cross matching impedance matching visual envelope matching basic reference material
foamed material oxidising material radar absorbing material Radar Absorbent Material
regulatory material sound absorption material MATO MATRAC
MATS matting maturity of equipment minimum crossing altitude
main computer complex Military Control Centre modulated continuous wave minimum descent altitude
minimum descent height master direction indicator minimum descent level MADAP display station
minimum discernible signal sorting press fitting sorting box fitting MEAP
miss distance measurement downlock mechanism erection machanism timing mechanism
transport mechanism up-lock mechanism clarification meeting communications divisional meeting
keynote meeting Megger MOX Exchange Position CBMC
Mercator grid Mercator navigation accident message ACCID message
ACCIDSUB message aeronautical administrative message ATS-Message arrival message
ATIS-message cancellation message computer-to-computer message computer generated message
company operations message CRCO-message crosslink message data link message
delay message digital plot message diversion message duplicate message
estimate message filed-flight plan message flight assignment message flight data message
flight information message flight-plan cancellation message flow control message free-text message
garbled message hand-over message interleaved message misrouted message
modification message multiple address message mutilated message new revision message
oceanic clearance message operations normal message plot message position report message
PREDEP predeparture message Pre-flight message radar hand-over message
radar hand-off message recall message reclearance message request reply message
reservation message running display message runway state message scrambled message
semi-picturial message SVC message service message Sigmet message
ARS-Message supplementary flight plan suspense message suspense message
technical acknowledgement message COR-Message technical correction message RJT-message
technical rejection message teletypewriter message update message METAR
map meter Mu meter orbit meter phase meter
power output meter standard geopotential meter Tapley meter Z-meter
metering and spacing metering constraints metering device approximation method
charging method cost-allocation method double-declining balance method level run method
null method task method trailing cone method vicarious method
multi-frequency code MHDF MHVDF MICR
breast microphone dynamic microphone halter microphone hand-free microphone
hot mike hot microphone lip microphone moving-coil microphone
standard condensator microphone throat microphone microwave radio beam microwave station
manual input device MID SEA mid-point mimic panel
message identification number MINICAP minimum capability processor misalignment
misalignment with runway misfire mismatch PR miss
SSR miss missort mist MIST
maximum interruption time cargo mix passenger cargo mix mix of devices
best economy mixture lean mixture rich mixture mixture control lever
Military Liaison Officer main meteorological office Maritime Mobile Service Military Operations Area
minimum obstacle clearance minimum operational characteristics MOCA mock-up
full-scale engineering mock-up autocoupled mode burst mode byte mode
glide mode in hot-stand-by mode hot stand-by mode minimum time mode
NAV LOC mode on-call mode select mode simultaneous mode
site addressed mode skin-tracking mode SSR mode stagger mode
start-stop mode step-by-step mode VORLOC mode mode C
mode C inaccuracies mode C readout aggregated hand-played model contoured model
critical event model dynamic model engineering model evaluation model
feasibility model gravitory model pre-production model scale model
scaled down model curbed modulation grid pulse modulation comparator warning monitor
far-field monitor field monitor performance monitor power monitor
radio environment monitor monitor alarm monitor display monitor frequency
monitor system self monitored monitored detector executive monitoring
ground monitoring ground clearance monitoring international frequency monitoring transponder performance monitoring
surveillance monitoring monitoring of aircraft weather monitoring radar amplitude monopulse
phase monopulse MOPR MOPS alternate motion
reverse gear back motion backward motion eddying motion
harmonic motion MOTNE digital stepper motor step motor
motor pool expected movement range of movement MPFL
most probable position minimum performance specification minimum performance standard minimum reception altitude
MSAW MSBLS maximum seating capacity maximum structural payload
Mountain Standard Time mode selector unit mode select unit MTBRM
MTBO MTBUF moving target detection scan-to-scan MTI
minimum triggering level MTOGW minimum time path medium-term plan
MTPA MTTM MTTR multi-target tracking radar
magnetic tape unit metric unit maximum taxiing weight maximum taxying weight
maximum taxi weight MU factor off intermediate station maximum usable frequency
muff multichannel receiver multichannel record multichannel voice recording
multileaving space division multiplex multisite MVDF
multi word channel engine nacelle NADIN NAM CAR
real appreciation industrialised economy constant bearing navigation inertial navigation
international navigation international air navigation local area navigation pictorial navigation
point-to-point navigation profile navigation rhumb line navigation visual navigation
navigation platform NAVSEP noise exposure forecast nephanalysis
nephoscope arresting net arresting gear ATS route network
common carrier network ground warning network group switching network shared network
no break operation no drift position do-nothing instruction NO OP
no-op instruction no-operation instruction null instruction waste instruction
blank instruction no report period approach noise coloured noise
flyover noise man-made noise natural terrestrial noise random noise
sideline noise noise characteristics noise factor rock partridge
noise path noise print noise-sensitive area noise shielding
noisiness nomograph nomogram NOSIG
no significant change Class I II Notam coded Notam daily Notam summary
pre-flight notification noise discontinuity converter adjustable nozzle adjustable area nozzle
convergent-divergent convergent-divergent nozzle CD-nozzle exhaust nozzle
efflux nozzle injection nozzle iris-type nozzle mixer nozzle
vectored-thrust nozzle swivelling nozzle nimbostratus null
pattern null null phasemeter null signal cage nut
anchor nut oceanic area control obstacle assessment surface oblateness
omni-bearing selector weather radar observation aircraft observation celestial observation
global synoptic observations radar wind observation radio sonde observation routine observation
surface observation synoptic observation upper air observation wind observation
obsolete immovable obstruction transient obstruction obstruction clearance
obstruction marking oceanic control area oceanic control centre occlusion
occulting channel occupancy route occupancy obstacle clearance height
t /