tumour neoplasm nephropathy acquiring company
nucleus opportunistic agent oral hairy leucoplakia postural hypotension
orthostatic hypotension otitis externa attenuation distortion amplitude distortion
peripheral neuropathy phagocyte photophobia plasma pool
pleural effusion pneumococcal lobar pneumonia pneumocystosis Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
polymer positive serology progressive multifocal leuco-encephalopathy provirus
viral DNA integrated retroviral DNA pulmonary candidiasis radioimmune assay
radioimmunoassay radio immune assay radioimmune precipitation assay radio-immunoprecipitation assay
RIPA receptor rF VIII C recombinant factor VIII
resistance retrovirus phylogeny rhesus monkey Rhesus Macaque
risky behaviour risk behaviour risk factor safe-sex
seroepidemiological study HIV antibody positive HIV-positive HIV-seropositive
serologically positive seropositive HIV Ab positive simian immunodeficiency virus
sinusitis TMP SMZ trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole sulphamethoxazole-trimethoprim
symptomatology syphilis tachypnoea tachypnea
transbronchial biopsy transcriptase vaginal intercourse vinblastine
viral viral envelope viral gene assembler language
assembly language assembler viral genome viral replication
virion protein viral protein virology Visna virus
zygote computerized numerical control computer numerical control Computer-Aided Learning
Dynamic Data Exchange Data Manipulation Language error detection code error detector code
error detecting code end of medium firmware full duplex
file separator Report Program Generator HPFS Packet Assembler-Disassembler
bar printer Electronic Fund Transfer batch processing assistant
blast furnace gas LAAM levo-alpha acetylmethadol Very Large Telescope
voluntary activity blocking factor Mini Disc nerve cell
legal substance impaired cognition neurochemistry brain cell disease
intravenous drug use neuroscience sensory cortex cortex
amygdala nerve impulse neurotransmitter neurobiologist
drug rehabilitation naltrexone implant implant Amantidine
bromocriptine dependency addiction antianxiety medication
Prozac Fluoxetine noradrenaline schizophrenic
cell membrane inhibitory umbilical cord uterine contraction
anaemia cortisone persistent pain tonic pain
chronic pain psychological disturbance peripheral nerve limb amputation
excision of a tumour postsurgical pain postoperative pain recovery period
convalescence chronic noncancer pain astringent thrombosis
acute rheumatism acute rheumatic fever gout contraction
uric acid clotting of blood blood-clotting minor surgery
white blood cell leukocyte laser surgery inflammation
anti-inflammatory power osteoarthritis stomach irritation platelet
indigestion insulin vasodilation systolic contraction
tooth extraction trauma vasoconstrictor thromboxane
vasodilator LUFPIG PERCALE acting
Acicafe Support Group Multilingual Interrogation Mock-up Cronos
ANCA anti-neutrophilic cytoplasmic antibodies anti-neutrophil cytoplasm autoantibody OVIDE
CCBE abatement rates COTANCE notice of vacancy
GERI Community loan budgetary conciliation equivalent professional experience
indexing documents promotion assembling précis writing
data-processing inventory application for leave sending despatching
batch of amendments hydraulic lifting gear hydraulic lift administration of missions
legal opinion disputes information technology coordination calculating postal expenses
mail management matters of protocol ventilation heating
air conditioning system property management electronic document ordering document availability table
launderer decommissioning procedure external translator linguist
management of sub-contracting rewriting information ARPEGE EP Staff management
review board evaluation panel Quarterly Indicative Calendar Inter-institutional Medical Board
interdepartmental working party Aids Code Women of Europe motion of reprimand
ECTP air-hardening steel carbonitriding austenitizing
incomplete austenitizing blueing calorising case hardening
carburization cyaniding temper colour grain growth
chromising heating curve cooling curve cooling diagram
isothermal diagram CCT diagram heat-treatment cycle curve TTT curve
time-temperature-transformation diagram scattering diffusion critical diameter
double hardening double tempering hardness increase cold working
hardening work-hardening cold working age hardening
precipitation hardening secondary hardening surface hardening flame hardening
Jominy test artificial ageing interrupted ageing natural ageing
progressive ageing dimensional stabilizing blue brittleness strain ageing
hydrogen brittleness temper brittleness upper-nose embrittlement reversible temper brittle
Stead s brittleness hyperquench intensity of hardening malleabilising
malleabilising by decarburisation malleabilising by graphitisation martempering ASAT
aspartate aminotransferase nitriding core patenting
hardness penetration transformation point potential carbon structural precipitation
case depth depth of hardening burning annealing
recrystallization annealing softening box annealing spherodising
full annealing outgassing degassing annealing diffusion annealing
stabilising spherodizing grain coarsening annealing homogenising annealing
isothermal annealing black annealing stress-relieving stress-free annealing
recrystallising recovery annealing subcritical annealing tempering
stabilising treatment severity of quenching sherardizing superheating
overageing sulfinization sulfonitriding austenite grain size
air hardening lead quenching salt bath hardening direct quenching
asbestos fibre induction hardening modified martempering interrupted quenching
isothermal quenching quench hardening quenching in oil oil hardening
surface hardening full hardening hardenability austenitizing temperature
critical temperature annealing temperature temperature for quenching temperature from quenching
quenching temperature transformation temperature tempering temperature isothermal transformation
sub-zero treatment thermo-chemical treatment cooling rate critical cooling rate
critical cooling rate critical range high-carbon steel medium carbon steel
graphitic steel eutectoid steel extra-hard steel dead soft steel
ferritic steel low-alloy steel high-alloy steel hypoeutectoid steel
hypereutectoid steel perlitic steel medium hard steel ferrite-forming
alphagene austenite bainite combined equivalent
carbon equivalent carbide forming cementite free cementite
component crystal constitution diagram equilibrium diagram
alloying element addition element steadite acicular structure
network structure cellular structure columnar structure dendritic structure
ferrito-perlitic structure bull s eye structure mosaic structure cast structure
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