administrative formality transnational training vehicle for information pattern of work
fragmentation of contracts administrative costs International Landworkers Federation optional exemption
mandatory exemption aggregation of markets heterogeneity of SMEs budgetary impact
setting-up import charge technological innovation integration of SMEs
lending instrument trademark licence liquidator of a grouping liquidation of a grouping
contain costs trade margin administrative simplification measure reincorporation method
exemption method imputation method trade circle professional circle
legal standard uniform standard nullity of a grouping objective of integration
book-keeping procedure administrative organisation chart provisional advance payment account payment
payment of tax partnership between enterprises technological partnership partnership assets
company s own assets phase of consolidation industrial application phase carpet
market plan conversion plan scheduling of orders subcontracting SMEs
training policy small business policy overall economic policy tax policy
fiscal policy commercial practice contractual practice preparation of bids
Community loan direct loan purchase of securities manufacturing process
extraordinary income company profile cooperation programme administrative simplification programme
corporate name company name operation Red Brigades
wording of a contract simplified accounting scheme system of consolidation exemption scheme
repayment of capital capital payment representative of business take-over
underdevelopment income from debt-claims personal income key sector
after-sales service support service electronic information service debtor company
capability subcontracting specialist subcontracting cascading subcontracting industrial subcontracting
product standardization competitive system competition system industrial fabric
transferring know-how amyloid precursor protein MACS rapid application development
object-oriented design slow moving vehicle magnetoencephalography automatic traction control
wheelspin control ACWP nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine volatility
activity adapter add time addition record
attachment add-on delegation of authority certificate of payment
file scratching garbage collector landing Moving Target Indicator
omnidirectional radio beacon omnirange omnidirectional beacon log book
return-to-zero recording EUROSILVA computer integrated engineering clear area
correctness brilliant uncirculated software performance Disciplinary Board
brassicasterol source document Central Business District central business area
project specification generator zonal border area butter-buying cruise
Consensus subscripting interblock gap read-in
literal sort automatic stop silicon chip
chip unexpected halt operational specification functional specification
dextran erythropoietin erythropoiesis stimulating factor immunoglobulin
immune globulin programme product software package integrated package
set-up coded program agister desmycosin
macrocin relomycin grey yarn part amount
loop-back command terminator receiving resource
record rerun clamp-on switching scrub
furnace coke blast furnace coke Eurovillage inhibiting signal
Tertir terminal unavailable time rotational delay operating time
machine code computer code single length linear search
senior executive food for work purple heron PTTI
user terminal containment loading ex-vessel phenomenon gallbladder
ventricle non-paper paging indicator
operator vesicular-arbuscular fetotoxic effect data input
data entry appropriate measure wader rock dove
FCMA reduction Parliamentary Office National Archives
Court of Appeal reference UNOMIG ISIS
TAPRI regiment idle time world record
FINNIDA Major lower explosivity limit lower explosion limit
government financial position government proposal government bill district court
government The Greens The Green League international technical cooperation
short-term planning art director division deceased
registered month church vicar
associated borrowing arrangement associated agreement communist chicory
Minister unbound paper covered number
maiden name Comdex Computer Dealers exhibition Post Office
telephone bound full board half board
week Brigade Professional Chess Association IPPNW
International Pediatric Association ECPAT ECPAT International International Music Council
ILSI IIBC International Mathematical Union ISCCP
Forest Stewardship Council IACP ASCOBANS UNIAPAC
AIMS TIPH international catholic organisation ICUP
ACRISS IUFRO World Underwater Federation SAGSTRAM
ASTM Baptist World Alliance CIUSS IFAC
IFORS metre megametre newton per metre
decametre decimetre centimetre millimetre
micron nanometre square kilometre square centimetre
square millimetre centiare revolution radian
right angle grade milligrade hectolitre
decalitre decilitre centilitre millilitre
cubic decimetre cubic centimetre cubic millimetre quintal
kilogram hektogram decagram gram
decigram centigram milligram microgram
mol kg mole per kilogram kg m kilogram per metre
hour hertz joule pascal
newton W sr watt per steradian microwatt
megajoule kilowatt-hour Pa s pascal second
rad s radian per second rev min revolution per minute
metre per second farad siemens weber
megavolt kilovolt millivolt microvolt
henry millihenry microhenry tesla
kiloampere milliampere microampere microamp
farad per metre coulomb kilocoulomb millicoulomb
J kg K joule per kelvin W m K lumen
C kg coulomb per kilogram joule second decibel
microfarad picofarad reciprocal henry FIDH
MWIA NEAP DMEG Open Skies Treaty
CFE Treaty Verification Co-ordinating Committee Women s World Banking ISAG
Parcom Paris Commission Vertic OICI
Olympic Games ACPC World Energy Council SITL
GPDA system software World Vision International Wizo
VLCT ISNAR hectare second
volt input subsystem Text Encoding Initiative International Voluntary Service
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