radiation efficiency radiation energy radiation field ducted radiator
nose radiator underwing radiator two-way radio radio fixing aid
radio line-of-sight salpingoscopy radio photo radio star
radio transceiver radiosonde service radius RAFAD
inflatable raft dinghy runway alignment indicator railcar
supercooled rain rain recorder ram recovery ram rocket engine
random organisation random sampling test random traffic random triggering
accommodative range bombing range cruising range detection range
dynamic range firing range four-course radio range long range
medium range short range MTI range non-stop range
service range test range true range VFR range
range accuracy range gating techniques range mark intensity range resolution
range rings range stepped increase ranging range finding
reliability-availability-serviceability RASF RASH rain showers
RASP rasterisation rastering RATCC
access rate air rate arrival rate bracket rate
conveyance rate data rate deviation rate high landing rate
high modulation rate input rate iteration rate lapse rate
peak hourly rate picture repetition rate pulse rate random triggering rate
range tracking rate raster write rate refresh rate renewal rate
virtual scanning frequency data renewal rate scanning rate scan rate
Building Loans Committee service unit rate slew rate transmission rate
temperature lapse rate terrain closure rate updating rate rate of descent
rate of closure closing speed sink rate rate of sink
rate of turn rate of words rated coverage rated operating conditions
rating aerodrome control rating approach control rating area control rating
CVFR rating instrument rating local rating surveillance radar rating
take-off power rating transmission performance rating blip-to-scan ratio boost ratio
brightness ratio cold-hot ratio demand capacity ratio eccentricity ratio
effective aspect ratio fineness ratio front-to-back ratio odds ratio
Poisson s ratio breakfast cereals range ratio slip ratio
RFCA SLS power ratio spot growth ratio squareness ratio
step-up ratio step-down ratio strength-to weight ratio taper ratio
target-to-rain ratio trigonometric ratios uplift ratio RATO
rocket assisted take-off radio bearing indicator radar by-pass radar beacon system
radar beacon transponder reach cruising altitude Radar Controller Assistant remote communications outlet
mapped RDOS RDPS communication receiver preset-frequency receiver
straight receiver superhet receiver universal receiver zero-beat receiver
aircraft recognition connected speech recognition continuous speech recognition deletion record
official record maintenance records traffic records verbatim record
FOBS fractional-orbital ballistic system record of amendments drift recorder
strip-chart recorder Reid vapour pressure voice recorder helical scan recording
legal recording longitudinal recording magnetic stripe recording automatic recovery
dielectric recovery incipient spin recovery stall recovery recovery from a dive
automatic recovery programme recovery power turbine anode rectifier barrier layer rectifier
recurrence period red-out inertia reel take-off reel
take-up reel re-engining refanning refresh memory
overwing refuelling underwing pressure refuelling pulse regeneration regulator
REIL rejection criterion alarm relay push-button torn-tape relay
time-controlled relay relay of a message autopilot release inbound release
software release release time relevance tree delivery reliability
expected reliability reliability field testing stress relief relief features
engine relight relocatable remote location remote radar display
unwanted reply reply code reply hits reply jitter
reply waveform collective report confirmatory report current aerodrome report
discrepancy report factual report incident report meteorological report
Mode S report snow report summarised report automatic height reporting
data reporting post-flight reporting reporting system acceptance requirement
ATC requirements appropriate airworthiness requirements aviation requirements colour perception requirements
customs requirements design requirements environmental requirements functional requirements
gate requirements ground systems requirements manpower requirements medical requirements
minimum performance requirements operational requirement overhead requirement physical requirements
public health requirements range requirement reliability requirements retrofit requirements
route meteorological requirements runway strength requirements staff requirements test requirements
requirement for approval re-referencing rescue party reserved area
method of research system research fuel reserve reserve factor
resolution azimuth resolution lane resolution colour response
control loop response flat-top response fruit response image response
lateral response synthetic radar response response aggregator response test
response threshold rest picture restorability DC restorer
restricted resurfacing retractable retraction mechanism
bird return clutter return diminishing returns second time return
split return non-revenue aileron reversal needle reversal
thrust reversal review flight inspection review review of progress
RF-burst RF-generator RF-stage RFCAP
range height indicator rhumb rhumbline distance Mercator distance
nose rib offshore oil rig test rig rigging
position rigging hard rime translucent rime compression ring
earth ring gimbal ring slip ring write inhibit ring
write permit ring ring wing radar input processing ripple
rapid intervention vehicle RJE terminal RLCE remote maintenance monitoring
RMPS root-mean-square voltage RMS voltage roamer
attaching rod piston rod connecting rod laser rod
link rod master rod ROFOR route forecast
roger barrel roll Dutch roll falling-leaf roll
snap roll flick roll outside roll roll rate
rate of roll roll acceleration roll attitude roll in
roll off roll out roll out roll out RVR
roller map rolling rolling moment rolling resistance
root-mean-square deviation radar operating system rotary switch rotary system
rotation rotor anti-torque rotor egg-beater rotors
jet rotor see-saw rotors squirrel-cage rotor tail rotor
tilt rotor roughness of runways alternate route alternative route
area navigation route dual routes feeder-line route J-route
jet-route low load-factor route minimum noise route multiple path route
multi-path route noise preferential route off route off-load route
silent route unidirectional route one-way route unpublished route
Victor route V route water route route charge catalogue
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