Conversational Monitor System CNATS Commanding Officer Coach version
coastal refraction track coasting sealed coat tack coat
undercoat coating fuel cock level cock
priming cock relief cock shut-off cock tandem cockpit
cockpit access door cockpit cut-off angle cockpit lay-out cockpit procedures
cockpit voice recorder cockpit workload aerodynamic coefficient control-effectiveness coefficient
Dielectric coefficient drag lift coefficient eddy viscosity coefficient microwave reflection coefficient
microwave coefficient armature coil balancing coil booster coil
minimum economic capacity bucking coil choke coil feedback coil
field coil focussing coil focusing coil induction coil
search coil consumables trip coil tuning coil
course coincidence colatitude pilot data collection collector
individual debt collector Collision of variables collision warning device coaxial collocation
offset collocation control stick control column Communications
Comm B Air Defence Command spare travel air transport command
Collision avoidance command tactical air command Unity probability-of-reply command identification mark
distinctive mark Credentials committee flight scheduling committee Conference communication
Conference communication direct speech communication Duplex communication ground wave communication
on-channel communication printed communication tropospheric communication one-way communication
compactness cargo compartment crew compartment astro compass
bowl compass direct-reading compass erratic compass flux-gate compass
fluxgate compass Gyrosyn compass landing compass liquid compass
remote-reading compass compass bearing rate tabular chain compass deviation curve
compass North compass points compass quadrant compass rose
compass card compass traverse compass survey Certified component
cross-wind component drag component harmonic component junction component
random component Spare component systematic component tail-wind component
wind component Compool Multi-stage compressor computerised forecasting method
computerised navigation computerised system computer-based system Line terminal concentrator
nirvana augmentator wing concept building block concept directional balance concept
free flow concept Limited route concept MIST Concept Silent route concept
ZOC concept arrival concourse brushed concrete grooved concrete
Portland cement concrete quick-set concrete contrail condensation trail
alert condition anticipated operating condition approach idling condition en-route conditions
field condition hazardous condition rated operating condition runway surface condition
standard conditions zero zero condition Dynamic mutual conductance defect conduction
conduit electrical conduit tail cone exhaust cone
exit cone nose cone cone coupling bevel coupling
cone effect conference switching Joint traffic conferences confidence building manoeuvre
hijacking code hijack code confidence figure confidence limit
tail first configuration canard configuration clean configuration clear configuration
holism mixed-class configuration seating configuration stepped climb configuration
step climb configuration strapped down configuration conflict Crossing track
Across-track conflict along-track conflict Code conflict Executive conflict
label conflict opposite-track conflict Potential conflict conformal
frequency congestion traffic congestion connection connection
connection connection cross connections domestic connection
Delta connection elbow connection ground connection series connection
shunt connection Y connection star connection trunk connection
set-up diagram connection diagram connection time connection to AFTN
connection unit coaxial amplifier connector coupling connector multi-pin connector
connectors and couplings data consistency Consol count consolan
control pedestal control console flight inspection console operator s console
conspicuity conspicuity enhancement contact points contact unit
Metal contaminant contention conterminous compensatory financing
in-flight contingency contingency funds contingency planning centre contingency power
contingency rating contingency requirement contingency work approximate contour
depth contour bathymetric contour pressure contour weather contours
contours and numbers shallow climb contour flying contour interval
contour spacing aileron control aircraft systems control airway control
automatic mixture control autopilot control barometric control beamwidth control
boost control boosted control Cartesian control choke control
collective pitch control collective control computer-aided control cyclic pitch control
cyclic control differential gain control Dimmer control directional flight control
directional control dual control elevation control elevator control
engine control executive control expanded operational control fingertip control
FIR control format control load control longitudinal control
Manual control mixture control on-off control overload control
override control pitch control pitch control planning control
positive control power control powered control procedural control
reversal of controls ride control servo control space control
speed control stability and control strategic control surface control
systems control tactical control tail control termination of control
time control synchronising time-temperature-transformation tone control
Security Agreement wing-flap control controls and indicators control effectiveness
control force control mechanism control position control procedure
control pulse control register control suite control surface locks
control track control trainer control valve control weapon
control wire approach controller approach radar controller area controller
area radar controller assistant controller assistant executive controller assistant radar controller
chief sector controller communication controller entry-sector controller executive controller
feeder controller flight data controller FIR controller flow controller
oceanic controller outbound radar controller outbound controller planning controller
precision approach controller procedural controller radar hand-off controller receiving controller
sending controller senior controller stack controller surveillance radar controller
trainee controller zone controller CONUS Conterminous United States
baffle plate converter data media converter LB MFC converter line converter
storage tube converter convertiplane flight scheduling coordinator Change-Over Point
Change-Over Point armature core bulk core trailing edge
card trailing edge central core magnetic core MET central core
vortex core core dump core occupancy Coriolis correction
drift correction fault correction Q correction PLN Track correlation
range correlation track correlation correspondence error correspondence difference
outstanding MET cost Mode A C count record count Location counter
pulse counter range counter set-back counter ticket counter
automatic pilot coupling dog coupling electron coupling multiple coupling
sleeve coupling splined coupling course ab-initio course
advanced course base course closing course approach route
command course composite standard course conversion course damp course
drainage course filter course Immersion course localiser course
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