official authorization statistical sampling unit meclophenoxat MOBR
intermediate language examination investment feasibility study language proficiency examination leave entitlement
sub-domain sunrise industry sunset industry promissory note
joint commercial agent association of undertakings count
periodic visit commercial accounting debt-claim claim
balance sheet date locally recoverable item start-up cost formation expenses
sealed competitive position certification procedure share subscribing
positive reaction pressure-test certificate Caseous lymphadenitis MMDS
descent from mother proof-reading reformatting on PC buffer
acceptance facility acceptance credit bank acceptance distillation tube
ex ship f i o hot money shopping centre
red clause management fee underwriting fee agency fee
flat fee spot credit rollover credit new money
event of default cross default stripping splitting
inflation gap inflation rate differential inflation differential gold bullion standard
trade mart fixing float f o t
free on truck free on rail window dressing comfort letter
back-up line home centre merchandising forward market
futures market marketing consultant multicurrency futures option
cash and carry bullet dispatching loss carry-back
minimarket underwriting group pool pool
tramping scoring scorage score to
tystie black guillemot capital appreciation churning
block digestion apparatus lodging of appeals booster rod digestion apparatus
burn-up cash price cash transaction blank test
circulator circulating pump fouling pressure drop
person requesting documents supplementary aid additional aid border disease virus
abscess direct investment commission single intervention price
tendering procedure award tendering conditions supplementary aid
additional aid capital subsidy capital grant stock of debt
transitional aid unit aid security special security
provision of a security lodging of a security special elimination levy differential charge
Community compensation pressure equipment directive minimum levy special levy
premium to producers premium for producers storage premium intervention purchase price
intervention buying-in price supply price retail price selling price
fixed price standard price contract price free-at-Community-frontier price
free-at-frontier reference price indicator price common target price representative Community price
Community representative price system of securities deposit system special charge
maintenance expenditures working hour man-hour MUV index
air extracted critical assembly backboiler miscellaneous exchange order
graining grading separation capacity capture
gaseous diffusion housing monthly attendance report condensing boiler blanket
monthly payment order screening fuel cycle Rankine organic cycles
dissolution regular petrol motor spirit bundle
feedstocks cladding API gravity multilateral trust fund
multidonor trust fund demand for money conversion plant standard cubic metre
manometric milling heat loss plasma
breeze processus target project pressure tube reactor
on-load operation fluid-rock relation high-voltage grid district heating network
reprocessing seal slurry separation
net interest income reactor internals exploitation official duty
volumetric operational control comply with a decision confiscate
anomaly goat contagious agalactosis draft opinion long-term credit
flow additive warm-air furnace furnace
warm air Africa Malaria Day make-up air makeup air
circulating air outside air outdoor air cold air
fireclay discharge air delivery air combustion period
furnace warm-air furnace athermanous collecting tank
receiver tank collecting receiver Alen key by-pass valve
terminal return-air intake return intake overall cost
oil burner precision C in C Commander-in-Chief
parent law badge fire drill linguistic supervision
pensionable remuneration multiplier performance award periodic budgetary report post adjustment index
PA index fixed-rate repurchase contract fixed-rate repo shock tube
purchase requisition paraglider texturised yarn textured yarn
international forum reimbursable loan agreement reefer cargo documentation
extruded polystyrene remuneration correction factor private member deputy chairman
rotation of staff nickel silver self-unloading trailer ambulance operator
thermorecorder telephonometry calcium bisulphite sugar apple
Spanish plum umbu separation payments Limited Liability Company
Special Programme Resources special reserve account contracting body sodium pyrosulphite
Portuguese dogfish dissipation rate hybrid Bill streamlining
Scottish Renewables Order Scottish Renewables Obligation buckling rod subprogramme
summary dismissal indexing interinstitutional working procedures print finisher
transaction listing turnover of staff staff turnover International Broadcasting Standard
salary index wage index pay index working capital loan
working space tetrazolium earning capacity written statement
oedema credit in kind dermatosis Kosten unit
competition poster data switching local tax office legal counsel
defence attorney security and reception appropriate analysis conventional fossil fuel
kittiwake computerised accounting system dinickel trioxide minneola
life sciences code of practice physical protection fuel bundle
fuel element fuel assembly BING combustion air
burner IWRB contingency authorization contingency authority
contingency reserve quench absorber tramp vessel sodization
process patent game animals backslash back slash
brown heart disease EEC fisheries inspectorate Community fisheries inspectorate access flooring
low-head turbine downsizing Cheeky Sparrow ABCAS
active BCAS aircraft avionics store ship supply ship
bunker laid-up vessel longshoreman dockworker
contribution in services quay dues berthage coasting vessel
coaster shipping line ocean-going tug trans-shipment port
outport outer harbour approach channel access channel
floating container barge container customs agency laying-up of a vessel
mercantile fleet ship chandler merchant vessel SSBJ
Supersonic Business Jet national income ocean quahog distributed profit
formation of a company establishment of a company payment period payment deadline
shareholder finished product simplified taxation system registered office
head office investment company dehosting donor
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