guarantee contract industrial contract currency future internal control
conversion of shares coupon claim on others acceptable quality level
accounts accrued income back-to-back loan competitive disadvantage
applicability asset item commodity exchange commodity market
commodities exchange bilateral quota cash voucher cash bond
downstream industry trade credit commercial credit capital raising
capital formation deadline closing time commercial proceedings
commercial viability compressed air conditions of competition ICRF
confidential information confinement conformity vehicle type
type of vehicle target language COMLANDCENT consolidated own funds
consumables consumer education contributory negligence Council decision
credit reference service external auditing cross-border merger cross-border shopping
cross-currency interest-rate swap currency option arbitrage current transaction
customs receipt customs quittance day care customs tariff
PNNC date of implementation dealer death duties
Council recommendation deferred income deposit direct life assurance
disruptive effect dry bulk trade certificate EEC surveillance
EEC inspection EEC pattern approval EEC-self certification less complex procedure
EEC type-examination stamping EEC type-examination certificate sealing device
seal EEC verification seal EEC verification mark
competent administration emergency service call-or-put option chooser option
as-you-like option excise good officers financial ceiling
finished article heading first-aid kit first aid equipment
string flat rate fodder crop forage crop
feed crop share general application general competence
gold specie harmonised approach home banking horizontal directive
recurrence frequency reply frequency standard tuning frequency modulation tone frequency
frequency agile frequency counter frequency demodulator frequency deployment
frequency deviation range frequency discrimination frequency diversity frequency meter
frequency monitoring frequency overlap frequency paired frequency protection
frequency response frequency scanning frequency shift converter frequency shifter
frequency tracker anti-friction pivot friction skin friction
friction drag friction error friction surface occluded front
polar front quasi-stationary front shock front pressure front
front beam front elevation front section frontolysis
glazed frost rain ice clear ice hoar frost
rime frost opaque rime frosting forward radar station
fruit frustum FRXD flight strip printer
fast time constant Gender Empowerment Measure automotive fuel block fuel
waste liquor spent liquor paper bale diversion fuel
emulsified fuel gelled fuel high grade fuel jettisoned fuel
low grade fuel turbine fuel fuel conservation fuel control unit
jettison valve fuel dump valve fuel efficient fuel grade
fuel graph fuel indicator fuel injection pump fuel jettisoning pipe
fuel load fuel aboard fuel manifold fuel metering
fuel penalties fuel range fuel spill fuel spillage
fuel system fulcrum autocorrelation function automatic transfer function
decreasing function exponential function generating function linear function
logarithmic function sine-function periodic function trigonometric function
functional functional character functional identification functional requirement
test-run safety funnel fuse base plate fuse holder
stressed-skin fuselage truss-type fuselage freezing rain D-factor
aerodynamic damping DAADS DALR blade damper
flame trap induction flame damper damper flame trap pitch damper
shimmy damper structural damping damping moment DARGNE
DME-based azimuth system Dynamic Address Translation ABC data aeronautical data
air data ATC clearance data bearing positional data character encoded data
CPL data developmental data dog value data flight progress data
ground-derived data jet stream data leading data map data
master data baseline data OPMET Operational Meteorological Data
performance data recovery data data link input data link splitter
data link terminal data originator data overlay data scanner
data sink mandatory date protection date time line
target date date code QFE reference datum pressure datum
select committee radar datum datum level datum plane
datum point diagonal-braked vehicule Display Channel Complex double channel duplex
display control panel DCTL DCTS Disk Control Unit
direct drag control display drive channel display drive unit dead beat
debriefing debriefing meeting decay rate decision element
assembled card deck binary deck canted deck flight deck
tape deck DEDS deemphasis aileron deflection
nose-wheel deflection tyre deflection deflection plate deflection speed
delay-line defruiter defruiting suction defuelling degarbler
degarbling degaussing airborne delay holding delay
linear delay transponder time delay delay line store ATC demand
excessive demand peak demand scheduled demand demisting
defogging Time Based Management phase-lock-loop demodulator radar departure
standard instrument departure reliability dependability deplanement
deepening depression non-frontal depression derating DERD-MC
derivative smaller derivative stretched derivative continuous descent
engine-assisted descent rated descent step-down descent canard design
conventional design engineering design experimental design logical design
PNLP multistep design sampling design systems design
tread design design automation design diving speed design engineering
design frame design landing weight design life time design load factor
design manoeuvring speed design maximum weight design parameters design phase
design range design solution design speed curve outline plan
design study design test designation runway designation
aircraft type designator ATS route designator code designator deskewing
anode detection error rate detection garble detection linear detection
plate detection square law detection display enhancement unit deviation
air transport development concept development current development design development
expected development hoped-for development latest development passenger aircraft development
phased development vocational advancement professional development prosecutor s address
projected development redevelopment review of developments site development
state-of-the-art development system development under development vertical development
development contract development cost development phase development run
ancillary device anti-hunting device anti-roll device caging device
elevating device high-lift device individual flotation device individual floatation device
port-sharing device pressure sensing device strobe indicating device touch input device
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