divergence speed hull-borne speed scanning speed sweep speed
traffic pattern speed trim speed speed of sound flat spin
incipient spin inverted spin stall spin Stolen Generation
spinner splay splined split channel system
split route structure split S split turbine antenna splitter
path spoiler roll spoiler retractable spoiler spoking
blind spot spraying error spread error range
noise spread anti-collapse spring coil spring controls
control spring flat spring hair spring spring clip
squelch muting squid squint
squint angle squitter surveillance radar element SRSSR
stochastic response SSR monopulse SSR MSSR niacin equivalent
lateral directional stability liquid ecstasy sideslip stability thrust stability
push-down stack stack system stacking ATS staff
maintenance staff domestic stage international stage limiter stage
output stage revenue stop revenue stage stage length flown
PRF stagger staggered PRF rotating stall shock stall
tail stall tip stall vertical stall whip stall
full stall landing stall spin accident stall turn assembly stand
self-manoeuvring stand electrical inertia starter precipitation statics automated observing station
crew station flight engineer s station fire station ham station
junction station mobile surface station social drug surface observation station
torn tape station station referenced signals non-active status sensitivity time control
short time constant nose-gear steering folding step step cruise
dip stick gauging stick slew stick top stick
stick shaker STMS STOL port container
elevated STOL port half stop non-traffic stopover non-traffic stop
air mass storm migrated product technical stop stop and go
synthetic crude oil syncrude cold front storm warm front storm
frontal storm STRACS streamlines path stretching
stringer abrasion strip crack-arrester strip fitting strip
flight progression strip flight progress strip graded strip grass strip
strut custodian study field study retrofit study
syndicate case study trade-off study viability study subgrade
air traffic supervisor face supervisor flight operations supervisor Regional Supplementary Procedures
SUPPS balanced control surface isobaric surface barometric surface
bearing surface equivalent surface even surface rough surface
facing surfaces frontal surface non-load bearing surface paved surface
traffic surge circuit serviceability surveillance synchro surveillance air survey
aerial survey survival craft station slant visual range label swapping
sweep sweep ratio sweepback SWIMS
swivel chair VSWR standing wave ratio after-burning system
aileron tab balancing tab balance tab controlled tab
geared spring tab servo tab flying tab spring tab
trimming tab trim tab lock-up table dynamic radar table
header table initiation track table noy table static radar table
table look-up instruction tacheometer TACS tagging
V tail butterfly tail exponentially decaying tail linear decaying tail
slab tail twin tail tail unit tailings
horizontal tailplane backward take-off refused take-off technical assistance mission
bladder tank structural tank integral tank self-sealing tank
trim tank tankering terminal approach procedure taper ratio
tapered terminal area radar TARAD target reflectivity
scheduled tariff non scheduled tariff tarmac visual task
connecting taxiway tropical continental macroeconomic background traffic coordination centre
technical control desk TDCU turn-on technique landline teletypewriter
radio teletypewriter rescue tender single tender terminal airspace
terminal navaid clearance following batch test bearing ratio test
braking action test climatic test consolidation test cupping test
dielectric test engineering flight test feasibility test flyability test
noise certification test rig test mass production serviceability test
specimen flight test substantiating test type test weathering test
test turntable tube tester wet runway testing TFIS
taxiing guidance system downhill threshold thresholded throttle
through transit throughput idle thrust thrust cutback
thrust spoiler graticule tick grid tick open ticket
tie down absolute lateral tilt antenna tilt tilt jet engine
tilt reaction fatigability block-to-block time build-up time
degeneration time digit time dual introduction time duplexer de-ionization time
dwell time effective time machining time mean waiting time
mode C delay time off-blocks time outbound time raster writing time
receiver recovery time round-trip time run-down time serviceable time
slack time float time stack departure time latency time
zone time time keeping myoma time multiplex coupler
time multiplexing time over time recording device time switch
DHYDRO electronic timescale interval timescale sequence timescale
timing timekeeping ignition timing pulse timing
telecommunications interface processor tip projection tip spacer tipping
tropical maritime TMCD track made good course made good
teleprinter multiplexer thrust management system TNEL fix tolerance
single stroke tone tone correction factor tone pitch modulation topping up
torching torn tape station torque meter torque wrench
gimbal torquer touch sensitive element touch wire system touchdown point
touchdown speed tour incentive travel incentive tour
package tour operator guyed tower microwave tower towing lug
tabular picture generator TRACAB sound track audio track
clock track closely spaced tracks constant track converging tracks
converging routes correlated track crossing tracks crossing routes
free track intended track least-time track magnetic track
organised North-Atlantic track organised NAT track perimeter track radiated track
reciprocal track single track thrust weight ratio T W ratio
undercarriage track video track track-keeping track label
track-mounted track plot track smoothing track update
tracker aided tracking computer tracking ground tracking
improper AFC tracking mono tracking mosaic tracking multi tracking
rate-aided tracking theodolite tracking terminal radar control TRACON
trade in radio traffic bursty traffic closed traffic
converging traffic crossed traffic crossing traffic essential traffic
fill-up traffic joining traffic non traffic non-transponding traffic
proximate traffic R and D traffic replanning of traffic scheduled revenue traffic
t /