EAAM European Biofuels Committee Fedesa European Farming Coordination
European Farmers Coordination ESOC PETAR FEATS
ECMA Famos Edma ward
ISOPA Eurufon European UFO Network EIIA
European Productivity Agency European Monetary Agreement cervical Cecop
Latin Monetary Union CECUA EAES European Industry Initiative
European Thermographic Association European Thyroid Association EGCMA European Common Proposal
Afghan Support Committee EGTA European Logistics Association EMBO
EUCEPA EUROMET FEMS European Parliamentary Union
EUTRAPLAST EALLT NMRC Industrial Development Agency
Planning Appeals Board ESRI retirement ICTU
Central Statistics Office NYCI IBEC Beef Industry Tribunal
Luxembourg Communist Party OGB-L World Canine Organisation ALFI
ASTI ABBL IANS Luxembourg National Railways
Luxembourg Journalists Association Luxembourg Alzheimer Association ALEBA UPIGO
Luxembourg Hospitals Alliance Monuc legacy duty inspection certificate
PICT PCX file airport malaria Gas-cooled Fast Reactor
artificial light source SAMP-N SAMP-T lamivudine
Epivir tree-frog MEMS microelectromechanical system
micro electromechanical structure self-raising gantry Euroflag current account
extended sick leave enkephalin ex div xdiv
ex dividend IACL INFN guarantor
Industrial Reconstruction Institute Istat Western European Hedgehog Western Hedgehog
Northern Hedgehog Italian space agency Moses experimental electromechanical module
learning organisation National Hydrocarbon Corporation Progressive Alliance authorised testing place
refresher courses Domestic intelligence service anti-Mafia Commission Italian Youth Committee
crimesville bribesville adjustment account demoiselle crane
ungulates Forza Italia Tethered Satellite System notification of investigation
Pact for Italy Italian Pact Freedom Alliance Alliance for Freedom
Italian state railways Refounded Communist Party Communist Reconstruction Party state tax
salary Special Adviser revenue-raising power fiscal capacity
household budget producer unit monies assets
age allowance cadastral income revenue-producing monopoly fiscal monopoly
separate tax assessment separate assessment nominal capital authorised capital
donee collection charge late interest moratorium interest
moratory interest own personal use leading player registering deeds
share transaction share dealing regular business occupation regular business activity
municipal authorities municipal administration national tax authorities subdivision of agriculture
undenatured ethyl alcohol pure alcohol content rectified alcohol straight line depreciation
reducing-balance depreciation decreasing depreciation proportional depreciation general assessment
management of motorways down-stream service taxable net profit actual profit
final recipient recipient of incomes consumer durables durable consumer goods
consumer durable goods essential consumer goods tax-free goods tax exempted goods
personal asset supply of goods transfer of goods brewing declaration
registry office method of calculation insured capital payment of a security
real tax load real tax burden tax bracket border compensation
keep regular accounts stock exchange price element of cost cost component
engine rating engine cylinder capacity periodic return periodic declaration
tax-return period permit fixed deductions permit all-in deductions investment allowance
OPEX operating expense framework directive fiscal discrimination
participation dividend transfer of domicile gift to institutions consumer tax
production tax fixed remunerative duties long-term building lease financing by loans
financing by borrowing capital-intensive undertaking capital-intensive firm labour-intensive undertaking
labour-intensive firm small saver promotion of savings stock valuation
valuation of stock inventory valuation trading profit operating profit
fiscal factor obligatory invoicing common law taxation taxation disparity
total assets corporate assets independent supplier exemption from VAT
merger of companies merger by takeover taxable product dutiable product
supplementary taxation multiple taxation ad valorem tax tax multiplicand
basic tax deductible foreign tax impersonal tax secondary tax
multistage tax cascade tax multistage cumulative tax all-phase tax
single tax credit system investment incentive place of investments
location of investments commercial legislation commercial laws national fiscal legislation
national fiscal law place of delivery liquidation of a company pecuniary reward
scope for distribution fiscal stamp retention of profits nominal amount
amount of VAT wort content non-resident objective fiscal obligation
subjective fiscal obligation tax exempt transaction exempted supply private charitable organization
advance-payment system mutual fund certificate investment fund certificate private person
private individual consumer country collection area initial loss
revenue loss offset losses taxable capital gain recipient of services
high tax load high tax burden low tax load low tax burden
basic production price catalogue price agreed price wholesale price
negotiating price retail selling price tax exempted product taxed product
progressive scale general proportion rule dividend quota distribution quota
annual receipts principle of reciprocity fixed reduction flat-rate reduction
present VAT system simplified VAT-scheme refund of overpayment annual earnings
legal portion attestation of residence resident type of income
total income tax transfer of income denatured salt salt obtained chemically
sea salt unrefined potassium salt headquarters public share company
transformation of a company sodium chloride content inheritance between spouses collateral inheritance
starch sugar single tax system dry chewing tobacco annual rate
single rate single-stage rate basic rate provisional rate
estimated rate intermediate rate increased rate minimum levy rate
nil rate reduced rate uniform rate alignment of rates
exclude from taxation non-cumulative single-stage tax tax payable tax liability
poster stamp transport contract stamp size stamp international road haulage
basic value variable yield securities determinable interest securities sale of goods
Democratic Socialists Movement Islamic Tendency Movement Democratic Constitutional Rally Democratic Constitutional Party
Popular Union Party Tunisian dinar UTICA Ennahdha
Renaissance Party Ennahda LTDH Drawing Exchange Format
Progressive Socialist Rally Tunisian Communist Party UGTT PCOT
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