bradykinin stomach ulceration stomach lining self-digestion
liver disease renal blood supply aspirin sensitivity syndrome hematopoietic stem cell
portal circulation scalpel pluripotent stem cell clot
antithrombotic nonacetylated salicylate biological membrane planar anionic molecule
inflammatory site yolk sac proteoglycan platelet activating factor
leukotriene neutrophil aggregation cell-cell adhesion secretory cell
superoxide anion skin irritant ligand binding misoprostol
cardiovascular investigator signal transduction micromole pertussis toxin
species-specific molecule hypersensitivity syndrome proinflammatory property nonthermal effect
atomic bond biomedical application average blood flow electrocautery knife
detached retina eye tumour human trial retinal disease
surgical tool absorption band argon laser diabetic retinopathy
blindness skin grafting incision preferential light absorption
short light pulsation selective photothermolysis excise continuous-wave laser
YAG laser erbium-YAG-laser bone calcification ultraviolet photon
photodissociation molecular photodissociation urinary tract stone calcified deposit
gallstone ionised plasma subcellular microsurgery spontaneous pneumothorax
spontaneous leak rupture photochemistry laser angioplasty
thermal laser beam laser probe occluded blood vessel dimers
Central Group flexible quartz optics coronary circulation laser-assisted coronary angioplasty
laser coronary angioplasty coronary bypass surgery digital imaging corneal sculpting
corneal scar extra tissue growth secondary cataract artificial lens
posterior membrane short-pulsed infrared laser neodymium YAG laser posterior capsulotomy
millijoule of energy outer cornea ureter optical-fibre endoscope
laparoscope phototherapy photodynamic therapy krypton laser
singlet oxygen porphyrin excited singlet oxygen dye injection
residual photosensitivity sensitive light detector optical tweezer light-activated tumor destruction
cell perforation sperm penetration ingested toxic chemical islet-cell cytoplasm
hematopoietic system blood-producing system insulitis atrial pressure
anti-islet autoantibody activated B lymphocyte lethal protein velocity of reextension
prediabetic islet-cell autoantibody complex lipid BioBreeding rat
BB rat NOD mouse normal elastic energy heart s gross motion
deoxygenated blood papillary muscle kinetic energy natural suppressor system
immune-mediated damage non-charged amino acid suppressor response toxic protein
proinsulin ventricular filling azathioprine autoreactive T cell
light-activated drug cancer chemotherapist abnormally reactive cell joint tissue
cortisone derivative skeletal fragility bone degeneration vitiligo
psoralen immune modulator furan ring totipotent stem cell
immune blood-producing system aberrant clone aggressive leukapheresis chamber
liver regeneration anti-idiotype interaction myelin basic protein amino-methyl-trimethylpsoralen
stroke-related tissue destruction ischemic brain cell blood-deprived brain cell supportive cell
glia cerebral artery neuronal death ischemic injury
mechanical injury penumbra anterior cerebral artery vertebral artery
posterior cerebral artery ischemia-induced neuronal death temporal lobe parietal lobe
hippocampus plasminogen plasmin metabotropic receptor
dendrite glutamate toxicity excitotoxicity induction
amplification expression diacylglycerol eicosanoid molecule
eicosanoid voltage-gated calcium channel stroke-related brain damage neuronal terminal
methionine sulfoximine global ischemia brain-wide ischemia NBQX
AMPA kainate antagonist dihydropyridine class nimodipine dextromethorphan
free-radical inhibitor human carcinogen diastolic expansion venous congestion
contractility elastic recoil cellular parasite thorax
hepatitis B virus genome HBV genome hydrophobic peptide steroid hormone
polyarthritis nodosa hepadnavirus pregenome tumorigenic process
cirrhotic liver viral oncogene viral sequence cellular oncogene
chromosomal deletion retinoic acid heart muscle cell cyclin A gene
serum-derived vaccine atrium harmless virus physical abnormality
mental abnormality early embryo therapeutic gene random insertion
cancer inducer gene augmentation therapy augmentation therapy cardiac output
DEAE-dextram aorta microinjection negative filling pressure
progeny leukocyte adhesion deficiency beta thalassemia diastole
injection of PEG-ADA dermis genetically altered fibroblast nerve growth factor
memory loss cardiac cycle levadopa L-dopa
dystrophin Duchenne s muscular dystrophy Meryon s disease pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy
Duchenne muscular dystrophy systole T cell activator tumour infiltrating lymphocyte
tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte inherited emphysema venous filling pressure therapeutic provirus
packageable therapeutic RNA helper provirus unpackageable helper RNA malignant cell
venous circulation lymphatic circulation metastasising cell Z disk
autostimulating growth factor fibroid malignancy extravascular tissue
extracellular matrix lysis zone pseudopodia adhesion
nef protein negative regulatory protein nef product type IV collagen
cysteine-containing peptide cell-surface activator protein metastasis suppressor protein noninvasive breast lesion
awd protein reproductive organs carboxyamide aminoimidazole allogeneic transplantation
myeloid stem cell filling pressure osteoclast genetically compatible donor
leukemia cell line supporting cell stromal cell fat cell
adipocyte fibronectin laminin hemonectin
connective tissue strut stem cell factor cellular oncogene c-kit
GVHD allogeneic marrow transplant osteopetrosis Fanconi s anemia
chronic granulomatous disease high-dose chemotherapy high-dose irradiation blood cell-forming capacity
pulmonary artery biochemical reagent ballistic cardiography line of research
somatic medical application methodology for detection medical aims model system
transfection of chromosomes genetic function embryo development experimental research
sarcomere elastic recoil force mutational tool expression barrier
foreign environment post-translational modification biogradable enzyme support thrombocompatible
carrier synthetic gene exogenous enzyme latticework of filaments
filament immobilised multienzyme system multiphase environment cofactor regeneration
non-aqueous environment kinetic study subcellular organelle peroxisome
human detoxification differentiated organism human interface biotic material
depollution mycorhiza downstream processing symbiotic relationship
continuous cultivation quantitative microanalysis methanotroph environmental factor
chemo-autotroph genetic data ethical sensibility harmless substitute
toxicological prototype potentiated muscle two-dimensional echocardiography
process strain plant cell animal cell elastin
rhizobium genetic constitution research programme hereditary alteration
genetic variation genetic component cardiovascular function right of self-determination
individual gene map genetic defect condition hybrid embryo qualitative microanalysis
therapeutic purpose surrogate motherhood irreversible sterility producers rights
television broadcasting rights co-producer share granting of sub-licences broadcasting charter
distribution incentive multimedia group multimedia ownership broadcasting market
distributor theatrical exhibition cinema attendance film projection
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