electric hydronic boiler electric hot-water boiler steel heating boiler steel boiler
cast-iron boiler multitubular boiler warm-air heating gravity warm-air heating
warm-air perimeter heating forced warm-air heating forced air heating forced-circulation heating
gravity-circulation heating upfeed heating downfeed heating hydronic heating
hot-water heating forced-circulation hot-water heating gravity-type hot-water heating medium-temperature water heating
steam heating low-pressure steam heating high-pressure steam heating vacuum steam heating
subatmospheric steam heating central heating hot-water central heating drop pipe
positive temperature coefficient outdoor-air duct warm-air supply duct heating supply duct
return-air duct convector steam convector convector unit
baseboard unit radiant-convector-type baseboard baseboard convector forced convection
natural convection heat transfer unit heat-distributing unit heat-emitting unit
heating unit radiator heat emitter downfeed distribution
boiler water boiler feedwater condensed water Centigrade scale
Fahrenheit scale thickness soldering iron wood shavings
combustion area friction gaseous warm-air supply outlet
fuel-burning furnace forced-warm-air furnace forced-air furnace grille
air grille return-air grille fracture forced-circulation hot-water system
phenolic foam food requirements employment office filter paper
condensation vacuum pump vacuum return pump condensation pump inch
outside-air intake outdoor-air intake programmable inverted-bucket-type trap
bimetallic trap bimetallic steam trap float trap closed-float trap
steam trap disc-type thermodynamic trap thermostatic trap upright bucket trap
open bucket trap T-piece body disposition disabilities body image disorder
body movement disabilities catastrophic reaction food hygiene food sanitation
catering hygiene chair restriction circumstantial dependence circumstantial thinking
climbing stairs disability colostomy communication disability complete deficiency
complete spastic paralysis composite illusions confined occupation confining disabilities
congenital constriction band congenital skeletal contracture congenital soft-tissue contracture controlled excretory difficulty
cough or sputum critical-interval dependence cryptomnesia synostosis
currently pregnant curtailed occupation decreased appetite deficiencies of limbs
deficiency in thorax deficiency of bladder deficiency of kidney deficiency of jaw
deficiency of lung deficiency of nose attention-seeking deficiency of vertebra
deformity of eyeball deformity of eyelid deformity of nose delicate health
delusional jealousy megalomanic delusions delusions of grandeur depressive delusions
dexterity disabilities diaphragmatic palsy difficulty in bed diminished participation
disabilities in relations disability in co-operation disability in endurance disability in motivation
disability in talking disability in writing disfigurement of limbs disfiguring impairment
disorientation bilateral instability dissociative state disturbed relationships
domestic appliance domestic disabilities dressing disabilities awareness disability
dry eye dwarfism dwelling restriction economic self-sufficiency handicap
resource gap economic deprivation emotional immaturity emotional impairment
emotional lability emotionally disturbed enuresis nocturna environmental disabilities
environmental modulation disability excretion disabilities fatigue of limbs fingering disability
flight of ideas foot control disability metrorrhagia finger impairment
forgetfulness frequency of micturition proton-pump inhibitor fugue state
fully independent fully mobile fully oriented funnel chest
gastrointestinal diversion gender-specific care generalised bruising generalised fatigue
care of dependants generalised pain generalised pruritus generalised skeletal defect
genital discharge gigantism global dementia gripping disability
gross excitement haemorrhagic disorders handedness disability hemiballismus
tactile hallucination histrionics histrionism theatricalism
histrionic traits holding disability household disability hyperkinesia in children
hypersomnia hypertrophy of breasts Supreme Council ileostomy
ill-defined ocular impairment impaired concentration impaired mobility impairment of alertness
impairment of attention impairment of awareness impairment of coherence impairment of drives
impairment of growth impairment of motivation impairment of physique impairment of pitch
impairment of posture impairment of syntax taste impairment impairment of taste
impairment of vocabulary impairment of volition impairment of writing impairment of intelligence
impairment of speech impairments of thinking impotence impoverished relationships
impulsive fall inattentiveness lower third middle third
right incomplete deficiency upper third incongruity of affect increased appetite
indistinct speech indwelling urinary catheter ingress disability inhibited participation
intensive-care dependence intermittent prostration intermittently unoccupied intestinal obstruction
involuntary body movement involuntary facial movement kinaesthetic illusions kneeling disability
knowledge acquisition disability lack of initiative language impairments liability to falls
liability to self-injury lifting disability listening disability locomotor disability
long-interval dependence longitudinal deficiencies running disability restricted participation
interventricular septum loss of vision manual activity disability proposal for a Regulation
memory illusions menorrhagia menstrual hygiene metabolic impairment
mild hearing impairment mild mental retardation minor disadvantage misinterpretation
multiple impairment mixed impairment mobility handicap moderate double incontinence
moderate hearing impairment numbness moderate mental retardation moderate visual impairment
nasal discharge sense of guilt feelings of guilt negativism
neighbourhood restriction nonsocial speech nonspecific disadvantage obsessional idea
obsessional trait occupation handicap occupational role disability ocular discharge
ocular impairment olfactory hallucination opening containers optical illusions
orientation deprivation orientation handicap overcompliance overflow incontinence
overgrowth pain on exercise para-amnesia paranoid delusions
parental role disability perplexity perseveration personal care disabilities
personal hygiene disabilities personal safety disability personal uncleanliness phobic anxiety
physical independence handicap polydipsia poor appetite post-excretion hygiene
postural disability postural mannerisms precariously self-sufficient profound hearing impairment
profound hearing loss profound mental retardation gustatory hallucination prognathism
prolapse psychogenic amnesia psychogenic deafness reaching disability
recreation disability reduced occupation reduced relationships reflex incontinence
renal colic restricted occupation retrieval disability retrograde amnesia
room restriction scarring of head scarring of trunk security disability
self-awareness disability self-injury sensorineural impairment severe double incontinence
severe dysarthria severe hearing impairment severe mental retardation sexual ambiguity
short-interval dependence shortness of breath simple syndactylia situation comprehension disability
situation coping disability situation interpretation disability situational dependence situational disabilities
skeletal duplications skeletal impairment skeletal syndactylia restriction of interests
slowness of thought social integration handicap social withdrawal socially integrated
soft-tissue syndactylia speaking disability special-care dependence specific dietary intolerance
specific disadvantage spinal curvature standing transfer stress incontinence
subsistence disability suspiciousness swelling of tissues swelling of trunk
tactile illusions temperature change tolerance of cold tolerance of heat
torticollis total hearing loss tracheobronchial obstruction trance-like state
transfer disability transfer from lying transfer from sitting transient self-awareness disability
transport disability transporting sustenance transposition of viscera transverse deficiencies
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