angular contact bearing anti-dive geometry anti-kink system anti-roll bar
anti-squat geometry anti-thief device anti-theft device approval documents
arm-rest aromatics arrester bed at full lock
attachment automatic brake adjuster automatic wear adjustment auxiliaries
axle load axle set backbone chassis rear end
back end balance pipe balance shaft beam axle
bedded-in bell-housing belt assembly belt drive
bending test big end big end bearing blow-by gases
body block body section bonded lining bounce
brake booster brake hose brake lining assembly brake proportioning valve
braking balance brittle fracture brittleness bucket follower
buckle steering equipment bus lane butt weld bypass flowmeter
canister cap-holder socket kit cap-holder kit car line
castellated nut castor angle cathodic painting cavity
centre-axle trailer centre-to-centre distance cetane improver chain drive
change down change up charge cooling chill casting
chin-up chin-strap chirping CIE standard illuminant A
close-coupled trailer closed-circuit tell-tale closed throttle clutch release bearing
coast-by method coast-down test coast-down testing coast-down
coasting combined braking system compact spare wheel compliance testing
Comprex supercharger conditioning test conspicuous conspicuousness
constant speed consumption Sorbian continuous braking continuous variator
control line converter lock-up clutch convertible car corner-cube reflector
corner impact test on cornering cornering corporate mix
corrosion counterbore counterflow bus lane coupling head
covered floating roof crankshaft damper crossflow engine crossflow radiator
cross-section crownwheel and pinion CS-NOx system curved
cut-in pressure cut-out range cylinder liner driving power
derivative danger warning sign data channel dazzle
deactivate derated engine decarbonise measuring out
determination de Dion axle detachable superstructure demountable body
detachable head restraint detonation sensor diagonal strap differential lock
differential inter-lock direct extrusion direction of traffic direction of travel
direction sign discharge valve disconnect disengage
disengaged dive dogs door hinge
door retention components double-decker doughnut joint downhill behaviour test
downpipe downshift drain asphalt drawbar pull
drilling drive to driver compartment driving aids
driving instructor drop forging dropped frame drum method
dual carriageway road dual carriageway dual mounting dual-phase steel sheet
dynamic rolling radius edge effect effective belt anchorage elastic limit
encapsulating electronic fuel injection elongation at rupture embossed
emergency braking emergency braking device emergency stopping lane emergency lane
emergency master switch enclosed brakes enclosed button energise
energy-absorbing part engine braking engine connected equivalent constant speed
exhaust back-pressure exhaust-gas turbocharger exhaust-driven turbocharger exhaust outlet
exhaust port fabricated part face form failing vehicle
fan cowl fatigue feed line fiducial mark
fifth wheel filler neck filling port filling unit
final boiling point final drive finger follower fire-resistant
first-aid kit first gear five link suspension fixed caliper
fixed load curve flasher unit fleet float needle
floating caliper flow control valve fluid coupling flywheel-hybrid vehicle
foldable spare wheel folding seat foot controls forced cooling
force deflection curve forward-control vehicle forward movement four-stroke engine
four-wheel steering four-wheel steering vehicle free piston engine fretting corrosion
frictional losses friction brake friction material front box
closed-circuit technology fuel blend fuel feed system fuel gauge
fuel sprayback full flow dilution full load curve fully powered brakes
full-powered brakes fully powered steering full-powered steering full-stroke
full throttle fuse box fused circuit gear drive
gasoline oxygenate blends gas spring gas-tight housing gauge length
gear change geared glow plug governed no-load speed
grid model gross power halfshaft hard shoulder
hard tow high load condition headform head gasket
head impact head impact zone head injury criterion headlamp incorporating plastic
heater valve heat exchange medium high compression engine higher alcohols
gold under earmark high gearing high idle speed high-speed camera
high-tensile steel honeycomb material honing hose
hot start phase hub reduction gear hybrid drive hydraulic tappet
hydrodynamic converter hydrostatic transmission identification mark idler pulley
ignition impact extrusion impact shield independent lights
indirect extrusion industrial vehicle inertia device inertia simulator
infant carrier informative sign injection pump rack inlet manifold vacuum
inlet port insertion force inspection instrumentation
integral helmet integral structure integral test integral impact test
integrity intercooling interference suppression interior fittings
interlayer invalid test landing leg levelling
limited slip differential jacking point jackknifing jockey wheel
kick-down kingpin offset laden weight lining assembly
lap strap rest area parking area lead content
leaded fuel leading shoe lean setting lean-burn engine concept
lean-burn engine technology lean-burn technology lean-burn concept learner driver
International Psychoanalytical Association leg-guard level road test light integrating sphere
light-off link lip seal liquid-cooled engine
liquid phase little end bush live axle load compartment
load curve general practitioner load limiter load point
load sensor load transfer lock actuator locking sensitivity
lock-off device lock-to-lock turn long-distance touring motor-coach longitudinal impact test
lower alcohols lower yield point low gearing low-speed impact test
LPG-fuelled vehicle lubrification circuit lug down test isoprene rubber
metric carat barn Mcal megacalorie
kcal kilocalorie pièze mbar
millibar µbar microbar torr
sthène kg wt kilogram-weight kilogram-force
g wt gram-weight gram-force dyne
poise oersted biot franklin
phot carcel lambert infomertial
telepromotion infomercial maximum technical weight mechanically driven supercharger
MIG welding methanol fuelled vehicle milling misfuelling
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