Textile Antifraud Initiative Mediterranean Group European Social Observatory GPCE
NARU CIRCE Comedi Youth Initiative Project
COCERAL Balteau bloc equipment Europmi EUROSME
total permanent invalidity EMCY adapter forecast operating account
dry accumulator inverted flight accumulator accumulator capacity indicator absolute positioning accuracy
across track accuracy along track accuracy elevation accuracy fixing accuracy
bearing accuracy navigation accuracy receiver centring accuracy track keeping accuracy
wind forecast accuracy AC DC convertor AC DC receiver Altimeter Control Equipment
control acknowledgement technical acknowledgement pilot acknowledgement aclinic line
ACLS conflict alert Acnode Aerosat Coordination Office
telescopic alidade acorn tube track acquisition track capability
automatic track acquisition alignment function scan beam acquisition Airborne Link Terminal
aerobatics acrobatics Active Control System activate
servo-compensated altimeter direct acting double acting self acting
heading angle course actinic ATFM action
braking action castor action caster action remedial action
time delay delayed action Delaying action distress action
diversionary action estimated braking action fan action follow-up action
for action missed approach action overdue action overshoot action
quick action radius of action reset action runway braking action
safety action tender action vital action code activation
interactive active flight plan airstart actuation
aileron actuator door actuator electric actuator electro-hydraulic actuator
flap actuator servo actuator distant visual acuity distance visual acuity
near visual acuity ADAG geopotential altitude ADAPT
adaptive basic airspeed impedance adaptor shared lines adaptor
signalling adaptor aisle gangway aisle ADD listing machine
analog adder digital adder half adder serial full adder
serial adder addition law addition without carry aircraft address
symbolic address floating address synthetic address generated address
link address machine address ALTP airline transport pilot
selective address single address stripped address airway facilities
AIS Unit ALEC Altitude Echo alighting area
virtual address address group address part address stripping
file addressing multi-level addressing point addressing unique addressing
ATS data exchange ADEXA Air Liaison Officer ADF approach-to-land
ADF let-down ADF reversal attitude director indicator ADISP
altimeter drift coarse adjustment fine adjustment compass adjustment
slack adjustment speed adjustment pressure altitude admittance
automatic advance control advance advance diagram advance notice
advance operating planning advanced ATC advancement airworthiness standard
mechanical advantage advection aircraft-conflict advisories in-flight weather advisories
deviation alert radar advisories safety advisories traffic advisory
voice advisories airport traffic area advisory frequency balanced amplifier
advise batwing aerial corner aerial flat-top aerial
passive aerial parasitic aerial rod aerial wave aerial
aerial director aerial head aerial mast aerial output
aerial tuning condenser aerial winch formation aerobatics aerobridge
aerodonetics final aerodrome government aerodrome altitude layer
licensed aerodrome runway aerodrome non-runway aerodrome water aerodrome
aerodrome category aerodrome circling procedure design airspeed aerodrome master-plan
aerodrome report sporting aeroplane AEROSAT aeronautical satellite
Area Forecast Centre VHF omnirange airway VOR airway airway system
continuing airworthiness AFDS AFFF Africa-Indian Ocean
actual flight level Area Forecast Panel soft hail nuisance alert
artificial afterglow phosphor afterglow low-speed AFTN amorphous sidelobe
ground handling flight planning agency clamp-on-type ammeter international operating agency
terrain clearance indicator absolute altimeter transmitting agency handling agent
agility above ground level agonic agravic
handling agreement interchanged aircraft agreement letter of agreement pooling agreement
pull-up altitude working agreement aeronautical information circular beam-type navigational aid
altitude echo feature day-marking aid fixing aid ground-referenced aid
altitude hold device homing aid instrument approach aid microwave landing aid
ALTRV Altitude Reservation ambit NAVAID
navigation aid navigational aid navigational assistance aid to navigation
Non-precision aid pilot-interpreted aid point source aid reference aid
satellite-referenced aid self-contained aid signing aid station-referenced aid
surface guidance aid teaching aid crossing airway balanced aileron
blown aileron differential aileron external aileron flap aileron
frise aileron outboard aileron plug aileron skewed aileron
slot-lip aileron slotted aileron spoiler aileron upper surface aileron
wing tip aileron aileron droop aileron lever bleed air
mid-air ram air still air air actuated
air breathing aerobic course alignment air carrier movement
out of alignment spool booster amplifier air experience
air law air mindedness air movement table Air Navigation Council
approach light system rebirthing rebirth air display
recording altimeter altigraph air sickness air trade
air traffic demand air transport trend AIRAC altimeter sensor
all-cargo aircraft baseline aircraft beacon-equipped aircraft business aircraft
chase aircraft parallax in altitude combat aircraft composite aircraft
compound aircraft convertible aircraft cooperative aircraft executive aircraft
corporate aircraft departing aircraft altitude select feeder aircraft
Permanent Council flight test aircraft freighter plane freighter aircraft
general aviation aircraft general purpose aircraft government aircraft heavy aircraft
KIAS knot-indicated airspeed hospital aircraft interchanged aircraft
leased aircraft lighter-than-air aircraft long range aircraft medium-range aircraft
medium haul LRCA medium aircraft federal airway
narrow-bodied aircraft narrow body aircraft twin-track airway noise-certificated aircraft
upper level airway lower level airway non-radio aircraft overdue aircraft
undershooting aircraft pre-production aircraft production aircraft quiet aircraft
Q aircraft aeronautical register airworthiness test sea-based aircraft
service test aircraft short-range aircraft single piloted aircraft tail-hook equipped aircraft
tailless aircraft tilt fan aircraft tilt rotor aircraft tilt-rotor aircraft
tiltrotor aircraft tracked aircraft training plane training aircraft
transport aircraft truant aircraft turbine-engine aircraft twin-body aircraft
utility aircraft variable stability aircraft short-term conflict alert STCA
vertical-lift aircraft visiting aircraft Crisex broadband amplifier
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