Obstacle Clearance Panel obstacle clearance surface octant off-centring
off course sector off design performance off mounted SSR off specifications
off tune aeronautical meteorological office national transmission office stationery office
labour turnover administrative officer air officers Air Officer Commanding
ATS officer first officer junior officer senior officer
procurement officer project officer senior traffic officer transport officer
RNAV offset capability offset carrier system bill of sale pawned bill
short towing bill of quantities freight bill port dues
total wages bill money bill finance bill report stage
personal bill standing committee draft a bill pass a bill
enact a bill reject a bill table a bill ignore the bill
through billing binding custom binding decision binding declaration
binding offer binding over mandatory rule binding rule
not binding blank signature blanket authority blanket commitment request
blanket judgment blanket condemnation blanket policy industrial blight
urban blight blighted area block farming equitable easement
blockade runner close blockade paper blockade run the blockade
board meeting court of enquiry board of inquiry managing board
war damage board body of creditors expert body bearer security
bearer bond bond discount bond index bond outstanding
unissued debenture bond unissued debenture bond deferred bond
gold bond matured bond redemption of bond subscribe a bond
unissued bond mortgage bond bring into bond discharge a bond
under bond bonded goods public bonded warehouse incentive bonus
book designer savings book soldier s papers soldier s book
price boom industrial output industrial production factory output
border central staff border central officers border State borderline agreement
borrowing power illicit borrowing boundary adjustment boundary dispute
damaging boundary stones jury box brain storming brain-storming group
own-name brand branded goods branded product branded article
breach of privileges breach of warranty party in breach defaulting party
break an officer breakdown principle breaking into premises breach of domicile
brief for counsel enter an appearance instruct a barrister brief a barrister
bring charges against bring to justice arraign broadcasting station
broadcasting traffic outside broker brokerage contract budget sheet
ways and means building lease building line building plot
building regulations authority built-in revision built-up environment bulk breaking
bulk delivery in bulk bulk largely bull operation
bull the market bullish market bullish stock buoyant demand
burdened estate aggravated burglary business contract business interruption insurance
business law business licence business-names register business administration
order of business hard busting soft busting trade-union busting
buzz session buzz word buzz phrase public amenities
community amenities job club apple proliferation phytoplasma apple proliferation mycoplasm
pear decline phytoplasma pear decline mycoplasm coconut cadang-cadang viroid palm cadang-cadang viroid
cadang-cadang viroid citrus mosaic virus citrus mosaic badnavirus tristeza virus
Satsuma dwarf virus tatter leaf virus citrange stunt virus arabis mosaic virus
ArMV arabis mosaic nepovirus chrysanthemum stunt viroid plum pox virus
potato stolbur mycoplasm ring spinning carding cylinder rotor spinning
open end spinning strip cut-pile flock fibre
flock uncut pile loop-pile adjustment of damages
claim for damages consequential damage civil law damage civil damage
sea damage notice of damage riot damage statement of damage
assessment of damage damage in transit head of damage minor damage
pecuniary damage aggravated damages award of damages damages for delay
damages in kind punitive damages liquidated damages nominal damages
reliance damages retributory damages substantial damages award damages
utilisation of appropriation unliquidated damages thing damaged damaged property
day training centre dead loan cash deal deal between parties
Stock Exchange deal even deal fair deal swap credit deal
tax deal commercial paper dealer dealer s charges foreign-exchanger dealer
licensed dealer dealing for settlement market dealing wheeling and dealings
death warrant proof of death block of debentures debenture stock
irredeemable debenture redeemable debenture blocked debt civil debt
debenture debt debt of record deferred debt due debt
debt due extinction of debt unfunded debt floating debt
foreign currency debt funded debt gambling debt irredeemable debt
judgment debt legally enforceable debt mortgage debt partnership debt
preferred debt preferential debt recoverable debt secured debt
simple contact debt statute-barred debt set off a debt summon for a debt
assignment of a debt transfer of a debt assignment of a claim dilatory debtor
fraud and deceit arbitrary decision commercial decision decision-oriented meeting
stood-over decision administrative decision decisive proof declaration of paternity
dying declaration statutory declaration declaratory action declaratory judgment
declaratory statute consent decree decree nisi judicial separation decree
deduction of debts title deed deed of assignment deed of conveyance
deed of discharge deed of gift deed under seal execution of a deed
vesting deed unintentional defamation distress warrant defamatory utterances
default of heirs default summons defect in possession criminal division
defect in consent defect in title essential defect latent damage
latent defect hidden defect patent defect physical defect
defective title official defence counsel pleadings defence statement of defence
defence of fraud insanity defence co-defendant deferred availability items
deferred rebate system deferred sentence deferred share deferment of sentence
deferral rule capital deficiencies deficiency of assets income deficiency
deficit financing operating deficit delayed delivery arrangements delegated administrative law
withdraw to deliberate deliberative assembly deliberative body deliver a judgment
delivery charge payment on delivery special delivery demonstration factory
demonstration farm street demonstration demotion general denial
special denial denial of justice religious denomination family allowances
family tax allowance dependants allowance deportation order deposit for use
general deposit special deposit statutory deposit forfeiture of deposit
statutory depositary official depositary depositary fee depositor s book
deprivation of immunity deprivation rule socially deprived Deputy Permanent Representative
property descended lawful descent legitimate descent obstinate desertion
building design writ of detainer crime detection detention barracks
detention centre detention note extra-judicial detention house of detention
indefinite detention lawful detention detinue developed land
development expenditure economic development situation technical development development technique
developmental psychology devise residuary devise specific devise
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