vocational assessment etiological assessment of aptitudes vocational testing
tax free group exercise removal of organs organ removal
expert medical report expert medical opinion rehabilitation consultant guidance counsellor
family environment electric wheelchair electronic wheelchair non-collapsible wheelchair
collapsible wheelchair anatomical function physiological function body function
psychological function muscle power fracture severely disabled person
physical cure braille writing board sheltered accommodation general hospital
hydrotherapy temporary disability pathological condition tuberculosis allowance
consider an application integration into employment residential centre residential school
boarding school total disability aggravated disability severe disability
orthopaedic disorder Braille typewriter long-term patient in-patient
progressive disease active disease handicapping condition disabling disease
geriatric disorder industrial accident victim electric invalid carriage motorised invalid carriage
degree of incapacity muscle test tetraplegia quadriplegia
statutory regulations surgical treatment treatment at home psychological treatment
thermal treatment spa treatment minor injury spinal injury unit
medical social work psychiatric social worker emotional disturbance functional disturbance
disturbance of function morphological disturbance tubercular TB patient
quiescent tuberculosis inactive tuberculosis paraplegia paraplegic
compensatory pension military disablement pension social insurance pension rehabilitation staff
health care staff functional loss wooden leg selective placement
bedsore Braille pocket writer Braille pocket slate suture
stitch poliomyelitis limb fitting medical-aid point
first-aid post post-operative posture postural
pulley psycho-social centre psychotherapy rehabilitation process
rate of benefits housing programme rehabilitation programme data collection project
pronation medical prognosis extension of time-limits vacuum prosthesis
suction prosthesis rehabilitation counselling nutritional practice physical injury
pre-operative rehabilitation facility marriage grant dowry
residential care patient staff relations nationwide organisation governmental body
psychological guidance physical rehabilitation functional therapy non-support
failure to maintain child benefits system building regulation international tariff regulation
standard compensation non-slip covering community medicine NHS rehabilitation service
district nursing service community nursing service rehabilitation department award section
probation service industrial welfare health visiting service site of amputation
scoliosis sequel after-effect supination
deafness sign indicating accessibility accessibility symbol non-hospital care
community care perinatal care self care post-partum care
post-natal care post-operative care prenatal care antenatal care
specialist quiescent incapacity static incapacity arrested incapacity
anatomical structure physiological structure psychological structure decrease of libido
deficiency of heart dental hygiene dysmenorrhoea ejaculatio praecox
excessive shyness impairment of memory constipation nasal obstruction
pathological anxiety psychomotor excitement pain toothache
vomiting and regurgitation weight gain cerebral thrombosis coastal navigational system
analgesia Seasonal Affective Disorder winter depression seasonal affective depression
retinopathy cardiac insufficiency armoured personnel carrier dysarthria
action bar cascade beginning of data beginning of field
clear click column heading available choice
application icon contextual help beginning of line databank
frequency modulation medium wave cancel choice
backtracking backspace button close
active window backward backtab telecommunications authority
telecommunications administration cursored emphasis copy drag
end of field end of data check mark check box
end of line entry field error message extended help
shortcut fast path file archive
group heading help help index help window
hourglass pointer inactive window information message initial choice
initial field value insert mode Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval maximize
message message pop-up minimise iconise
move palette paste pointer
pop-up window primary window print prompted entry field
pushbutton radio button replace mode restore
scrolling increment scroll bar secondary window select
selection field selection list size slider box
spin button split window switch backward switch forward
switch window system menu system menu icon text cursor
tile title bar tutorial help unavailable choice
value set warning message window title prodrug
Disease Activated Drug Press Secretary spastic paralysis VHSIC
for example non-earmarked transfer block grant manslaughter
negligent homicide gean passenger vehicle Political Adviser
Data Encryption Standard acoustic coupler automatic brightness control safety officer
Balkan Defence Pact Balkan Alliance device independent bitmap general plastic packaging
computer-aided maintenance AMRAAM IDMA International Ultraviolet Explorer
electron beam recording Document Type Definition SPDL packing process
price earnings ratio plastic paint can SIMM CASE
computer-aided systems engineering Archbishop Assistant Chief Constable International Labour Conference
halogenated Legal Adviser pop-up weapon direct data entry
SOHO Solar Heliospheric Observatory artificial life A-life
SWOT Software Development Kit software developer s kit PERT
Tedegesic Temgesic Buprenorphine Common External Tariff
electronic design automation facility management facilities management Graphic Interchange Format
Systems Applications Architecture PET bottle Network File System CPSC
Swiss News Agency air control team ACTP Adrenocorticotrophic Polipeptide
Road Transport Informatics systems integration European Script Fund access to frequencies
network diagnostic facilities network maintenance facilities routing of signals third party use
ONP conditions harmonised usage conditions confidentiality of voice physical connection
credibility of standards maximum provision time technical interface technical overlap
communication channel telex message electromagnetic means optical means
test standard minimum contractual period harmonised tariff principle international standardization procedures
transmission quality agricultural industry broadband network resources cross-border telecommunications service
public telecommunications service telex service type approval specification test specification
MTTR transmission of signals metrological activities adaptor
precursor protein ano-genital relations acrocentric chromosome acrosome
anterior head cap acrosomal cap actin act in cis
dactinomycin actinomycin D act in trans adenovirus
allotetraploid altered reverse transcriptase alveolar phagocyte dust cell
alveolar macrophage amount of virus ampligen analysis by mutagenesis
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