openside alidade aircraft class aircraft emergency aircraft equipment manufacturer
runway alignment loading table aircraft loading table alignment error
handler echo paint aircraft paint aircraft size
aircraft tender aircraft version moving-coil ammeter AIREX
air exercises constructed airfield airfoil camber aerofoil camber
dead-beat ammeter airfoil characteristic chart aerofoil characteristic chart airfoil chord
aerofoil chord aerofoil section airfoil profile airfoil section
aerofoil profile airfoil span aerofoil span twin-boom airframe
sport parachutist airlift drum altimeter precision altimeter international scheduled airline
pressure altimeter barometric altimeter second level airline self-handling airline
third level airline airline dispatcher airline fleet airline industry
airline merger calibrated altitude airmiss report airmiss-report classification
Airmiss Committee home airport base airport defederalised airport
feeder airport high-traffic density airport buffer amplifier hairline
lighted airport mountain-based airport altiport offshore airport
Q port quiet airport Q airport reliever airport
satellite airport airline terminus hands-off airport facilities
lighting airport lighting airport management office airport scheduling
airport terminal airside parts area airspace block of airspace
common use airspace Continental airspace domestic airspace Dominant Obstacle Allowance
en-route airspace mixed airspace Free-baggage allowance non-controlled airspace
stand-by allowance on-call allowance positively controlled airspace positive control airspace
hot-wire ammeter restricted airspace special rules airspace winds aloft
upper winds transition airspace AMIS temporary reserved airspace
unregulated airspace Mach meter airspeed mach indicator AMFG
airspace volume concept airspace concept feedback amplifier half-cycle response amplifier
input amplifier integrating amplifier limiting amplifier line-equalizing amplifier
linear power amplifier linear pulse amplifier low-noise amplifier measuring amplifier
mixer amplifier negative feedback amplifier passenger address amplifier public address amplifier
push-pull amplifier double-ended amplifier readout amplifier squaring amplifier
peak-to-peak amplifier WEUEC WEU Exercise Conference AMSL
frequency analyser harmonic analyser ignition analyser intermodulation analyser
network analyser pulse height analyser self-learning syntax analyser sound analyser
time analyser wave analyser Air Navigation Bureau Air Navigation Commission
Air Navigation Conference ANCP cup anemometer hot-wire anemometer
pressure tube anemometer windmill anemometer aileron angle apex angle
approach noise angle average bank angle bevel angle blade angle
demand deflator coning angle converging angle conversion angle
cut-off angle down-wash angle elevator angle external angle
glide path angle Greenwich Hour Angle grid magnetic angle hour angle
internal angle landing angle lift angle local hour angle
look angle minimum gliding angle off-boresight angle phase angle
roll angle rudder angle sensor look angle sideral hour angle
sideslip angle stalling angle burble angle sweep angle
trim angle zero-lift angle angle flange compass dip
magnetic dip angle of dip angle of roll angle of yaw
anhedral air navigation plan ANPCG Adcock antenna
back-to-back antenna beacon antenna beam antenna bi-conical horn antenna
billboard type antenna blade antenna built-in antenna cage antenna
cheese antenna coaxial antenna crossed loop antenna despun antenna
rhombic antenna diamond antenna discone antenna diversity switched antenna
doublet antenna dipole antenna trailing antenna drag antenna
dummy antenna equiangular antenna extended antenna ferrite rod antenna
fixed beam antenna flush antenna folded dipole antenna glide path antenna
ground plane antenna half-wave antenna hog-trough antenna horn antenna
lens antenna log-periodic antenna marker antenna on-mounted antenna
remote antenna quarter-wave antenna rotary beam antenna scanning antenna
sense antenna slot antenna slot aerial split antenna
suppressed antenna torus antenna tower antenna turnstile antenna
twin antenna ULSA ultra-low sidelobe antenna whip antenna
wire antenna Yagi antenna automatic overload control assumed operational parameters
AOPA area positive control assistant planning controller avalanche photo diode
radar aperture algorithmic approach ASR approach automatic coupled approach
autopilot approach autorotative approach continuous descent approach delayed-flap approach
search approach PPI approach engine-out approach flight director approach
GCA final approach glide approach head-on approach heuristic approach
high-precision approach LP LD offset approach PAR approach
restricted approach shallow approach sideslip approach staggered approach
standard instrument approach stepdown approach steep-gradient approach straight missed approach
turning missed approach surveillance radar approach unobstructed approach open approach
approach control office approach departure path approach for landing cargo apron
hangar apron maintenance apron parking apron service apron
automatic picture transmission ARCP ATC area aligner area
approach area approach sequencing area area-type control area baggage processing area
baggage reclaim area basic holding area bearing area blank area
blind area brake area break-in area by-pass area
catering area Charging area check-in area clearance area
clutter area Code ambiguity area Concessions area Cone effect area
depletion area design wing area development area disk area
equivalent drag area equivalent frontal area Excepted area fade area
fix tolerance area Frontal area hard core area waiting area
lounge area missed approach area mush area NDB fix area
off-pavement area participating area preview area reserved area
routing area sensor site subarea sequencing area shore area
sterile area tab area underrun area unsurveyed area
vectoring area warm-up area wing area area channel assignment
area control concept area designator area forecast system area rule concept
coke-bottle fuselage area rule fuselage area ruled ARFOR
Area Forecast vernal point beam arm Crank arm
overhanging arm gooseneck rocker arm swivel arm
bar-wound armature closed-slot armature revolving armature ring armature
ARMET Airport Reservation Office joint financing arrangement broadside array
colinear array core array Dipole array linear array
phased array square array flame arrestor flame arrester
special air report aircraft separation assurance automatic selectivity control automatic sensitivity control
air speed meter air speed indicator Antenna Specialist Panel aspect coefficient
WMWG aspect ratio grooved asphalt Marshal asphalt
automatic selective reply breadboard assembly Gimbal assembly magnetic compensator assembly
main gear assembly microwave circuit assembly Pylon assembly sensor assembly
wing-spar frame assembly Executive controller assistant flight data assistant assistant sector controller
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