systemic immune deficiency target cell trans-acting regulatory sequence trans-acting responsive sequence
TAR sequence TAT gene tat pathway T-cell lymphoma
template terminal sugar group tissue-dendritic cell trans-activator
transcribe to transcription factor translated to be translation
translation arrest transversion triploid tropism
tumor registry type-specific protein viral component viral nucleic acid
viral-protein synthesis virus vector VSV- HIV pseudotype mean access time
average access time ACIA ASCII bus available
glutamic acid decarboxylase BCPL barcode reader barcode scanner
bar reader Bios beginning of file beginning of tape
bits per minute bisync communication binary synchronous communication computer-assisted instruction
computer-aided instruction constant angular velocity command control block Command Line Interpreter
Cyan Magenta Yellow CODASYL characters per inch critical path method
CP M characters per second abort Constructive Solid Geometry
CSMA DataBase File MAITS device control block
Data Control Language double density Device Development Kit Data Definition Language
DECnet device information block Data Interchange Format DIGIT
digital unit dual in-line package Digital Optic Disc Disk Operating System
DPCM dots per inch device partition map DRCS
double sided distributed system architecture DSSD data circuit-terminating equipment
EBCDIC EDAC EISA extended memory block
Expended Memory Manager Expanded Memory Specification ENIAC end of block
end of file end of identification end of job end of tape
Input Output Emulation Sensing Processor file control block floppy disk drive
floppy-drive diskette drive FDHD Hierarchical File System
frequency shift keying graphical device interface Graphics Device Interface Graphic Device Interface
Graphic Environment Manager computer-aided production management computer-aided production control Hard Disk Drive
Hercules graphic card HLL-API High Memory Area Image Compression Interface
Identification Number interprocess communication Information Processing Language Inter Record Gap
Industry Standard Architecture Industrial Standard Architecture Job Control Language page description language
Low Frequency Oscillator low-level language lines per inch Large Scale Integration
Logical Unit magnetic card reader MDTR Magnetic Disk Unit
Modified Frequency Modulation MIDI Multiple Link Interface MOPS
Multiple Protocol Interface most significant digit medium scale integration MTBE
MIDI Time Code Network Control Protocol NET-BIOS Network File Transfer
Non Maskable Interrupt OOPS Object-Oriented Programming System Operations Per Second
Printer Control Language printer command language Processor Direct Slot Protocol Data Unit
Black Rod Personal Information Manager Process Status query-by-example
query by example RISC Architecture Technology RDOD Revisable Form Text
Raster Image Processor run length encoding Remote Procedure Call revolutions per minute
Scanner Computer Language SCSI Store Control Unit Sample Dump Standard
Standard Data Unit single in-line package SLSI Signal to Noise
SNOBOL SPOOL status register Service ReQuest
SSDD SSSD SVID System V Interface Definition
SYSOP sysops System Operator table of contents
Transit Stay Resident Terminate-and-Stay Resident test equipment Unrecoverable Application Error
User Authentification Method ULSI Value Added Reseller Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Voltage Controlled Filter VCPI VEOS VHSI
VLSI VOSIM Voice Simulation notepad
public domain software freeware back-end server caching
offhooking back-end processor Null Modem Slave Master
Call Identification interactive conversational jonctor
dedicated line Office Information System network computing telephone box
telephone kiosk telephone booth hanging up mobile radio telephone
rerouting Add-on Services Advanced Information Service ATBM
anti-tactical ballistic missile Ladar patrol torpedo boat fourth-generation language
electrode brain-wave brain wave neuropharmacology laboratory
crack addict short-lived radioactive isotope blood cell progenitor inhalant
drug developer endorphin opioid receptor opiate receptor
glucose metabolism neuropsychopharmacology opiatelike compound mesolimbic system
chemical messenger synapse neurotransmitter systems dopamine reuptake transporter
powerful imaging technologies clozapine cocaethylene dopamine-producing neuron
nucleus accumbens reward systems reward pathway pleasure pathway
agonism antagonism agonist antagonist
withdrawal Naltrexone endogenous opioid malfunctioning liver cells
Bupropion mu-opioid receptor μ-opioid receptor μ-receptor
mu receptor Buspirone mood-altering qualities Tegretol
carbamazepine Flupenthixol Fluanxol dopamine receptor
Gepirone delta receptor delta-receptor system dopamine-receptor blocker
antipsychotic long-acting drug G proteins cell-surface receptor
polarity of neurons electrical impulse electrical pulse electric impulse
autoreceptor anhedonia neurochemical abnormality clonidine
molecular psychiatrist change in a pathway antipsychotic drug antisense-RNA
tailored viruses gene regulation imbalances in neurotransmitters major active ingredient
meperidine Demerol thalamus habenula
lateral system medial system periaqueductal grey matter periaqueductal gray matter
descending inhibitory pathway dorsal horn peripheral neuron descending inhibitory system
cramping stinging phasic pain antidrug regulation
morphine analgesia liquid analgesic pain prevention formalin test
physiological response debridement pain-signalling system intravenous tube
intravenous catheter neural pathway ascending neuron balloon angioplasty
lateral tract ascending tract descending neural tract heart repair
spinal injury narcotics maintenance therapy salicylate salsalate
Dolobid diflunisal fendosal velocity of contraction
acemetacin cinmetacin sulindac zomepirac
fenclofenac isoxepac flurbiprofen naproxen
ketoprofen benoxaprofen indoprofen pirprofen
mefenamic acid flufenamic acid meclofenamate niflumic acid
flunixin clonixin feprazone apazone
trimethazone mofebutazone kebuzone JCIC
oxicam piroxicam isoxicam tenoxicam
alpha globin corn ion transport ion transfer
Frank-Starling law cellular hormone prostaglandin inhibition oil of wintergreen
ether-soluble oil acute stomach irritation sodium salt chronic polyarthritis
degenerative osteoarthritis acetanilide renal physiologist thermal exposure
thermal effect sensory nerve hypothalamus nasal polyp
aspirin hypersensitivity tissue injury local hormone blood vessel tone
prostaglandin H synthase PGH synthase centrally acting analgesic cytoplasmic islet-cell autoantibody
antiserotonin drug dilated blood vessel anterior hypothalamus venous pressure
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