radiant flux density irradiance solar heating system longwave radiation
terrestrial radiation total radiation solar simulator artificial sun
confinement light assault rifle ICITO short circuit
credentials sphere of activity economic sector debt-for-environment swap
debt-for-nature swap debt-for-ecology swap monthly price increases buckyball
buckminsterfullerene arginine vasopressin payment by results Miners European Federation
cash income great black cockatoo palm cockatoo Cape York cockatoo
grey-fronted canary white-rumped seedeater grey singing finch yellow-fronted canary
green singing finch individual liberty necklace bread delivery man
ethical investment fund account code MRDV duty station
basic intervention price reinforced concrete ferro-concrete oral rehydration solution
group insurance fringe benefit managerial control collective labour law
public holiday clock card applicant committee
rule company medical service centrifugal pump Vicker s hardness test
disgorging racking method advocate employment authorisation
AFCOS Anti-Fraud Coordination Service anti-fraud cooperation service commercial animal husbandry
purslane oxycarboxin methyl asulam
carbamate azocyclotin bifenox bioallethrin
bromuconazole inorganic bromide butralin clopyralid
cymoxanil cyproconazole diclobutrazole difenoconazole
diflufenican dimethomorph morpholine diniconazole
epoxiconazole fenbuconazole fenoxaprop fenpropathrin
fenpropidin piperidine piperidine fluazifop-butyl
flutriafol fosetyl ethyl hydrogen phosphonate imazaquin
imidacloprid mepiquat metsulfuron-methyl sulfamoyl}benzoate
napropamide oxadixyl propaquizafop phenoxy}propanoate
propionate propazine S-benzyl dipropyl thiocarbamat S-benzyl dipropylcarbamothioate
prosulfocarb tebuconazole terbutryn tolylfluanid
dichloro fluoro methyl triapenthenol triticonazole immunity from jurisdiction
episotomy parking meter timber tree parcelling
instalment sale installment credit financier leasing
Pierce s disease live pollen flyer frame purchasers value
actuarial yield filter cake sheep s-fescue high-modulus yarn
white melilot mallow common mallow ragged-robin
fibre fiber purple-loosestrife purple loostrife
figwort common figwort common comfrey comfrey
brown knapweed greater knapweed common couch-grass fixed-term employment contract
wage recruitment hiring social security card
intra-farm intra-enterprise job classification gross pay
selective strike economic dependence trade secret union employee
full-time union official guaranteed pay manual work non-manual work
paybook maternity protection subordination yield index
strike notice notice of strike picket strike
provision of labour trade union pluralism job opening job vacancy
opening vacancy job offer wildcat strike
unofficial strike Sunday rest mobile experimental missile combination bulk carrier
tonnage certificate non-trading vessel main deck oil company
oil-fired boiler liquid fuel boiler source map registered ton
sandbank shipping agency shipping supply floating dock
seaworthiness learning system marine insurance deflator
towpath dry cargo crossing handling facility
submarine means of transport advice of shipment loading advice
notice of loading notice of shipment shipment advice advice of loading
swap-body transport fleet trading commercially agrometeorology agricultural meteorology
tidal harbour stand-by vessel second-tier traffic mid-deck
bale cubic capacity maritime administration transport firm forwarding firm
deep-water pier corridor approach deepening of a dock shipowners club
shipowners association powered tanker powered vessel maritime authorities
freight balance prohibition of cabotage cargo ship transshipment center
trans-shipment point transport transfer point home trader commodity mix
crew conditions shipping conference bulk-shipping consortia maritime trade flows
stowage charges diversion of cargo redressive duties deep water
access lock seaport economy van-carrier gantry-lift
stowing firm warehouse concern warehouse company transshipment enterprise
port expert freeboard inland waterway freight joint cargo service
Consultative Shipping Group packaged goods grouped goods shipping market
dry bulk market professional seamen floating installation scrapping of vessels
open registry shipping specialised liner substandard ship handling operation
cargo share charging policy seaport traffic policy container-ferrying gantry
container bridge repair yard bunkering port harbour quay
settlement concerning capacities cargo reservation ferry-boat service off-shore supply service
rate structure over-tonnaging tariff bracket system schedule of sailings
ship size open registry tonnage ton-miles dry bulk tonnage
hinterland traffic bulk shipping bulk cargo traffic passenger traffic
supplementary maritime transport successive maritime transport port city peak period
peak demand period scheduling configuration trade mark
registered trademark reed bed filter social body reserved sector
excluded sector soil rainwater net contributor
cash flow budget cash budget cash consolidated position cash deficit
cash expenditure cash assets cash holdings spot assets
available funds income collected cash income cash production
cash requirements floating cash reserve cash surplus cash with order
non-earning cash cash basis cashiered pouring
casting die casting die casting engine casting
casting casual income casual labour cat cracker
pre-consumption waste cattle inoculation centre causal factor causal relation
probable cause cease-fire proposal budget ceiling debt ceiling
debt ceiling census census information census data
census satchels census statistics census value added simple census
centrally-financed youth centre computer service centre computer service center
computer system centre computer system center Communications Signal Centre Communications Signal Center
Induction Centre Induction Center cereal blends certificate of auditing
audit certificate certified cheque link index chain index
chain regression chain aldol crushing
post-consumption waste capacitor discharge carbon balance method centistoke
cloud point constant velocity joint constant velocity active safety
actual combined mass actuate additional panel adjustable load curve
air-charge pressure advanced sign advance warning aerodynamic aids
air-cooled engine air ducting air purifier air-spring suspension system
alcohol fuel all-speed governor all-wheel steering equipment amber
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