patron audiovisual scene broadcaster local station
broadcasting time audience audience rating system audiovisual capacity
intentional representation videodisc electronic game country of transmission
audiovisual work access to news programme schedule broadcasting company
full-length film video clip cinema film television series
documentary sports coverage periproduction preproduction
dubbing scripting screenplay-writing script monitoring
assistance with screenplay-writing copymaking subject collection production studio
equipment manufacturer cartoonist studio manager graphics coordinator
director media operator audiovisual engineering MAC paquets standard
interactive satellite communication planned coproduction composite technique IMAX-OMNIMAX cinematographic process
multilingual cross-frontier magazine transmission time educational film racketeer
FACT subsidiary arrangement inspectors document safeguards document
voluntary offer agreement unilateral submission agreement trilateral safeguards agreement project agreement
bilateral cooperation agreement international plutonium storage MRIE PLARIE
ARIE Man-year of inspection inventory verification inventory change verification
inspection activities access for inspection scope of inspection visit
Routine inspection safeguards implementation report ISIS technical conclusion
operating report physical inventory listing Material Balance Report inventory change report
routine report operating records radiation passage monitor reactor power monitor
fuel bundle counter optical surveillance device containment surveillance tamper resistance
tamper indication tampering Variables test attribute test
Type I error significance level error propagation residual bias
RECOVER Cerenkov glow observation neutron slab counter AWCC
HLNCC Neutron coincidence counter Neutron counting semiconductor detector
scintillation detector enrichment meter segmented gamma scanner PMCA
Portable MultiChannel Analyser stabilised assay meter HRGRS gamma scanning
resin bead technique gas mass spectrometry gravimetric analysis controlled potential coulometry
chemical titration Assay derived estimate traceability
standard NRTA item identification item counting
MUF observed value MUF expected value stratum Measured discard
de-exemption identity data consistency arithmetical correctness
material balance period safeguards quality assurance Safeguards effectiveness evaluation timeliness goal
facility practice design information false alarm probability Accountancy detection probability
detection time significant quantity conversion time threshold amount
facility safeguards approach safeguards approach scrap recovery plant enrichment plant
Materials Testing Reactor HTGR Magnox reactor bulk handling facility
item facility standardised installation categorization zircaloy Nuclear grade graphite
subassembly fuel rod pellet holdup
depletion SSAC discrepancy concealment
diversion rate SRAM consumer subsidy equivalent acoustic delay line
addendum addend actual address absolute address
reference address base address address format adjustment
adjusting Airborne Early Warning negative-regulatory element augend
card hopper interrupted continuous wave Integrated Data Processing indium tin oxide
actomyosin base register BITE built-in-test equipment
adhesive bonding bootstrap conditional branch skip instruction
branch instruction breadboard break breakpoint
bridging GIGO cable length card stacker
anti-idiotype antibody chad flowchart flow diagram
collation collating sequence execution cycle dummy variable
very low frequency front face fallback procedure
feed paper feed form feed feedback
feedback control system baud sanctuarization flag bit
flag false floor Extremely High Frequency Pulse Repetition Frequency
Pulse Recurrence Frequency cellular machinery downtime Date Time Group
echo checking echo check absolute error bulletin board
data communication terminal reply-paid postcard abstracting service acceleration time
all-in-one microcomputer alphabetic code ampersand amplitude
analog representation mip-mapping antialiasing array
artificial language non-sync asynchronous asynchronous transmission
asynchronous working author s alteration auto-repeat backup
balanced error bias biohybrid computer quibinary code
biquinary code CRIEPI Boolean function bridge
management game business game calculator calling sequence
card feeder card row cartridge catalogue
cathode-ray chained file char character
serial printer character printer characteristic function closed routine
code code converter control character command character
comment communication theory comparator compiling
compilation computer system design computer time context free language
endless form continous form control flow conversational mode
coroutine slotted liner counter critical resource
cryptology cycle stealing cycle time daisy wheel
daisywheel printer data compression data corruption data contamination
data transfer rate dead halt deadly embrace knot
deadlock decrypt decipher demultiplexor
demux demultiplexer destructive read difference equation
differential equation directed graph disk drive driver
fictitious argument formal parameter dummy argument effective computability
electrostatic storage EPPI Military Delegates Committee escape
prickly pear Barbary fig ASMA file header label
file label shoplifting Brazilian Football Confederation congressional inquiry
Pastoral Land Commission EMBRAPA FIESP IBGE
INPA INPE call loan Landless Workers Movement
Landless People s Movement Brazilian Communist Party Democratic Labour Party Liberal Front party
PMDB Brazilian Democracy Movement Brazilian Socialist Party PSDB
Workers Party Brazilian Labour Party Supreme Federal Tribunal Incra
BNDES Christian Democrat Party National Coffee Council FEBEC
real cruzeiro Unified Workers Central Acre
NICE Nutrition Information Center SUDENE BNDE
National Development Bank ferruginous duck iriomote cat MCLOS
plug-in PRONA Red Command PPEWU
Military Steering Group Military Delegates Group multifunction workstation Satellite Centre
STIG MLAP Multilingual Action Plan Asia Working Party
Twin-towns meeting Joint Welfare Committee Space Group evacuation operation
Freelance Translation Unit departmental projects departmental office-automation support departmental application
ECPA CALIES RDIMA disposable sensor
SKY CAB Personal Independent Vehicle CIMSTEEL SAFETY INDAL
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