ppmv Greenhouse Forcing Contribution ecological energetics eco-energetics
GCOS Single Event Upset latch up maximum evapotranspiration
potential evapotranspiration ETreal real evapotranspiration actual evapotranspiration
Automatic Locking Differential Automatic Differential Lock AAAID Electronic Damping Control
Intelligent Suspension tobacco mosaic virus rhabdovirus Oviposition Deterring Pheromone
Host Marking Pheromone graviton N-CAM guanosine triphosphate
angiocardiography PAFC bank imprest account clean acceptance
notice of acceptance acceptance of milk serial access storage sequential access storage
accession rate accommodation acceptance bank accommodation ancillary right
accessory right account receivable cash influx cash inflow
escrow account escrow account falsification of accounts industrial accounts
itemised account link account account sales Accounting Clerk
account payable accounting price accounting rate accounting unit
basic accounting structure business accounting double-entry bookkeeping double-entry system
double-entry accounting single-entry bookkeeping single entry accounting accruals
accrued annual leave accrued interest receivable reserve fund accumulation fund
accumulation risk accumulative sentence false accusation liquid ratio
quick ratio acid-test ratio ack-ack fire acknowledgement
acoustic homing torpedo acquisition radar mass meeting class action
killed in action out of action activate a unit activation analysis
active assets bilateral trust fund administrative agreement administration agreement
administrative supervision superior administrative authority administrative control active detection
active duty activity accounts approval actual income
actuals armed mine actuated mine acupressure
adaptive system full adder parallel adder three-input adder
two-input adder adder-substracter serial addition parallel addition
capital surplus additional paid-in capital address for service immediate address
instruction address multiple address instruction multiaddress instruction one-plus-one address instruction
self-relative address zero-level address deferred addressing implied addressing
one-ahead addressing self-relative addressing standardised mortality rates adjusted mortality rates
seasonally adjusted adjust a claim loss adjuster tax adjustment
general average adjustment cost-of-living adjustment adlog field depot administer a project
administer funds administered price business data processing commercial data processing
administrative data processing Administrative Secretary-General admission admission to quotation
Adopted Project signature ad referendum ATAS Asian-African Conference
bridging advance ALSS solvency ability to pay
prospects ablation cone ablating cone working agreement
works agreement staff agreement above-limit investments above-the-line expenditure
absolute decree industrial absorption absorptive capacity absorption capacity
absorption costing absorption of immigrants satellite computer accident report
accommodation paper accommodation bill advanced zone advancement of women
Community Adviser social adviser social development adviser social welfare adviser
air picket aerial picket aircraft air reconnaissance aerial reconnaissance
aerial spotting aeromedical evacuation unit air mile aeronautical mile
entailed estate affected property affidavit of bias affiliates
affirmance Arab Summit Conference age-specific birth rate age-specific fertility rate
Specialised Agency charitable agency Community development agency employing agency
helping agency housing agency social agency voluntary welfare agency
welfare agency sole agent agreement Water Poverty Index aggregate demand
aggregate projection aggregate target agreed par value special agreement
cross-licensing agreement agricultural extensionist agricultural extension worker agricultural marketing
agricultural reform land reform agrarian reform agricultural requisites industry
clearance agricultural working class agri-foodstuffs sector non-project aid
social aid aided self-help aiding and abetting air-activated ignitor
Air Command Post air fire air logistical support air scout
air supremacy Air Task Force air terminal airborne cavalry
air-burst air-conditioning maintenance man air-conditioning unit swept-wing aircraft
counter-measure aircraft delta-wing aircraft ground attack aircraft ground-support aircraft
jet aircraft piston-engined aircraft propeller-driven aircraft code of accounts
coding sheet airliner air mail air mail issue
All-African Cultural Festival allied industry allied profession AIWC
All-India Women s Conference storage allocation dynamic storage allocation allocation cartel
allograft reserve depreciation allowance general purpose computer multi-purpose computer
all-purpose computer almoner alphanumeric character set alphanumeric character subset
alternative cost alternative technology aluminium filings aluminium foil
aluminium soap amoebiasis amebiasis accident damage
family allowances pickup payment balloon payment tranid
interrogation of databases microform library multifunctional system parametrisation
parameterisation network security computing resources computer resources
certificate of payment outside assistance contract order management PC tool
freelance translator supervisory task filing documents classification of documents
distribution of documents departmental-level computerised-management system finishing process computerised documentary file
cataloguing similar rules telematic tool office system environment
receipt of documents display system resale right coding system
commitment request contingencies fork-lift credit voucher
loading deposited funds document printing request freezing treatment
cold treatment domestic economy downturn downswing
crowned crane machair duty free education grant claim
exchange rate fluctuation youth employment scheme whitefishes dentex
sticklebacks snipefishes striped bass percomorphs
perch-like fish leerfish under-achiever pupil at risk
clupeoids cobia marine crabs swimming crabs
swimcrabs penaeus shrimps crangonid shrimps natantian decapods
marine crustaceans periwinkle periwinkles cupped oyster
sea mussels cuttlefishes starfish starfishes
sea urchin sea squirts invertebrates kelps
wracks carragheen winter flounder windowpane flounder
Atlantic searobins Atlantic tomcod cunnar northern puffer
eelpouts ocean pout sculpins king mackerel
Atlantic Spanish mackerel amberjacks American eel Atlantic croaker
Atlantic needlefish Atlantic silverside black drum black seabass
Florida pompano common pompano hickory shad lanternfish
North Atlantic harvestfish pigfish rough shad sand perch
sheepshead spotted weakfish squeteague white perch
long-finned squid Atlantic razor clam hard clam bay scallop
calico scallop Icelandic scallop sea scallop American cupped oyster
whelks marine worms horseshoe crab field purchase order
final average remuneration nuclear power stations financial accounting standard side-member
rental allowance housing allowance descriptive plate information plate
inscription plate data plate ultimate consumer final consumer
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