistan Women s Conference
APWA All-Pakistan Women s Association NWFP North-West Frontier Province
evalutation MNLF National Democratic Front New Society Movement
People s Party Philippine peso New People s Army Philippine Independent Church
CAFGU United Farmers Organization CCGFI MILF
Lakas-NUCD Workers Defence Committee Polish Socialist Party PRON
Democratic Party United Peasant Party Peasant Party Democratic Union
Democratic Left Alliance Polish People s Party Liberal Democratic Congress Centre Alliance
Centre Agreement PUWP ROAD recreation
Polish Press Agency ZChN Christian National Union FDPA
Supreme Audit Office Civic Parliamentary Club Citizens Parliamentary Club SdRP
Beer Lovers Party Sejm National Assembly Small constitution
National Party Real Politics Union X party Social Insurance Institution
Polynesian rat kiore Balcerowicz programme NSZZ
Solidarity Global approach FRAU Rural Solidarity
BBWR Agricultural Property Agency PChD Christian Democratic Party
Union of Labour Labour Union PAIZ Public Finance Committee
Freedom Union Privatisation Act National Investment Fund Polish Securities Commission
potato blight late blight SIRENE MFDC
Socialist Party Senegalese Democratic Party African Independence Party National Democratic Rally
Democratic Left Party SDSS Democratic Left Eastern Slovakian Ironworks
Slovak Workers Association vehicle characteristic Common Choice Democratic Union
HCDM Christian Democrats Democratic Justice Party Reunification Democratic Party
Economic Planning Board Unification National Party Democratic Liberal Party New Korea Party
NDRP KCIA Democratic Unionist Party Sudanese pound
SCBC SPLM DPPU Social Action Party
Justice Unity New Aspiration Party Thai Nation party Thai Citizens Party
Prachakorn Thai Party BLLF Moral Force party Palang Dharma Party
Buddhist Way National Development Party Chart Pattana Party United Somali Congress
Somali National Movement Somali National Front Somali shilling Somali National Alliance
Somali Patriotic Movement DFSS SSDF Somali Salvation Front
Somali Democratic Movement Somali Salvation Alliance large-scale livestock farming United Democratic Front
National Executive Committee SABC SADF SANROC
SAPA Progressive Federal Party COSATU Mass Democratic Movement
Afrikaner Liberation Movement Civil Cooperation Bureau Freedom Alliance Pan-Africanist Congress
National Peace Commission SACP BCMA National Party
CPSA Conservative Party COSAW CODESA
Azanian People s Organization Reconstituted National Party Democratic Party DPSC
SAHRC Johannesburg Stock Exchange South African rand rand
African Democratic Movement ANCYL ANC Youth League ANCWL
ANC Women s League National Peace Accord Feds Federal Party
Minority Front SAWP LUSAP Luso-South African Party
Freedom Front WRPP Africa Muslim Party DPSA
WKFP Wes-Kaap Federalist Party APLA AZANLA
SARFU Central Statistical Services Workers International Merit Party
United Peoples Front KISS Kiss Party CONTRALESA
Afrikaner People s Front COSAG Workers List Party SOCCER
The Green Party New Republic Party Independent Party UCCP
National Democratic Movement White Freedom Movement Labour Party Coloured Labour Party
People s Congress Party Freedom Party National People s Party Progressive Independent Party
Pan-Africanist Movement United Party blood money NPKF
national peace-keeping force ACDP South African police Diamond High Council
Popular Revolutionary Army People s Revolutionary Army JUNAC Cartagena Agreement Board
Andean Integration Group Treaty of Tlatelolco Tlatelolco Treaty Popular Alliance
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