anaphase anchorage animal virus molecular hybridisation
antigenic constituent antigenic drift antigenicity antigenic portion
antigen-presenting cell antiherpes drug antisense oligonucleotide apoenzyme
artificial membrane assembly attenuated virus attenuation
autoantigen autosome autotetraploid avian sarcoma virus
avirulent virus AZT-resistant mutant AZT triphosphate bacterial cell wall
base B-cell lymphoma binding site biosynthetic apparatus
block binding brain-tumor cell caEV caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus
capuchin Cis-acting rev-responsive sequence CAR sequence cell function
New Left cell s genetic controls cell-surface protein cellular chemical
cellular factor cellular protein kinase centriole centrosome
chemoprophylaxis chemoprevention chimeric molecule chromaffin cell
translocation chromosome aberration chronic active hepatitis chronic lymphadenopathy
chronic myelogenous leukaemia chronic myeloid leukaemia chronic granulocytic leukaemia chronogene
cimetidine CRS sequence Cis-acting repression sequence clofamizine
code for to mutual evolution coexistence coexist to
combination chemotherapy competent cell complement complete virus
conjugation constant part continuous cell line controlled viral growth
corepressor C-reactive protein cross-over crossing-over
cross-reactive epitope growing medium culture medium CTCL
cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cyclosporine Sandimmune cyclosporin
cytofluorimetry cytopathic cytoplasmic membrane cytoskeleton
cytotoxicity ddA triphosphate deletion deoxynucleoside
depletion desmosome dextran sulfate dideoxynucleoside
differential regulator disrupted inactivated HIV disseminated histoplasmosis DNA probe
DNA virus dominant allele dominant gene resting cell
dormant cell drosophila duplication endosome
feed-back inhibition retroinhibition end-product inhibition env gene
enzyme engineering episome exonuclease fibrous actin
F-actin feline leukemia virus FeLV feline leucaemia virus
fetal tissue skin fibroblast fibroblast fisting
functional virus group antigen gene gag gene immune interferon
genetic distance genetic linkage genetic makeup genital ulceration
polytene giant chromosome microglial cell neuroglial cell
glycoprotein glycosidase glycosylation Golgi complex
G-CSF granulocyte CSF hematocrit count haematocrit
harbour a pathogen to heavy chain Hela cell helminth
invermination helminthiasis hemopoiesis hematopoiesis
hemiparesis hemopathy hepatocellular carcinoma heterokaryon
heterocaryon heterozygote HBLV HTLV-I
hydrophobic hydroxyl group hypogonadism hypogenitalism
immune complex immune recognition immunostimulatory complex iscom
immune-stimulating complex improved adjuvant infectivity factor inhibition of uncoating
integration interspecies infection intestinal cryptosporidiosis inversion
isoprinosine Langerhans cells slow virus lentivirus
leukopenia lysozyme lytic maturation
memory cell scavenger cell mobile scavenger molecular basis
molecular environment molecular shape monkey virus monocyte-macrophage lineage
multinucleated giant cell multinucleated structure multinucleated syncytium myocarditis
nef pathway negative regulation negative control NRE sequence
negative-regulatory element sequence negative-regulatory factor noncontiguous nucleotide sequence nonsense triplet
stop codon nonsense codon nucleolus nucleoplasm
nucleoprotein ovogenesis substrate Lords Spiritual
Hellenic Air Force franchiser franchisee apricot tree
European Buddhist Union strand on call vegetation instrument
radiative gas HGCU jumbo coking reactor melter gasifier
on-call contract backlog breakdown scraping
call up ground glass lot of plants carnation leaf-roller
Mediterranean leaf-roller South African leaf-roller bed of ornamentals persistent organo-chlorine compound
pathogen reduction dried vegetables attached growing medium accompanying growing medium
official nematological testing isolated bark aphid attached soil
pomaceous fruit tree budding ornamental turf conifer seedling
growing packing station exotic potato disease loose skin wine weevil
detonation of fertilisers potato greening boring insect wet rot
potato meristem initial clonal selection vegetatively produced rootstock raspberry ringspot virus
RpRSV raspberry ringspot nepovirus chrysanthemum white rust fungicidal treatment
oak log flitch wet storage plant health inspection
phytosanitary controls food enzyme increment borer sapwood thickness
bark beetle active growth season dry rot mechanical damage
coleoptera pest outer pericarp dormant plant virus-like pathogen
mite pest dessert pear kiln-dried Community certification scheme
clearance addressee feeder line float
rinsing flushing ship s crew propellor
road tanker fuel truck emergency lighting wrapping
thermal inertia VIDEOTEX-compatible format victim support scheme octane improver
delivery port English Channel disembarkation debarkation
chartering agent particular average bottomry bond DNA theft
loading unit iceberg lettuce containerise rail container transport
diesel powered ferry diesel ferry oakleaf salad oil-bulk-ore carrier
oil-ore carrier oil ore vessel ore carrier navigable channel
roof lining headliner tidal basin research ship
freight rates free on wharf ANET general average
port office port infrastructure seaport authorities door-to-door transport
door-to-door service seafarer s pay cable-laying ship driver s cab
cross-Channel vessel cargo insurance cofferdam coastline
boom defence vessel subunit of a virus part of a virus pata monkey
peripheral mechanism phagocytosis phosphate link phosphodiester linkage
phosphorylate to phosphorylation physiological nucleoside triphosphate pit of a protein
plasmocyte plasma cell plasmalemma plasma membrane
plastid pol gene polyanionic polysaccharide polyarthritis
polymerase polymerase catalytic centre polymorphous polymorphic
polypeptide chain polysome polyribosome polysomy
positive control postexposure vaccine precursor of a protein premarital screening
prophase protein backbone pyrimethamine receptor-mediated endocytosis
recessive allele recessiveness rDNA recombinant DNA
regulatory pathway replicate repressive effect reservoir of a virus
restoring immune function reversion reverse mutation rev pathway
RNA virus Schwann cell STLV simian T-lymphotropic virus
snRNPs S-phase splicing subclinical immune dysfunction
sulphadiazine supergene suramin systematical tuberculosis
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