hypsometric tints layer tints elevation tints elevator post
elevator trim ellipsis extended length message environment lapse rate
extra long range embedded emergency emergency instructions
emergency medical relief emergency power emergency repair emitter
selective digit emitter emitter pulse altitude encoder antenna shaft encoder
fix end stop end end around carry end cover
end-of-ATS-data signal end of scan end piece end thrust
safe endurance tariff enforcement certified aircraft engineer electronics engineer
operational engineer visibility enhancement audible Doppler enhancer enplanement
network enquiry inquiry station enquiry station en-route
time en-route en-route fuel burn en-route operation en-route phase
hardware environment mixed environment operational environment radio environment
end of reel end of run Elevation Position Indicator EPNdb
engine pressure ratio Emergency Power Unit magnetic equator advanced equipment
airborne equipment automatic changeover equipment channelling equipment classroom equipment
communications equipment crash equipment drive display equipment field equipment
fog sweep equipment general purpose equipment homing equipment line-driving equipment
message management equipment off-line equipment on-line equipment radiosonde equipment
sensing equipment synthetic training equipment test equipment tie-line telephone equipment
written-off equipment effective transmission equivalent Extended Range outbound end
ERFA EROCOA EROS accidental error
accumulated error across-tracks error along-track error altitude keeping error
approach fix error azimuth plot error backlash error blunder error
calibration error circular position error compass error content error
course error cross-track error estimate error even pulse error
first-kind error format error instrument error instrument induced error
ionospheric error loading error matching error mean radial error
measurement error observation error offset error parity error
polarisation error pressure datum error probable error random tracking error
range error readability error residual error resulting error
RNAV track error round-off error rounding error scale error
solid error spherical error static error static balance error
steady state error odd pulse error exit fix estimate track-keeping error
transient error soft error true error turning error
VOR aggregate error error bounded RPM indicator engine speed indicator
esker estimate entry fix estimate forward estimate
inbound estimate least-squares estimate ratio estimate verbal boundary estimate
estimated time en-route estimated time overhead equal time point elevating transfer vehicle
EUMED European Mediterranean European regional office EURACA
eveness computer-generated event random event recurrent event
empty weight equipment early warning radar excess baggage exciter control relay
exhaust collector ring exhaust lead exhaust manifold exhaust valve
adiabatic expansion linear expansion polynomial expansion series expansion
stroke expansion surface expansion thermal expansion volume expansion
expansion factor expansion of numbers conditional expectation mathematical expectation
direct operational experience express expressway extended capability report
extended length communication angular extension landline extension extension cord
monopulse plot extration oil extractor plot extractor sliding window extractor
SMPE hot day effect syntax error stop-cock
NDVI disc-jockey latency period eyed ladybird
spring dumbledor main bearing colt s-foot coltsfoot
wood anemone Granny s nightcap World Veterinary Association field wood-rush
finrand financial rand field horsetail shepherd s-purse
annual meadow-grass red dead-nettle marsh-marigold kingcup
germander speedwell cowslip dog violet common dog violet
sweet vernal-grass wood-sorrel CGMS field penny-cress
weft filling sun spurge white dead-nettle
meadow buttercup credit balance balance tank ribwort plantain
ribwort-plantain cocks and hens mouse-ear hawkweed field bindweed
silverweed ground-elder goutweed bladder campion
common poppy narrow fabric cornflower bluebottle
charlock filament fibre fine filament filament
biting stonecrop common nettle stinging nettle annual nettle
scarlet pimpernel meadow vetchling sheep s sorrel strain
extension toadflax common toadflax dwarf mallow
common cow-wheat rough hawkbit Scottish bluebell harebell
Saint John s wort St John s wort skein creeping thistle
great willowherb knotgrass great mullein Aaron s Rod
lamb s-quarters fat-hen water-pepper twist
leno fabric heather ling common heather
acceptance for honour acceptance by intervention common swift be acceptable
short-toed treecreeper solar load ratio low-energy society energy-efficient society
adhesion apply for bail backing of a bill maximum load rating
L-band L-head engine blip labelling LACAC
G P warning lamp admission lag control lag Aldis lamp
gas-filled lamp landing lamp pilot light pilot lamp
sealed-beam reflector sealed-beam reflector lamp sealed-beam light signal lamp
signalling lamp slide landfall air cushion landing
wheels-up landing belly landing crash landing out-of-wind landing
cross wind landing diversionary landing full stall landing full-stop landing
instrument landing intermediate stop intermediate landing pancake landing
power assisted landing roll-on landing semi-stall landing simulated forced landing
stall landing straight-in landing tail-down landing three-point landing
landing aid system landing leg landing path landing practice
landing tetrahedron distinctive landmark landside parts landside
climb-out lane lane ambiguities ABSL Algol-Based Simulation Language
display control language effective language laning system lap weld
LATCC geomagnetic latitude horse latitudes mean latitude
middle latitude fatigues fatigue dress lattice structure
isothermal layer laminar boundary layer long-persistence layer scattering layer
turbulent layer aerodrome layout apron layout taxiway layout
load classification number Lift Drag Ratio antenna lead long lead
terminal lead lead out line lead screw lead time
lead turn tape leader leader leader pilot
leader calibrated leak leak resistance airtight
leakproof air proof leapfrog test tie-down lease
lease of aircraft ledge leeway cross wind leg
dog leg empty leg inbound leg outbound leg
lazy leg straight leg traverse leg undercarriage leg
leg lights effective runway length stage length electron lens
t /