bargain for cash option deal option dealing option bargain
bargaining power consulting barrister disbar a barrister baseline survey
accrual basis on a knock-out basis on a sample basis on a voluntary basis
on a batch basis in batches bear position bear transaction
bearer bill bearer clause bearer securities severe beating
beggar-my-neighbour policy beginning stock World Oceans Day indecent behaviour
market behaviour sitting as a bench back-bencher Cross Benches
Front Benches standard beneficiary collateral benefit costs and benefits
overlapping benefits pay-related benefit payment of benefits biased judgement
bid sheet call for bids lowest bid sham bid
bid down bid up most advantageous bidder lowest bidder
accommodating bill place of payment bill for collection bill for discount
overdue bill bill held over current bill circulating bill
discounted bill domestic bill finance bill bank bill
non-local bill foreign bill holder of a bill honoured bill
issuer of a bill drawer of a bill town bill local bill
matured bill time bill guarantee a bill back a bill
draw a bill endorse a bill over meet a bill sign a bill
unenforceable bill bill of rights transit bill accepted price index
staying access segmental access short access storage accession to a treaty
declaration of accession accommodating item accommodation address accommodation document
accommodation of a meeting allocation of accommodation photogravure under-occupied accommodation
accord and satisfaction account status budgetary management account current account debtor
capital productivity final accounts final annual accounts screen account
statement of account stationary account eye-witness account accountable receipt
accounting code number accounting exchange rate accruing interest accused on bail
achievement motivation acid test acquisitive offence acquittal establishing innocence
arable acreage tortious act act containing prohibitions approving act
electoral provisions act finance act general act local government act
penal act police act procedure act repealing act
supplementary act tax act transitional provisions act validated act
capacity to act action for maintenance action in tort civil action
cross-action frivolous action possessory action right of action
status action action for possession vexatious action court action
government action adaptive research addiction-producing drug additional charge
additional cost additional credit plaintiff s opening address form of address
ad hoc disturbance adjoining territorial waters adjournment of a case adjudicable
adjudication clause adjudicatory role adjusted for overtime exchange adjustment
financial adjustment inventory valuation adjustment health administration judicial administration proceedings
administrative decentralization administrative improvement office administrative leadership administrative set-up
express admission implied admission adulteration of goods adulterine child
advance allocation advance annual leave advance for costs conflict-free diamond
adverse budget opponent adverse party classified advertisement
expert advice remittance advice chief legal adviser legal adviser s office
advowson affidavit Inland Revenue affidavit affiliation proceedings
affirmative vote community of acquests full age executing agency
unauthorised agency confidential agent invoicing agent statutory agent
aggressive policy aggrieved party agreed separation special service agreement
uniform tenancy agreement agreement exempting liability binding agreement domestic agreement
General Armistice Agreement inheritance agreement salvage agreement written agreement
aid for development aid requirements legal aid scheme open-air museum
airborne carrier airborne radioactive waste aliens department alienate inter vivos
power of alienation all-European co-operation allegation of forgery alleged offence
alleged violation alleged thief control system political alliance
allocated costs allocation of functions allocation of population allotment balance
allow an appeal tax free allowance additional allowance allowances and benefits
cost-of-living allowance expenditure allowance liability allowance office allowance
professional expenditure allowance seniority allowance travelling allowance language allowance
alteration work physical alteration alternate airfield alternative count
alternative to imprisonment amenable to a fine amenable to justice amenities service
social amenities amicable adjustment operating analysis short-term analysis
ancillary enterprise annuity insurance contractual annuity deferred life annuity
redeemable annuity terminable annuity annulment order answerable charge
appeal for clemency constitutional appeal hierarchical appeal order to appear
application for a retrial appoint an attorney appoint an heir appointment of a Committee
local authority appointment apportionment of risks appraisement fee neighbourhood approach
sell on approval approved agenda proven thief arbitrary estimate
administrated arbitration administered arbitration arbitration rules sound recording archives
deprived area area of deprivation area management area specialist
area study area unit European rural areas appropriate arrangements
metropolitan area new economic area operated area legal argument
debt arrangements deed of arrangement family arrangement private arrangement
trade arrangements dividend arrears arrest of judgment arrestable offence
arresting officer art dealer arts and crafts graphic arts
telecommunication artery leading article article of a Bill articles of apprenticeship
ascertained damage armed assault assault on a constable complaint of assault
indecent assault open meeting public meeting open assembly
unlawful assembly assent in writing assessed budget arbitral assessment board
listing of monuments assessment of monuments annual assessment discretionary assessment
certification of funds district judge s assessor deceased assets net assets employed
real assets immovable assets movable assets taxable assets
net estate remaining assets assign shares assignment limitation
assignment of contract assignment of interest assignment of priority notice of assignment
assignment of a lease assignment of debts assignment of salary back-stopping assistance
duty of assistance administrative assistance required clerical assistance assistant to a Conference
associate expert associate participation associated youth entreprise farmers association
medical association removal from association restrictive trade association assume ownership to
assumption of risks prejudiced assumptions assurance disentailing assurance
endowment assurance job assurance attach salary attachment against securities
attachment for enforcement attachment of goods attachment of cover attachment of risk
attendance of witnesses special district attorney financially attractive investment war of attrition
protracted war auction by court listener rating audience rating
audit clerk external audit management audit management auditor
authenticated contract authentification code author s certificate authorisation of settlement
statutory authorisation authorised establishment authorised name authoritative decision
local authority area executive authority revenue authorities amount of authority
authority to adjudicate Adam Mickiewicz University authority in point lines of authority
judicial warrant authority to act authority to execute authority to pay
authority to sell proxy general authority lack of authority
oral authority arterioveinous aneurysm authority of precedent autonomic function
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