concurrent engineering nuclear fission dismantling of battery demolition of battery
waste heat valve waste gas valve chamber width inside chamber width
coal screening plant coal service bunker coal bin top flooring mass
coal crushing coke oven machine coke crushing coke cake
coke guide car coke cake ridge coke quenching station coke quenching tower
coke oven construction coke oven door coke quality vibrating coke screen
coke screen coke screening plant coke storage longitudinal bracing
ram track pusher track mechanical latching mixed gas
net coking time standard brick normal brick oven dimensions
oven fittings type of oven oven heating oven operation
oven block oven width oven lining oven length
useful oven capacity oven cross section heating-up bracing oven protection wall
oven sole oven substructure coal spillage collector leveller beam
leveller bar leveller door chuck door leveller door winch
run-of-wharf coke regenerator top regenerator face regenerator bracing
regenerator wall apparent porosity rail cleaners lean gas enrichment
lean gas heating swelling index screening plant silica insulating mixture
silica material sole flue special ramming masse rich gas
rich gas heating rich gas riser rich gas main standpipe
ascension pipe ascension pipe lid ascension pipe base ascension pipe cleaner
brick retainer stopper swelling coal door body
door jamb door frame door latching device reversing linkage
reversing mechanism reversing winch underjet coke oven coking temperature
carbonizing temperature changing station caking coal uniform coking
uniform carbonisation battery top battery roof row of batteries
foundation of battery substructure of battery battery substructure spray nozzle
spray jet gross coking time lid lifting magnet expansion socket
sealing strip refractoriness under load nozzle decking deck slab
gravity-type locking one-spot machine feed coal end platform
final heating wall end oven decarbonising air refractoriness
refractory bricklayer moulded brick special shape brick shape
charging hole charging hole lid door extraction charging hole frame
charging operation lorry car charging car charging car track
charging car scales gas flue gas exhauster final gas cooler
gas distribution main primary gas cooler sliding joint heating wall
Special Interest Group mountain bike all-terrain bike application software
prime rate pre-implantation diagnosis artificial organ guarantee deposit
bail binding contraceptive method contraceptive technology
method of contraception birth-control method blood group Eurostat Rapid Reports
Population Working Party EPIC Intergroup Congress Working Party agriculture expert
Cultural Identity Committee Lebanon Intergroup Meeting on ethics Rugby Intergroup
Tibet Intergroup Eco-Tax Working Party amount deemed necessary Joint Study Project
TACIS highly qualified official MEDEL Cinema Intergroup
Kangaroo Group Administrative Bureau CENSA ACPM
COMI Inter-union committee CONVER KONVER
ELDO Hungarian News Agency HSDP NFRIS
FIDESZ Independent Smallholders Party ISPP Hungarian Socialist Party
Hungarian Democratic Forum Hungarian Central Bank MISZOT HSWP
CDPP Agrarian Association Agrarian Alliance Entrepreneurs Party
Hungarian People s Party Patriotic Electoral Coalition Ministry of Defence Ministry of Finance
Permanent Secretary Matav Compensation Bill HJLP
mobility aids traumatology laparoscopy keyhole surgery
Fischer s lovebird Illiger s macaw yellow-crested cockatoo Spix s macaw
little blue macaw saker falcon gyrfalcon Bali starling
Rothschild s mynah Rothschild s starling white starling Bali mynah
satyr tragopan weld communication aid splints
calipers condition of entitlement medical attendant sensory aid
unqualified social worker blind war victim blind war veteran architectural barrier
voluntary crutch brain damaged spasticity
compensation fund adjustable cane capacity funcional capacity
residual capacity eyesight testing severe case constant attendance allowance
diagnostic centre self-help centre pilot rebahilitation centre vocational rehabilitation centre
health centre induction loop system stretcher national advisory board
district medical board discharge board pension committee rating board
housebound homebound employment adviser soft tissue
contracture joint contracture rehabilitation co-ordinator cramp
kyphosis onset of disability compulsory reporting voluntary reporting
cardiac deficiency mental disorder mental health disability mental health disorder
mental impairment mental disability chronic respiratory disorder professional discipline
light signal mechanical device sound signal service record
pension right right to rehabilitation muscular dystrophy brain damage
long-term chronic disease lordosis street level basic standard
basic structural standard testing tank propagation
D VOR Doppler VHF omnirange Doppler VOR DVOR
dock basin CRAF CRAFT
noise environment noise emission standard observation probe
negative reaction Next Step operator aspergillosis
viraemia Posix reverse engineering urban traffic noise
neighbourhood noise royalties author s royalties market target price
civil law noise exposure airborne noise environmental noise level
noise level sound absorbing material sound absorption coefficient sound proofing
sound proofing standard acoustical insulation acoustic insulation vibratory insulation
anti-vibration insulation acoustical correction viscous force anti-noise paint
acoustic ceiling floating floor infrasonic vibration sound insulator
sound level reduction sound pressure wave compression wave incident wave
reflected sound wave wavelength of a sound acoustic telephone booth deflection
background noise sonic boom sonic bang shock carpet
sonic boom carpet bang-zone acoustic mirror acoustic tile
sound-insulating panel resilient mounting bending wavelength critical frequency
resonant frequency internal damping coefficient amplitude of resonance effect of resonance
air damper transmission impedance acoustic power output impedance
anechoic treatment sonie sone Helmholtz resonator
threshold shift resonant absorber panel resonator resonate to
harmonic harmonic resonance node acoustic enclosure
compact absorber sound volume loudness transmission loss
resonator silencer insulant noise criteria noise reduction coefficient
sound shadow structure-borne sound noise rating curves noise footprint
noise certification standard external noise internal noise acoustic survey
encasing of machinery encapsulation of machinery vegetal screening impact sound insulation
sound absorber disturbance noise sound barrier sonic barrier
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