route coding route splitting canned routine randomising routine
non routine input routine servicing circuitous routing diversion routing
multiple routing one-way routing outbound routing preferential routing
re-routing Regional Planning Group engine RPM rhizoctonia
RPM synchroniser Regional Plan Publication radar sort box Rescue Sub Centre
RSLS receiver SLS RSO method Radiotelephony Speech Panel
root sum square RSSP required track rate per tonne-kilometer
resistance transistor logic rate per tonne-mile RTOL RTSX
rubber deposit rudder top rudder rudder post
ruddervator randomised decision rule semi-hemispherical rule semi-circular rule
non-return valve show cause to data processing run envelope
test run functional test alternative G A runway grooved runway
hard surfaced runway noise preferential runway offset parallel runways paved runway
unpaved runway steep gradient runway Stol-type runway tangential runways
runway code runway drainage slope runway entrances runway foaming
runway grooving runway in-use runway occupancy runway roughness
runway side strips runway strength runway surface instrumented RVR system
mid RVR touch down RVR radar viewing unit runway visibility value
atmospheric absorption coefficient safety pilot safety seal South Atlantic
motored sailplane SALR duplicate sample historical sample
matched sample predictive sample sample check sample examination
nested sampling sequential sampling sand pillar sanding
SARSAT learning relationship SATC communication relay satellite
station-keeping satellite satellite referenced satellite referenced NAVAID potential fuel savings
sawtooth wave Sonic Boom Panel atomic time scale Beaufort wind scale
Beaufort scale dynamic scale natural scale rating scale
scallops circular scan random scan rotating scan
sector scan to-fro scan bottom rudder TV scan
scan range scanner film scanner time reference scanning
scanning spot forward scatter forward scatter system localised scattering
System Concept Group climb thrust schedule flight schedule maintenance schedule
peaky schedule scheduled test program scheduling sequence scheduling
scheduling committee scheduling of messages vector scissoring air scoop
azimuth elevation scope AZ EL scope tabular radar scope silicium control rectifier
scramble take-off screening test screw jack scriber
SDBY stand-by SDCG South East Asia
slurry seal sealant aural search contour search
creeping line search expanding square search metred search parallel sweep search
parallel track search sector search track crawl search permanent paid employment
forward-facing seat backward facing seat supernumerary crew seat track-mounted seat
seat load factor passenger load factor seat mile cost seat quota
seat rail high density seating Tradutech Diecec
SECANT section fuselage cross section nose section
supercritical airfoil section target cross section A N sectors critical sector
glide path sector linearity sector plot sector procedural sector
stack sector swap sector ultra-high sector high-high sector
sector assistant SELCAL code heading track select HDG TRK select
speed select select code autotune selector track selector
course selector heading selector lock-on frequency selector mode selector
selector switch self adaptive self adjusting self aligning
self balancing self checking self locking self manoeuvring
self monitored auto-pilot self powered self priming self recording
sense switch sensing garble sensing mark sensing
sensitivity resistance course sensitivity receiver DDM sensitivity
sensitivity analysis dew point sensor back-up separation composite separation
laminar separation procedural separation three-dimensional separation EDD keyboard sequences
setting-up sequence automatic fuel sequencing job sequencing traffic sequencing
SERF connecting service consumer services contract of services
domestic services domestic operations field services flight advisory service
international air services janitor service pooled services long-haul service
services and facilities service charge service programme service time
service unit serviceability equipment serviceability servicing panel
servicing van code set combination test set sweep measuring set
bit setting climb setting engine thrust setting flap setting
powerplant setting QFE QNH setting specific fuel consumption special function key
signal generating unit camshaft CECE eccentric shaft
flexible shaft rocking shaft embossed sheet manufacturer s specifications sheet
operational sheet specifications sheet statement sheet work sheet
job card off-the shelf shelved dimming shield
shielded shielding principle shift CG shift
inter-character shift position shift swing shift tuning shift
shipborne shoal machine shop closed shop
shop test nose fairing shroud nose cone
DGCA beam shoulder paved shoulder shoulder
go show late show shrimp boat shutter
SICASP cleared via SID pressure side suction side
side elevation side looking radar Colour Infra-Red side slope
side stripe markings sideslip side slipping sidewash
siding selective identification feature sighting stick picture sign
azimuthal reference signal bell signal bright-up signal camera signal
chrominance signal control transmission signal deterministic signal Doppler-shifted signal
marshalling signal on-hook signal off-hook signal on course signal
off course signal rogue signal servo-control signal tone identification signal
visual distress signal signing off arithmetical simulation fast time simulation
compressed time simulation wind tunnel simulation cockpit simulator garble simulation
SIRS site ground site SIWL
size skew dissymmetry skewness
asymmetry skid anti skid tail skid
undeflected skids skiddometer stressed skin skin tracking
skip station scheme slack period slant slant coordinates
slant range SLAP slot allocation procedure SLAR
sideways-looking acquisition radar slat slats and tabs slatted
sleet evacuation slide inflatable slide sling assembly
sling shot propeller slip slip indicator central slippage
forward slipping strip storage slot solid logic technology sludge
SMMC supplementary meteorological office surface movement radar synchronous meteorological satellite
submultiplexer snaking SPACDAR crawl space
aircraft spacing faulty pulse spacing spalling of surfaces spanwise
SPECI SPECIAL special meteorological report speech audiometry
speech level measurement alighting speed injectable use degeneration speed
t /