auxiliary party availability of credit availability of resources availability ratio
capital availability export availability available for service available roads
make data available average clause awaiting trial awaiting judgment
parcel awaiting delivery merit award money award award of pension
workmen s compensation award financial advantages environmental awareness municipal authority
Quick Reaction Alert aider and abettor accomplice voidance of contract
postboost phase busing phase ER RB SIOP
Overall Reliability amortisation of a loan call claim
service loans service its borrowings auditing authority binding character
transfer a share additional contribution financial participation financial contribution
convert into currency jumbo session Third Millenium Games regional Euro-tax disc
tax disc Euro-sticker EFCC knowledge of languages
PBKAL NIPRO stabipork system Agrimed
Mediterranean agriculture low temperature heat low grade heat energy content
indirect system closed loop thermal resistivity thermal resistance
pop-up defensive system pyrradiometer Bulgarian connection thermal collector
photothermal collector collector cover cover plate cover window
aperture cover concentration ratio degree day New Technology
naive cell activate anti-interferon antibody bolus
myelogram bone marrow examination cell-surface antigen chorioretinitis
cilia circulating immune complexes crude interferon DHT response
delayed-type hypersensitivity response dendritic diauxy fibrosarcoma
fluid intake immune thrombocytopenic purpura idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura isthmus
lymphoid cell macule mononuclear cell myelomatosis
neurotropic neurotropism neutropenia oligoclonal
oligodendrocyte plaque polymyositis promonocytic cell
seizure spindle cell steatorrhoea synthesis
treponema infection triplet virus core viral core
viruria Wegener s disease solar retrofitting transfer of funds
collector box enclosure housing casing
poly polyhydroxybutyrate Biopol PTCA
run block epidermal growth factor solar collection bucket wheel
d p c damp-proof course stochastic energy sources thermal efficiency
honeycomb structure Francia-structure pumped system forced circulation
passive system passive solar system absorbing surface reflective coating
antiradiative structure anti-radiating structure sandwich-type absorber risers
electrical bonding negative selective surface roof mounted collector roof collector
Directors steering committee thermal conduction heat conduction energetics
header solar roof wall collector vertical collector
bioclimatic house solar tile liquid heating collector liquid-cooled collector
liquid-type collector liquid collector air heater collector air-cooled collector
air-type collector air collector active solar house open system
direct system solar town planning beadwall -system roll-bond collector
tube-in-sheet collector tube-in-strip collector bioclimatic architecture Super-High Frequency
U-coefficient U-value heat transmission rate black surface
draindown system heat pipe collector solarisation collector array
collector bank absorber bank energy requirements solar light well
solar swimming pool solar greenhouse solar distillation solar still
step-inclined solar still high temperature heat high grade heat medium-temperature heat
solar energy technology solar technology heliotechnology centrifugal furnace
direct treatment cavity treatment power bowl hemispherical power bowl
central receiver solar boiler shell boiler cavity absorber boiler
cavity aperture orientator mirror moveable mirror mirror tracking kinematism
heliotropic pointing system orienting system sun-seeking system
sun tracking system pointing error solar energy park solar power farm
distributed collectors collector module focusing collector solar concentrator
receiver hot-line concentrator cylindrical tubular collector linear focusing
linear concentration hot spot solar image plane mirror
booster mirror Fresnel reflector Fresnel mirror spherical mirror
spherical concentrator concave mirror truncated conical mirror axicon mirror
trough concentrator cylindrical mirror parabolic cylinder concentrator parabolic trough collector
cylindrical parabolic mirror paraboloidal dish reflector vacuum-type collector evacuated flat-plate collector
hot-air solar engine solar water pump solar pump solar irrigation
solar cooker solar oven solar boiler collapsible solar cooker
umbroiler solar climate control solar air conditioning solar refrigerator
evaporative solar cooling reflection factor reflectance transmittance
transmission factor absorptivity absorptive power emissivity
radiating power emissive power gross collector area collector flow factor
mass flow rate fin efficiency conductive heat losses conduction losses
convective heat losses convection losses radiative heat losses radiation losses
edge losses top loss coefficient solar fraction collector angle
collector inclination collector tilt angle orientation collector thermal efficiency
collection efficiency collector performance thermal performance fill factor
direct conversion thermoionic conversion thermoionic converter thermoionic solar cell
heliochemistry earth heat parabolic mirror parabolic concentrator
solar drying solar power plant helioelectric power plant solar dryer
solar crop dryer greenhouse solar greenhouse sunspace
buffer space thermoelectric solar cell solar thermoelectric converter power density
stored energy sources short-cycle energies high quality energy low quality energy
degradation of energy alternative energy delivered energy capacity displacement capability
capacity credit fuel saving effect energy substitution process heat
cycle heat output power heat rating installed power
thermal flywheel energy management energy analysis energy scenario
exergy balance heat balance energy saving energy resource
potential energy savings energy gain energy demand model harvest ratio
energy flow chart energy input energy output useful energy
net energy utilisable energy conversion efficiency net energy ratio
energy utilisation rate free energy peak shaving total energy
integrated energy supply energy cascading energy cascade TOTEM
Total Energy Module waste heat recovery Heating Energy Index less-energy-intensive production
fuel-miser vehicle heat transfer rate heat transfer coefficient G-value
thermal conductivity thermic diffusivity thermal diffusivity heat channel
heat bridge heat transmission heat transfer reversed roof insulation
trapped heat heat gain reinforced insulation dynamic insulation
heliodynamic insulation static insulation solar energy supply solar energy availability
incidence angle incident angle angle of incidence sky radiation
atmospheric longwave radiation processor processing unit set square
senior executives senior management staff executive personnel tropical revolving storm
solar heating solar photothermal conversion solar thermal conversion thermal conversion
photothermal conversion glazing glass cover solar disc
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