crouching disability back pain daily activity disabilities MMM-B
traversing disability tunnel vision unconsciousness uncontrolled excretory difficulty
unoccupiable unspecified dependence EIBC upper arm impairment
forearm impairment urge incontinence ventilation visceral impairment
visual field impairment visual hallucination walking disability washing face
complete wasting correcting lenses not otherwise specified facial pain
staff appraisal network marketing multi-level marketing reality show
necrotising fasciitis managed trade EAN code European Article Number
International Article Number EAN bar code bottom dead centre bottom dead center
management consultant volt-ampere short-bill spearfish P O B
private box post office box audiovisual audioslide
running metre Before Christ Lutheran abbr
abbreviation intensive care unit nautical mile long wave
harmonisation of laws staple length interoperability of networks jurisdiction
key interest rate common currency demand-for-money function capital transaction
capital movement processing review chief expert opinion
Union treaty circular DNA Schuman Scholarships Unit Sittings Division
language teacher computing support Equal Opportunities Unit artificial flavouring agent
bitter substance current account cheque account table salt
Bretton Woods Agreements divergence indicator antistaling agent protective gas
sweetener natural flavouring agent medical adviser flavophospholipol
tylosin phosphate monensin-sodium diacetyl palmityl
ethopabate dinitolmide meticlorpindol ipronidazole
arprinocid lasolocid sodium narasin nicarbazin
nifursol fulcelleran monolaurate monooleate
monopalmitate monostearate tristearate stearoyl-lactylic acid
sodium stearoyl-lactylate calcium stearoyl-lactylate glyceryl polyethyleneglycol ricinoleate carotenal
carotenoic acid cryptoxanthin violaxanthin zeaxanthin
citranaxanthin hydroxybenzoate bisulphite metabisulphite
formate avilamycin Catia Indicative Programme
Policy Planning Committee methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl Reporters Without Borders COINS
goodwill indemnity warranty guarantee indemnity
legatee devisee settlement by compromise Sagittarius
Enhanced Cooperation Programme inspection protocol Oslo Extraordinary Conference Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary
Executive Officer Inspector Accountant Inspector
Technical Officer Administrative Officer Senior Administrative Officer Director-General
Sergeant Higher Technical Officer Information Officer Senior Enforcement Officer
Judge GRDS ILEP Bar Association
budget review group FEDAJT Emergency Provisions Act Finance Equalization Act
offset parallel routes OFIS on climb-out on line working
on mounted SSR on intermediate station on off switch on slope signal
on the job Omega Navigation System open jaw trip open shop
automatic sequential operation co-channel operation concurrent operation conjunction operation
cross band operation cross trade operation equivalence operation feeder line operation
full auto-pilot operation hands-off operation hours of operation independent operation
international operations multi-station operation non-scheduled transport operations overhead operation
scheduled operations sequential operation single shot operation SSB operation
time-dependent operation track-while-scan operation operational data operational flight plan
operational flight planning operational information operational ramp air taxi operator
air transport operator commercial aircraft operator DF operator fixed-wing operator
input operator lighting operator non-scheduled operator simulator pilot operator
teleprinter operator opportunity sample opportunity traffic OPSP
Operations panel basic operational requirements ORCAM operational readiness demonstration
ground organisation message originator originator and sponsor originator indicator
orthomorphic Ocean Station Vessel on top organised track system
over the wing radar outage outage period outage time
outboard distance outbound time outbound outbuilding
outlet individual air outlet audio output peak power output
specific power output synthetic radar output programme generator output punch
high overflight overbalance overdue overhanging
overhaul overhead instruments overhead valve overheat
overinterrogation input output overlap power overlap processing overlap
overlay map overlay touch sensitive overlay overload
overloading peak overpressure sonic boom overpressure boost control override
manual override override switch overriding instruction overrun
overscheduling overshoot rate oversteering overspeed warning system
overtaking overview Ocean Weather Station P-Type semi-conductors
PACE air conditioning pack ice pack package
avionics package propulsion package package deal package holidays
jet power packaging paint pulse amplitude modulation blank panel
contact panel control panel dado panel display select panel
equipment monitoring panel extractor specialist panel illuminated notice panel investment panel
noise suppression panel quick-action panel R T control panel selector panel
signal area panel telecommunications panel touch sensitive panel PANS
pantry preferential arrival route PAR controller PAR Element
PAR runway building parabrake tail parachute parachute rip lever
nose in parking nose out parking charter passenger normal passenger
connecting passenger enplaned passenger non-revenue passenger through passenger
passenger lounge passenger departure lounge passenger terminal PATCC
patch of mist climb path descent path mean free path
radiated path segmental path take-off path pattern traffic circuit
traffic pattern flight pattern airflow pattern approach lighting pattern
bit pattern cardioid pattern checkered pattern climb pattern
conventional pattern difference pattern drainage pattern guidance pattern
hit pattern hit miss pattern hyperbolic pattern ladder search pattern
noise pattern pencil-beam radiation pattern polar pattern race track
race-track pattern pattern track runway pattern scope pattern
sum pattern take-off noise pattern pattern of employment pattern of holes
pattern of traffic PATU pavement flexible pavement
rigid pavement off-pavement capability pavement strength paying passenger
PBCT polar continental peripheral computer complex detection propability
probability density function PDME precision DME pre-determined route
preferential departure route partitioned data set non-peak stress peak
peak hourly rate peak pulse power pressure error correction Personnel Licensing
pelorus peak envelope power investment performance overall performance
short-field performance track-keeping performance performance decrements performance level
digit period protection period recurrent fixed periods service period
sliding periods planned flight level pulse frequency modulation phase angle sensor
phase lag phase lead phase recorder phasing
revised phasing plot input buffer load pick-up pick-up traffic
t /