assembly counter digitise transaction file Database Administrator
electroconvulsive therapy electric shock therapy gamma ray spectrometer virtual machine
autopolling bit string binary digit string block code
bubble screen buffer register call confirmation call
card to tape carriage return character cellular logic centralised data capture
chain printer chaining character oriented procedure character string
check character check program check string circuit emulator
circuit switching circuit termination clearing time code word
coherence emulator scrolling text box text area text block
comment field transmission control character communication control character compilable language
computer centre audit computer environment concrete complexity concurrency
handshaking condition code context saving control language
core store core memory correlation map critical path
critical section critical time cross language cross software
cyclic code data block data path data reduction
data stream data support datagram facility decrement
degradation delimitation disassembly descriptor
desequencing deserialisation digital channel digital plotter
digital signal diminished radix complement direct component disconnection
distortion distributed data base data link escape double precision
double pulse recording draft quality drum printer dual operation
dump dyadic operation dynamic address relocation dynamic relocation
echo supressor efficiency measure elapsed time electronic component
IT security computer security memory module true lobsters
lobsterettes elementary time emulation emulator
encoding matrix error check error rate exchange volume
code extension character failure ratio file activity file procedure
file saving file scratch fixed length record flip-chips
floating channel form form feed character format effector
layout character format effect character frequency distortion front-end computer
function table fuzzy sets theory bi-directional transmission graphic tablet
hard wire logic hash coding high density bipolar hub polling
hyperchannel hypersystem identifier incremental compiler
indexed addressing individual data support information back-up information bit
information frame information separation character initial program loader bootstrap loader
instruction code instruction cycle instruction set intelligent terminal
interactive computer graphics interactive graphic display interframe interval interlock
internal machine language machine language computer language international transit node
interrupt disabling interrupt handling interrupt mask interrupt setting
process interrupt signal interrupt signal inverted file isarythmic control
isochronous signal job accounting job submit job entry
job initiator job queue job step job string
kinematic memory label zone laser screen line adaptor
line feed character line printer line quality linear code
linkage editor linker link editor list head
list queue listing load and go load emulator
loaded circuit location search logical record loop
machine cycle macrogeneration macroinstruction macroinstruction call
magnetic card magnetic disk magnetic disk cartridge magnetic drum
magnetic strips memory magnetic strip magnetic tape cartridge magnetic tape certifier
magnetic tape reader magnetic wire storage maintenance inspector maintenance personnel
manufacturing management mapping device mark reader master processor
memory allocation control tape memory block memory cycle
memory erasure memory map memory word message switching network
message switching metacompiler metalanguage microfilm printer
mnemonic code monostable circuit multichannel protocol multiline procedure
multiprocessor n-level code network node nominal throughput
object program on-line capture on-site data capture one s complement
one-keyboard data capture operation code zone operations manager operator console
optic fiber tube optimisation overlay structure packets transmission
page adressing punched tape reader paper tape reader parallel transfer
parity bit parity check partition peripheral control unit
permutation phase distortion phase modulation recording phototypesetting
physical record plug-to-plug compatibility polynominal code transferability
portability portable program portable terminal postprocessor
precompiling precondition primitive print control character
printer carriage tape problem-oriented language procedure oriented language procedural language
processor conversion programmable logic systems analyst project analyst
protection key protocol convertor punched tape quantising
query language true complement radix complement re-entry point
read write head readability real-time language rear window tube
recurrent code convolutional code recursive procedure recursive program
redundant character reentrant program remote batching remote batch processing
remote loading removable disk reset residual error rate
restoration reusable program roll plotter roll-car polling
ROM simulator room manager routine scratch tape
cache storage scratchpad memory cache memory screen coordinates
screen erasure search key segmentation semaphore
semiconductor memory senior punch operator senior punch processor sequencial search
serial transfer service frame shadow mask tubes shared variable
sharing shift-out character sign bit sign binary digit
signalling speed single channel protocol single precision single step
software layer software tool software transportation sorting by insertion
insertion method sorting sorting merge source language source program
speech synthesis stack pointer stack indicator star network
state diagram statement status bit status diagram
status word store and forward stripe code reader bar code reader
subprogram subroutine call subroutine synchro system
system thrashing system degradation system engineer system primitive
system dynamics tabulation character teletypewriter teleprinter
temporal switching throughput class thyristor silicon controlled rectifier
time sharing processing time slice transmission control unit transport network
tree search two wire circuit unblocking updating
useful throughput variable length record variable portability vectorization
virtual call service virtual communication virtual memory voice terminal
vocal unit word boundary work file scratch file
working tracks write cycle medium-term note broadcasting
push-pull push-pull technology broadcast technology cluster
encoder loading save instruction control unit
control unit shift general meeting simultaneous engineering
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