Widmannstätten structure eutectic steadite eutectoid
phase delta ferrite free ferrite alpha iron
Armco iron white iron white cast iron carbonyl steel
delta iron electrolitic iron austenitic cast iron white cast iron
ferritic cast iron hypereutectoid cast iron hypoeutectoid cast iron mottled iron
pearlitic iron zone-refining iron gamma iron ferro manganese
wrought iron puddled iron ferrosilicochromium photomatrograph
gammagene nucleus flake graphite temper carbon noduler
nodular graphite primary graphite rosette graphite hypereutectic
hypereutectoid hypoeutectic hypoeutectoid inclusions
freezing range grain boundary ledeburite liquidus
macrostructure macrography pearlitic malleable structure cell
unit cell martensite tempered martensite matrix
metal metallography metallographist metallurgy
microstructure micrography atomic percent spherodised perlite
lamellar pearlite pearlitic eutectic point eutectoid point
solidus solid solution solvus sorbite
eutectic temperature eutectoid temperature eutectic transformation eutectoid transformation
troostite energy conversion hard energy insolation
solar irradiation incident solar radiation ankylosis Computer-Aided Engineering
seal prostacyclin anti-inflammatory effect anti-inflammatory property
unclogging obstructed arteries kidney stone red birthmark port-wine stain
scarring scar gynaecologist severe emphysema
cardiologist radiologist hypercholesterolemia ultrasound technology
tissue removal urethra bladder cancer diabetes
juvenile-onset diabetes type I diabetes insulin-dependent diabetes pancreas
digestive enzyme hemodialysis beta cell NIDDM
non-insulin-dependent diabetes non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type II diabetes adult-onset diabetes
blood glucose level immunocompetence blood-cell cancer skin lesion
angioplasty ultraviolet A ultraviolet B oxygen free radical
ovum human egg abdominal pain fulminant hepatitis
suction viral replicative cycle transgenic mouse mitral valve
genetic derangement hobbled gene clotting factor IX excess serum cholesterol
familial hypercholesterolemia hemophilia A irregular heart beat cardiac arrhythmia
hemophilia B vascular circulatory system stomach cancer thyroid cancer
myelogenous leukemia autotransplantation autologous transplantation genetic research
organ heart disease human infertility artificial insemination
interactivity surreptitious advertising supplier of components provision
for the purposes coastal fishing permanent virtual circuit congenital anomaly
congenital defect congenital disease congenital disorder congenital malformation
birth defect leathery turtle luth turtle leather-back turtle
relocatable address Air Force Base air base operate a prosthesis
family case history war veteran ex-serviceman aptitude
coronary angioplasty austempering differential heating assembly point
ATAF emergency case asepsis input output processor
thigh amputee below-knee amputee access to buildings base band
associative addressing sporting activity adjustment for work adaptation for work
social activity aid in kind adduction acquired disorder
double amputee enucleation special hardship allowance forearm amputee
thigh amputee above-knee amputee stump sock cultural activity
amputee Marine Radioecology Laboratory upper-arm amputee branch point
comfort allowance visual acuity homecraft handicraft
ascendants fish fry read-mostly memory isoniazid
carry carry digit borrow procedure converter
card reader functional activity T-CAS TCAS
Threat-alert CAS parity control even parity check analogue computer
analog computer longitudinal redundancy check check digit check bit
back-end computer arthrodesis reconfiguration fall-back configuration
base cycle connector bag snatching coupling
connection aided data capture inspection post hearing-aid
sequence control counter program counter baseband signal coupler
backup procedure carrier wave treatment allowance hospitalization allowance
unemployability supplement limb-fitting centre prosthetic centre appeal at law
assignment field work bit oriented procedure file gap
file store file storage normal activity reciprocal agreement
range of movement amputation age allowance foreground
air space raster scan raster scanning frame scan
functional design digital differential analyser accident insurance functional diagram
block diagram magnetic tape driver magnetic tape drive arthrosis
end around shift circular shift enquiry end of transmission
three phased current end of text backup system excess-three code
raisining amelioration drawing-off devatting
stained coloured mousiness inflation
Braille watch movement pattern functional rehabilitation unit civilian war victim
multidisciplinary psychological measure sports instructor housing
method of payment social measures joint mobilisation basic software
double hand amputee genetically altered cell on line job placement service
job placement holiday activity cutting control loop
double leg amputee vocational measures heating flue console operator
pattern recognition prosthetic workshop orthopaedic workshop graph plotter
pen plotter plotter data plotter flow control
rescue point restart point rollback point rerun point
adder New Technology Telescope sheltered workshop instructor walking instructor
atrophy access protocol interpreting program interpreter
radix speech to text voice recognition speech recognition
image refreshing display refresh algorithmics accessibility
job scheduling sports medicine chronic rheumatism chronic rheumatic disease
manipulation splitting staticiser serial parallel converter
after-care allowance hardship allowance leisure activity statutory award
food allowance employment control automaton dyslexic
urinary infection house to consignor s agent isotope separation plant
attendant magnetic track Koch s Bacillus negative acknowledge character
insulating brick feeding of coal Public Prosecutor s Office Public Prosecution Service
heating equipment period of validity diplomatic post place of birth
date of birth requested Contracting Party pursuit extraditable offence
gap character block cancel character block length cancel character
linked list chained list machine word computer word
NULL null character numeration system numeric word
pushdown list pushup list record layout record length
shift-in character addressing string substitute character
t /