stabilisation fund buffer fund buffer sharing buffer swapping
building code building industry building lot building standard
ultimate load negative saving dissaving bulge
bull machine-gun bullet rifle bullet bullion reserve
indices of bunching debt bunching buoyant industry buoyant prices
service bureau data processing bureau nuclear burn-up specific burn-up
neutron burst air-burst shell ground burst ground-burst shell
bus network business community business circles business finance
business gift business income business trend business-oriented computer
buy-back price buyers market buying rate buyer s rate
by-pass four-bit byte nibble quintet
demand loan call loan call premium put-and-call
calorie intake blanket overflight clearance cancellation of a debt canister shell
land capability survey capacity capital crime capital murder
capital assistance capital aid capital allowance capital-at-charge
investment budget capital budget capital-output ratio capital coefficient
capital construction capital cost capital efficiency trade balance
balance of trade capital input factor capital intensity capital investment expenditure
capital-labour substitution demand-push inflation demand-pull inflation deposit rate
borrowing interest rate capital programme capital recapture period tax on capital
capital tax return of capital capital finance account discount market
bank loan capital transactions account kitchen-caravan living quarter caravan
card column card feed card path card reproducing punch
card stocker continuing appointment permanent appointment career appointment
career development career development plan career development planning career entrant
career pattern career staff cargo helicopter Caribbean Peacekeeping Force
gun carriage ocean carrier commando carrier store carrier
water carrier carrier system cascaded carry high-speed carry
standing-on-nines carry carrying charge carrying charge specific case
family casework Olympic Coordination Authority double side-band down-gust
down-wind leg drift fuel dumping land devil
dust devil dust storm D value echoing area
effective acceptance bandwidth effective coverage elevation guidance emergency barrier
aircraft arresting barrier EMDA emergency distance available emergency locator transmitter
emergency phase fuel endurance endurance ARSR
entry fix equisignal zone equivalent airspeed fading
fail-safe system fan marker feeder final approach
final controller fixed distance marking fixer system fixer network
flight flight clearance flight data flight director display
flight following flight information flight information centre flight line
flight management system flight notification message flight plan flight planning
flight radio operator flight regularity message flight rules flight safety messages
flight service station time of flight flight time flow control
fog dispersal framing pulse free airport FM CW
FMCW front course sector general aviation general inference
glide path glide slope gliding angle glide angle
great circle track great circle course ground movement controller ground controller
ground position GPWS ground returns ground signals
guidance coverage hail handling technique hard stand
haze heading hold wind ahead head wind
heap clouds height finding radar height finder radar holding area
hold area holding bay hold bay holding pattern
holding circuit holding point holding fix holding position
holding procedure homing homing adaptor homing beacon
ice detector icing index IDENT identification
indicated airspeed independent sideband modulation independent side band inflight report
initial approach initial approach area inner marker instrument metereological conditions
interference intermediate approach joining point katabatic wind
gravity wind landing aid landing approach speed approach speed
landing clearance landing direction indicator landing run landing sequence
landing zone landmark lane identification lateral drift landing
lead-in line level level flight line squall
loading point loading site localiser mode radio locator
locator beacon loop antenna LORAN long range navigation
lower control limit low frequency main airfield MWARA
master station maximum landing weight medium frequency message field
message format meteorological watch office minimum en-route altitude minimum safe altitude
minimum safe height minimum sector altitude missed approach missed approach guidance
mixed display multipath transmission navigational computer navigation computer
NMAC near mid-air collision near miss report reported near collision
near collision report non-network communication non-stop flight NOTAM
notice to airmen no-wind position air position obstacle clearance
obstacle clearance altitude off-course operating range operational control
outbound track outer marker beacon overflight overflow traffic
overrun area overshoot pilotage pinpoint
plan position indicator point light position line line of position
power approach engine-assisted approach primary radar primary surveillance radar
procedure procedure turn prohibited area proximity warning indicator
pull-out distance quadrantal error quadrantal rule radar altimeter indicator
radar altimeter radar blip radar clutter radar contact
radar controller radar return radar echo radar fix
germ-line theory thymoprivus computer typesetting automatic typesetting
sublimate twaite shad motherboard mainboard
democratic governance exponent superscript cock-up numeral
cold agglutinin expansion board decay time decay period
television licence fee laminated setting temperature solation
sound recording audio recording plastisol Geiger-Müller counter
Geiger counter Wilson chamber cloud chamber allotransplantation
tachyphylaxis myelocyte storage capacity use of frequencies
flow plastigel basophil rheumatic heart disease
scrambler Answer Back redirector Red Green Blue
delustering agent T cell receptor cytokine nucleoside analogue
freeze-dry a cell to gibbon Japanese macaque marmoset
cholesterol-lowering plastimeter autoantibody Farr assay
lymphocytotoxicity object-oriented yield stress flexural strength
open-end investment company EAROM electrically alterable ROM computer program trading
anxiety wound healing surgical operation rust prevention
sensory impairment sensory disability bullfrog California newt
false cobra isotope X-rays roentgen rays
radiation absorbed dose roentgen equivalent man heart valve directory
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