VECAS random vector diverse vector lead vector
tail vector state vector wind vector velocity triangle
vector triangle abrupt deceleration vehicle fire truck fire fighting vehicle
ramp service vehicle snow-plough vehicle trolley transverse velocity
across-track velocity angular velocity free-stream velocity lateral deviation velocity
wind velocity velocity gate velocity leader vent
air vent static vent vernier beefed-up version
high density version tentative version vertices VFOP
directly productive activity broadband radar video raw video video chip
assembly view bird s eye view close-up view close-up
request for change change request sectional view cross-section view
diagrammatic view front view isometric view rear view
side view over-the-nose visibility sub-clutter visibility visibility meter
familiarisation visit visor vitreous very long range
voice distribution system voice modulation AGC voltage blackout point voltage
bucking voltage effective voltage equivalent drift voltage voltage surge
excess voltage interlinked voltage X Y voltage voltameter
B VOR BVOR weather broadcast VOR C VOR
conventional VHF omnirange conventional VOR CVOR DB VOR
P VOR precision VHF omnirange precision VOR T VOR
terminal VHF omnirange terminal VOR VOR check point VOR DME
Victor airways VOR pilotage element VHF omnirange radial VOR radial
vortex ring family role disability vertical redundancy check VSDM
vertical speed indicator vertical wind shear administrative action fabric covered
face bold face bold type boldface type
heavy type blackface type card face hard vertical face
suction face ancillary facilities facilities facilities
facilities administrative facilities air route facilities direct speech facilities
landline facilities maintenance facilities mat facilities medical facilities
navigation facilities passenger handling facilities radio facility recording facility
route facilities talk-through facilities add-on facility airport facility
deviation warning facility digital calling facility off-aerodrome facility push-button facility
scrolling facility serial dialling facility switch-over facility performance category
facility performance category facility programmer facility staff facing
facing brick analog facsimile radio facsimile facsimile receiver
blind velocity fading concentric fading tangential fading ionospheric scintillation fading
tangential target fading fail active fail operative fail operational
fail passive fail passive fail passive fail-safe
fail passive fail soft operation altitude hold failure basic failure
chance failure complete failure drift failure fatigue failure
mains failure operational failure failure logging failure probability
failure protection failure rate pattern shroud fairing
aft fuselage fairing fore fuselage fairing wing-root fairing fairing tip
fallback facility fallback mode N Lab New Labour
People s Democratic Party Democratic People s Party delay fan direct drive fan
ducted fan engine geared fan quiet fan Q-fan
fan exit nozzle fan ratio open fares final approach point
false alarm rate affinity fare agreed fares APEX fare
closed fares creative fare economy fares incentive fare
fares and rates flight crew fatigue fatigue test fault
dormant fault permanent fault fault clearance procedure fault correction time
fault location fault report fault time off time
down time FAUSST frequency coordinating body flight conflict store
Flow Control Sector FCES flight director FDEP
FDPS flight data section flight data system flight director system
FDSU Feather switch auto feathering quick feathering
planimetric feature cultural feature design feature relief feature
feed antenna feed automatic line feed commutated feed
serial feed end-wise feed face-up feed face down feed
gravity feed pin feed sideways feed tape feed
tape feed tape feed feed pitch advanced training flight
feed tank feed track feedback feedback
acoustic feedback capacity feedback internal feedback positive feedback
negative feedback feedback of users feedback oscillator feedback ratio
feedback suppressor antenna feeder feeder mismatch feeder route
feeder sector feedhorn artificial feel control feel
feel sensor fees overflying fees transit fees
blast fence stall fence fencing ferrite core
ferrite core storage ferry flight ferry pilot FGCS
FIDO field field procedure
field alternating field angular field field of view
angle of view armature field card field check field
data field data sheet field diffraction wave field diversion field
network management field revolving field scattered wave field field actuals
field effect field experiment field indicator field manual
field officer field performance field personnel field sensor
field servicing field strength field trial field unit
field winding FIFOR basic planning figure lead figure
relevance figure figure code figure of merit file
distance file dormant file fast file history file
archive file random access file file copy file number
file packing density FMCS filing filing time
fillet fillet taxiway fillet wing fillet
fillet radius fillet weld gravity filling band pass filter
band rejection filter frequency rejection filter base band filter choke filter
fuel filter high pass filter low pass filter hiss filter
lattice filter matched filter microwave filter screen filter
wave filter cylinder fin tail fin twin fin
fin post fin spar fin tip on final approach
on short final fault finder laser range finder microwave height finder
nodding height finder position finder view finder central finger
finite queue FIRB hydrocarbon fire fire control
fire fighting service fireproof air firing firth
technological adjustment FIS-Unit curve fitting fitting out
average weight celestial fix coastal exit fix coordination fix
en-route fix en-route holding fix entry fix entry fix
final approach fix intersection fix metering fix missed approach fix
position fix radar approach fix running fix running fix
star fix astro fix step-down fix visual fix
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