aura null D-F cross bearing D-F H-type D-F directional loop
D-F loop Diode Function Generator declared flight level Dangerous Goods Panel
direction indicator balance diagram energy level diagram flow-sheet diagram
horizontal coverage diagram horizontal polar diagram vertical polar diagram level diagram
major block diagram mimic diagram payload range diagram pie diagram
polar diagram automatic dialling direct-in dialling dialling tone
diamond open-sided freight shuttle semi-open wagon lattice-walled wagon
radar digitiser clear dimensions longitudinal dimension overall dimensions
bulk measurements working dimension dimpling life raft
diffused-junction diode gate trigger diode junction diode Positive Intrinsic Negative
P-N diode tunnel diode magisterial district malingerer
director controller dirigible dischargeable static discharger
discrete code discrete component micro-circuit discrete event simulator discrete quantity
discrete tracking discrimination discrimination instruction horn fed dish
radar dish scanning dish dispatcher displacement
azimuth displacement elevation displacement displacement error displacement sensitivity
alphanumeric display automatic moving-map display beam penetration display bright radar display
bright display CCTV display cockpit display collision avoidance display
composite display credibility position display cross-pointer display CRT head-up display
CRT visual display Decca pictorial display Electronic Data Display elevation display
expanded display filtered display fixed-coil display flicker-free display
go-no-go display graphical display high contrast display high resolution display
high-speed display horizontal-bright display interscan display intertrace display
labelled display labelled dynamic display labelled plan display landing display
map display matrix display Microtabular Display mosaic display
moving map display navigator s display perspective display pictorial display
pictorial conflict display plan view display Planning Probe Display predictive what-if display
preview display projected map display projection display proximity display
quick-look display radar display raster display rear-port display
remote display semi-vertical display split-flap display strip display
synthetic display synthetic dynamic display tabular display tote display
touch display tracker position display viewing display volumetric display
wall display weather map display disruption track disruption
actual distance lead distance miss distance projection distance
sighting distance skip distance taxiway separation distance distance factor
distance marking light distance resolution distance separation air distortion
bias distortion harmonic distortion start-stop distortion distortion meter
censored sample censored distribution code distribution core of distribution
even distribution frequency distribution Gaussian distribution Gauss distribution
load distribution pressure distribution sampling distribution tail of distribution
ditching report stall dive nose dive power dive
shallow dive spinning dive spiral dive track diversion
diversion fuel antenna diversity diversity radar dividers
bow spring dividers proportional dividers Direct Lift Control DME navigation techniques
hold door passenger door passenger boarding door plug-type door
dope dovetail downtime ratio DPSK
DR computer air resistance air lag base drag
boundary layer drag cooling drag form drag viscous drag
vortex drag induced drag interference drag negative drag
parasite drag pressure drag ram drag skin friction drag
snow drag surface friction drag trim drag water drag
wind drag wing drag zero-lift drag drag strut
drains fuel sump drain overboard drain drain cock
drain plug barometric drift double drift electron drift
snow drift drift axis drift meter drift observation
drift sight drift transistor drifting orbit emergency drill
hot drill in-flight drill constant-speed drive crystal drive
follower drive gear drive geared drive synthetic display drive
tape drive false perception freezing drizzle drogue
pulse droop wing tip droop droop nose adiabatic pressure drop
anode drop electrode drop flare drop drop leg
slip tank drop tank supercooled water droplets Dynamic Scattering Mode
display selector unit Diode Transistor Logic atmospheric duct expanding contracting duct
ring duct dumbbell horizontal dumbbell fusidic acid
disc dump dynamic dump tape dump dump operation
dump point dump tape duty cycle duty factor
Doppler VOR TACAN DVORTAC DVST dropping zone
multiple drift landing drill taxiing drill E and S
Executive and support expected approach clearance expect approach clearance EACS
EADI Electrical Accounting Machine EANPG Golden Way Fondation
ear piece EARC earthing strap earthing strip
earth strap elongation Eurocontrol Advisory Team out-or-round
eccentricity ECDI permanent echo precipitation echo
primary radar echo spurious echo echo flutter echo sounding
echo track electron coupled oscillator engineering change order economy class
economy mixture ECPNL ECTL EDCT
EDD with keyboard thermal eddy EDDUS eddying
guide edge leading edge radar blip edge runway edge
signal edge swept edge trailing edge edge lighting
EDID experimental data processor Electronic Display System Exchangeable Disk Store
Eurocontrol Experimental Centre Estimated Elapsed Time EFCT adverse effect
aggregate effect anabatic effect aperture effect Bernoulli effect
blanketing effect boom focusing effect capture effect cold day effect
corner effect corona effect cross modulation effect dihedral effect
directional effect lifting face-lift Edison effect
crayfish flicker effect funnel effect heading effect
high terrain effect katabatic effect Keystone effect local terrain effect
long line effect Lossew effect multipath propagation effect night effect
overflight effect ringaround effect runway slope effect scale effect
scalloping effect scanning effect screening effect shadowing effect
shoreline effect shore effect shot effect side effect
skin effect slipstream effect smearing effect smear effect
snow-ball effect step effect torque effect transverse flow effect
triboelectric effect turbulent wake effect weathercock effect tampering
wing effect operating effect adiabatic efficiency brake efficiency
power efficiency reply efficiency wing efficiency efficiency of catch
effusor effuser EGATS EGATCM
Cuban eight lazy eight ELBA emergency location beacon-aircraft
ELCO electrolytic condenser runway threshold elevation sectional elevation
touch-down elevation elevation cover elevation scan elevation setting
t /