ASTC line astern formation line astern ASTRAP
astrionics astro-hatch ASWS ATARS
Air Transport Bureau animal health problem ATC management ATC test bed
ATC assigned airspace ATCAA ATC Automation Panel ATCAP
ATC radar unit ATCRU automatic tracking facility advance ATFM
ATFMC ATFM Centre ATFMPG ATFM Planning Group
airborne terminal link ATMC atmospherics actual time overhead
ATRP ATS computer links ATS reporting procedure automated terminal service
attachment attachment wing-fuselage attachment free space attenuation
sideband attenuation transverse film attenuator gyro roll attitude attitude effect
elective attraction height above landing audio peak chopper audio response
audiometer autofeed thrust augmenter augmenter wing
Airspace Utilisation Service handler appropriate ATS authority rule-making authority
auto active code auto coupling auto flare auto throttle
avalanche AVAS AVASIS automatic volume control
dish antenna chromosomal translocation panel-mounted avionics All Weather
AWLS AWOP awle beam AZEL
azimuth elevation azication azimuth circle azimuth control
azimuth instruction handler chip device handler document handler
machine check handler tape handler movement and transport emergency handling
Sub-Group on Finance handling characteristics handling cradle handling equipment
handling of reports handling trolley handover handoff
radar handover handover altitude handover limit handshaking
handstaff hang up hangar charge hangar line
HARCO hyperbolic area coverage dressed carcase ignition manifold
ignition harness shoulder harness hash hash total
hat rack cocked hat access hatch belly hatch
drop hatch escape hatch hatching out haul
long haul short-haul service cargo hauling bird strike hazard
collision hazard flight hazard safety hazard turbulent wake hazard
hazard rate dust haze sand haze airspeed head
display head metering head Pitot head pressure head
Pitot static head rotor head headland head rest
head room head-to-head mounting head wind component header tank
compass heading compass course outbound heading opening course
magnetic heading magnetic course quadrantal heading reciprocal heading
heading control heading hold mode heading lock heading mode
radiant heat temperature control heat control heat drop
heat muff agricultural geography advective heating kinetic heating
aerodynamic heating nose heaviness tail heaviness wing heaviness
hedge-hopping high energy fuel altimetric height autopilot disconnect height
cloud height geometric height minimum cloud height obstruction height
pressure scale height quadrantal height reference datum height height band
height extraction height finder operator height measurement height finding
height keeping height lock system nationality undetermined heavy-lift helicopter
high-lift helicopter jet helicopter single rotor helicopter multi rotor helicopter
downwash Helo Tpt helicopter transport helipad deck
heliport deck helipad downtown helipad elevated helipad
roof-top helipad helistop crash helmet Research Cell
HFDF HIFOR high level forecast high
anticyclone data highway upslope fog hill fog
hill lift shading hill shading hinged
flight history life history Mode C history track history
past history history trail loss off hit reply hit
hoisting cable pitch hold attitude hold belly hold
bulk cargo hold speed hold mach hold stacked hold
track hold hold facility hold off beam holding
linear holding linear hold orbital holding race track holding
visual holding holding clearance distance holding fuel holding line
holding lounge holding position sign holding stack holding time
air hole code hole drain hole function hole
control hole man hole inspection hole jumping hole
homer homing missile trail hook stopping device
hook up hop damper hopper hopper
hopper hopper output hopper apparent horizon
bridging equipment radio horizon balancing horn balance horn
horn feed flexible hose housekeeping chores housekeeping data
housekeeping function housekeeping link housekeeping operation housekeeping routine
security lock hovering ceiling hovering lift hovering flight
hovering turn EDEM high precision equipment Hardware Plot Processor
horizontal situation indicator High Speed Memory High Speed Printer High Speed Reader
HSST hypersonic transport major hub maintenance hub
hub area hub terminal diffractive optics hud hull
bare hull anti hunting HVDF refueling hydrant
hydrant system hydromatic hydroport hysteresis
IACUFN Initial Approach Fix IANC adrenoleukodystrophy
Air Defense Commander concept car Headquarters carer
hachure acceptance message acceptance gauge acceptance gage
AARS abeam position AASR AATMS
sonic boom abatement advance booking charter real storage address big close-up
sled rig RESS workload acceptance rate
above aerodrome level forfeit one s bail machine testing Compact Disc Video
oriented polypropylene anti-tank demolition mine continued detonation spraying VZV encephalitis
THTR thorium high-temperature reactor orthinine transcarbalymase PVDC
polyvinylidene chloride ablation cooling tertiary butyl alcohol Met-HGH
CAMs cell adhesion molecule gross rating point chimeric DNA
advanced mobile robot proteinaceous infectious particle prion AHSG
CHIM Factory Instrumentation Protocol IRAS Infrared Astronomical Satellite
high-performance concrete Viral Hemorrhagic Disease CSMA CD CSMACD
liquid-crystal polymer polyphenylene oxide reactive polystyrene Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
programmable logic circuit CYEPL cyanoethylpullulan IGF I
IGFI insulinlike growth factor I ichtyotoxin acceptance sampling inspection
micrometre TCES time to solution Vector Control Unit
outer hair cells inner hair cells THCA tetrahydro-cannabinolic acid
Near Death Experience Third Party Maintenance third-party production magnetohydrodynamics
Austempered Ductile Iron land-use plan for account of MIDA
including tax ISFET sliding pay scale fantastic delusions
release on bail refuse bail operation nuclear power source
bio-power TOMS twisted nematic DEET
t /