header card job card maintenance data card master card
record card stub card test card trailer card
card bed card code card counter textile waste
card inserter leading edge card leading edge card programmed
card sensor card sorter card-to-tape converter change over switch
caretaking CARF CARF CARFE
dangerous cargo loading door cargo door cargo hold
cargo manifest cargo restriction cargo revenue cargo sling
information channel data medium data carrier Majority carrier
offset carrier sub carrier trunk carrier carrier shift
carrier deviation IAL chart carrier diffusion carrier drop
instrument approach chart castor caster castor length
castoring CATER leading case cathode eye
cathode follower cathode heater tube catwalk Cautionaries
CAVU channel address word Cumulo-Nimbus Central Bulletin System
cirrocumulus retroactivity Continental Control Area central computer complex
Communications Control Field communication control indicator CCMS channel control word
communications data field CDTI Compressibility Error Correction Computer Entry Device
all-power-unit operating ceiling service ceiling operating ceiling ceilometer
battery cell accumulator cell active cell bias cell
Gas cell photo-electric cell light sensitive cell silver-zinc cell
storage element storage cell wing cell AFTN communication centre
collecting centre data transmission centre flight testing centre flow planning centre
centre line centre of impingement centre of lift CERE
certificate of registration operational certification CFCF CFEP
critical fusion frequency cleared flight level VFR contact contact flight rules
Crash Fire Rescue CFRP centre of gravity CG change
CG computation Computer-Generated Image computer generated imagery CGRC
Chad tape chaff command chaining data chaining
file-addressing chaining plot chaining hypobaric chamber altitude chamber
eddy chamber float chamber fluid chamber mixing chamber
pressure chamber zoom chandelle adiabatic change
control change D-factor change engineering change adjacent channel
AFTN channel air channel by-pass channel input channel
forward channel interactive channel matched channels multi-point AFTN channel
speech channel channel check signal channel combiner check in
frequency drift frequency shift channel deviation channel efficiency
channel loading channel scheduler channel switching channel waiting queue
channeling channeling back channeling channelising
electrode characteristic Thales performance characteristic en-route facility charge
cargo charge throughput charge fuel throughput charge landing charge
parking charge passenger charge passenger service charge pick-up charge
route charge route facility charge storage charge action chart
adiabatic chart air route chart airport taxi chart alignment chart
approach chart azimuth difference chart balance chart baseline
base line calculation chart circle chart composite prognostic chart
constant level chart contour chart constant pressure chart cruise chart
descent chart facility chart facsimile chart fixed-time prognostic chart
flight progress chart prognostic chart forecast chart great circle chart
gnomonic chart hyperbolic lattice chart isobaric chart landing chart
level pressure chart lubrication chart magnetic chart outline chart
performance chart pie chart plotting chart radio facility chart
timing chart transverse Mercator chart upper air chart visual approach chart
weather chart belt conveyor World Aeronautical Chart low clouds
charter affinity group charter blocked-off charter synop code
special event charter split charter three-stop charter altitude hand-over check
built-in check cockpit check confidence check confidence check
copy check credibility check cross check data consistency check
consistency check dump check final check functional check
hardware check Null check odd parity check power check
procedure check redundancy check serviceability check spin check
summation check time check transfer check twin check
checks and balances check boring check flight check flight
check list check mark check nut check pilot
check routine check sample compass swing compass swinging
check swing flow-valve check valve German-Dutch Army Corps
augmentor choke choke valve chopper demodulator geometric chord
mean aerodynamic chord quarter chord root chord chrominance
escape chute fabric chute spin chute CIDIN
call image library CIMO circle marker two-way contact
two-way communication visual circling addition circuit anode follower circuit
trap circuit anti-resonant circuit ATS speech circuit equalising circuit
balancing circuit buffer circuit by-pass circuit shunt circuit
branched circuit clamping circuit clipping circuit clipper circuit
course line computer conference circuit stall warning computer direct speech circuit
drive circuit flip-flop circuit Eccles-Jordan circuit gate circuit
half-duplex circuit Unlimited route concept departure concourse MIST
idle circuit incoming circuit outcoming circuit intercom circuit
inter-computer data circuit left-hand circuit link circuit loop circuit
plate circuit push-pull circuit rejector circuit self-test circuit
series circuit simplex circuit solid state circuit speech circuit
trunk circuit tuned circuit tuner circuit decision circuitry
micro circuitry mobility handbook clamp attachment clamp
bearing clamp Variable capacitor clean clearance
duty-free provision relief from duty duty relief departure clearance
engine start-up clearance en-route clearance Fresnel zone clearance high-angle course
oceanic clearance propeller clearance reclearance in flight side clearance
taxi clearance clearance bar light clearance data clearance function
clearance margin clearance message clearance of aircraft clearance regulation
clevis wing clevis climax en-route climb
level climb negative climb outbound radar climb steep climb
straight climb top of climb climb mode climb out speed
climb out track climb warning signal diode clipper peak clipping
close-in closeout broken cloud convective cloud
funnel cloud high clouds layer clouds lenticular cloud
orographic cloud turbulence cloud cloud echo cloud lift
cloud range finder cloudbreak cloudy conditions cloudiness
clutch release clutching fixed clutter ground clutter
high clutter environment high environment clutter high clutter precipitation clutter
rain clutter synchronous clutter weather clutter Correlation Message
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