moderator nuclear transmutation nuclear transformation principal establishment
issue of shares stock issue capital issue transfer duty
capital transfer tax registration premium grade spirit premium grade
conventional terms Prodcom core staff cost estimate
compensated gross tonne Compensated Gross Ton First Officer coupon rate
currency exchange transaction currency fluctuation current account balance current assets
current contributions current assessments European Video Area mangold fly
current liabilities custodian grooved sea-squirt red fruits
water resources blind test blind control miller-borer
Maubere waiting list queue overlay
liver lung customs clearance debriefing meeting
nixtamalisation zimmer frame walking frame availability
lock address public law-service office Assistant Bailiff
management by objectives director Assistant Under-Secretary Principal Administrative Officer
Labour Inspectorate Head of Division defence district command Head of Department
Army Staff Press Counsellor Assistant Commissioner myeloid
separator separator germinal centre atopy
autosensitisation autograft lymphangiectasis Jones-Mote reaction
lympholysis cutireaction cytophilia phagotype
intradermoreaction leukocytopoiesis lymphadenia lymphangeitis
immunological enhancement metamyelocyte lymphocyte marker null cell
paracortical secretory piece Computer Assisted Training amplitude modulation
calorie Squadron Leader Major CBMs
Confidence-Building Measures confidence building measures SADM nuclear backpack
COLTS tax authority Minister Cabinet Minister
Group Captain Colonel Wing Commander Lieutenant-Colonel
chamber of commerce police authority diocese Superintendent
Counsellor archivist Bishop District Prosecutor
Dean Defence Attaché Defence District Commander Consul-General
District Prosecutor Chief Inspector Consul Rural Dean
Cultural Attaché Press Attaché Vice-Consul Chief Librarian
librarian body-centered cubic office automation standards warping
ox-eye daisy oxeye daisy marguerite non-discriminatory fishing technique
gunmetal commercial designation economic conditions EEC initial verification
inspection body marrow suppression myelosuppression marrow depression
typing national preference Community harmonization strategy single document
petechial haemorrhage petechiae cuckooflower bird s-foot trefoil
birdsfoot common birdsfoot-trefoil lotus bacon and eggs
white clover Dutch clover self-heal yarrow
milfoil meadow crane s-bill meadow cranesbill riverside woodland
alluvial forest tidal mud flat lithotripter subsistence economy
scramble bacterial infection cellular immune deficiency cytopathogenetic
cytotoxic chemotherapy iatrogenic neoplastic cell heat vector
heat carrier logistic precaution space heating sirloin tip
tongue cerebral aneurysm berry aneurysm tail
Phillips screwdriver latent heat transpallet pallet truck
dual-purpose boiler dual-fuel boiler development assistance lending rate
deficit financing delegation of authority demotion dependency rate
bulk fatigues depositary IFSW
tolidine Register of Experts Economic Planning Commission desk study
desk review devolution DEIP ISETU
GTOS multi-currency electronic wallet high wet modulus absorption rate
chemically bonded fabric open-work fabric ajour fabric reinforced fabric
reinforced needle-felt antistatic finish antistatic fibre finished fabric
aromatic polyamide fibre aramid fibre reinforced film reverse stitch
reverse stitch wale spinning oil breaking length stock-dyed fibre
regular twill weave batiste coated coated knitted fabric
coated woven fabric coated yarn biaxial woven fabric bicomponent fibre
ingrain filament blend filament yarn blend spun-yarn blend woven-fabric
bonded fabric bonded yarn work of rupture breaking force
rupture strain breaking extension flexural rigidity foam fabric
flexible foam sheet Locknit crepe de chine cycling stiffness
damask denier differential dyed yarn dimensional stability
direct-spun yarn tensile breaking load tensile rigidity extension stiffness
double jersey double cloth multiple wound yarn dynamic stiffness
novelty yarn fancy yarn elastic recovery single end-use product
disposable item cretonne single jersey epitropic fibre
false twist polka rib full cardigan rib defect mark
fibril fibre type type of fibre filament loop-yarn
spun-bonded fabric screen printing felted fabric cattle egret
fine yarn setting degree of setting stability of set
flame proof finish flannel flocked fabric float stitch
fastness to staining braid flat braiding flat braid
tubular braid plaited rope graided rope slit film
flat-film yarn fibrillated film fibre split fibre fibrillated fibre
immediate elastic recovery elastic strain fringe low-shrinkage fibre
moisture regain standard regain commercial moisture regain gaberdine
yarn thread yarn dyed yarn-thickness
yarn count interlacing point lustrous loose
lustrous fibre lustre fibre lustrous yarn coarse yarn
ground weave basic weave commercial weight hand knitted fabric
skein-dyed yarn linen fabric hollow fibre hardness
fastness derived weave skein breaking load high-shrinkage fibre
high performance high-tenacity fibre high-tenacity fibre type high-temperature resistant fibre
initial stiffness inlay interlock fabric take-up
jacquard fabric jersey fabric sheared pile hawser laid rope
shroud laid rope cable-laid rope card sliver card-blended yarn
secondary strand noppy knotted net knot breaking load
making bobbin lace compound yarn compound fibre component fibre
man-made fibre chemical fibre package dyed yarn crimp
curl crimped fibre ondulation waviness
crimp shrink shrinkproof shrinking potential
shrinkage force shrinkage creep crepe yarn
crêpe fabric quilted fabric twill weave core-spun yarn
core yarn laminated fabric bonded fabric load intensity
load-strain curve sized nonwoven fabric purl fabric light fastness
loden pile pile structure low-pilling fibre
light weight file restoration file reconstruction easy-stretch
madapolam macrofilament corduroy marquisette
stitch-bonded fabric taffeta wale-spacing sinker loop
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