transfer of monies trade gap trade deficit payment of contribution
Eurofor Rapid Deployment Euroforce Euromarfor European Maritime Force
browser synchronisation challenge to a judge NMSP
NSFnet base tranceiver station base station automatic warning system
call blocking chaplain Schengenland C SIS
N SIS national system N-SIS emergency scram
cavalry carbine tulip poplar tulip tree American tulip tree
pressure pattern flying pressure pattern flight ENHF EURONATURE
surgery gas fitter intramuscular injection pedunculate oak
common oak sessile oak noble fir silver fir
neurophysiology maerl snow scooter snowmobile
snow motorcycle nursing whole human blood adoption case
International AIDS Society microscopic method fork-lift truck driver sorting clerk
sorter harrow Accident Investigation Board AFREXIMBANK
African Export-Import Bank down time ASEPS Afep
German Share Institute German Equities Institute MMCD Multimedia CD
ABLE response time NSERC NCRI
Traditional Chinese Medicine OODA FCSPS European Recovery Programme
SNCS Infectious Diseases Hospital sponge iron hot-briquetted iron
coke side SIRTF GOAP United Liberal Democrats
Democratic Party OeGB up time operable time
CIFEDHOP read error emoticon song sparrow
lion African lion Security Council sticky catchfly
average rate option Asian option expenditure orders clerical work
parliamentary business post vacant opening files updating files
computer management system staff remuneration subsistence allowance staff allowance
record visitors recognising Members Swedish Translation Division parcel bomb detection
Finnish Translation Division Freelance Unit ready for printing passed for press
recorded settlement of remuneration settlement of missions planning coordinator
adhesion combustible dumb barge lighter
barge SCOM Science Committee sustainability accounting
European Task Force ECEC WCPC rapid prototyping
interaction bodily harm perjury false swearing
deterioration servo-control ready for heating-up sealing frame
gas exhaustion gas failure device rebuilding a battery klinker brick
hard burnt brick cold crushing strength oven quoin head
transverse bracing temporary oven shed oven protection shed dust collection system
smoke abatement system dedusting unit reversing cock underfiring
interlocking flash plate storage image core image
EUCC interest coupon dividend coupon active matrix
postal cheque postal check mail transfer NSF cheque
commutation of sentence counter-sabotage court of assizes conspiracy and desertion
beggar common land consequential damages inter-country programming
committal for trial arraignment judgment of reference pimp
reserve officer stay of sentence conditional sentence bigamy
contract for services bankers draft storks Ross seal
fur seals end-of-service grant end-of-service allowance ASPA
anesthesiologist percutaneous gastrostomy salpingotomy endomyocardial biopsy
febrile neutropenia choriocarcinoma rhabdomyosarcoma nephroblastoma
extra-pulse zonography ultrasound scan barium enema
arteriography bone densitometry absorptiometry titanium mesh
wood duck Carolina duck morphinomimetic implantable defibrillator
falconer bustards common ringed plover little ringed plover
little plover snowy plover Kentish plover greater sand plover
white-winged tern swifts and hummingbirds Alpine swift plain swift
pied kingfisher white-breasted kingfisher white-throated kingfisher Smyrna kingfisher
bimaculated lark bulbuls garden bulbul common bulbul
Finsch s wheatear Persian robin white-throated robin Irania
whipbirds babblers pin-tailed snipe pintail snipe
hoary redpoll Arctic redpoll red-fronted serin fire-fronted serin
common rosefinch spotted nutcracker Eurasian nutcracker ring-necked duck
interest rate instrument Socialist Workers Party Socialist Workers Party field mission allowance
field allocation field programme mannitol hexanitrate nitroglycerine
nitroglycerin field staff tolite trinitronaphthalene
High Melting Explosive octogen cyclotetramethylene-tetranitramine perfluoropropane
octafluoropropane filing system photoflash bomb hand grenade
sulfonyl difluoride sulfuryl fluoride difluoridodioxidosulfur trimethylamine
smoke munitions training ammunition interim hearing methyl cyanide
allyl bromide chlorosilane C C -azodi formamide monomethyl hydrazine
p-Xylene isosorbide dinitate acetyl bromide safety match
firelighter decaborane pentaborane phenylhydrazine
N-methylaniline benzyl cyanide xylyl bromide ethyl bromide
benzyl iodide finance budget financial credit benzyl bromide
barium cyanide calcium cyanide inorganic cyanide lead cyanide
mercury cyanide nickel cyanide silver cyanide mercury bromide
mercury II bromide mercuric bromide aluminium bromide bromacetyl bromide
alkylphenol plant pest tetra-alkylammonium hydroxide diphenyl methyl bromide
air-bag inflator EIOP MANWEB reader of judgments
cranberry temporary employment agency surplus pig production American Jewish Committee
Council on Competition ataxia-telangiectasia UNPREDEP Request for Comments
Request for Comment Bose-Einstein Condensate IPPA Caspian Pipeline Consortium
Caspian Petroleum Consortium minimal brain dysfunction EHEC Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli
Banana Party voltage regulator modulator voltage regulation module DIMM
cash reserve wisteria biorhythm glutamic-pyruvic transaminase
aneurin dispersion index withdrawal of approval stamping
store room management work room stall
Milia Basle Nyborg Agreement joint afloat joint floating
block floating bond yield Bretton Woods institutions budgetary policy
Budgetary Policy Committee budgetary reduction budgetary restraint budgetary restriction
budget cutback call rate capital deepening capital-deepening investment
financial liability capital market rate capital widening capital-widening investment
inventory change change in stock clear the market common capital market
single economic area common economic area Community loan mechanism Conjunctural Policy Committee
consortium bank consumer spending consumer expenditure cooperative growth scenario
economic policy coordination monetary coordination monetary policy coordination Corset
cost-push inflation counter cyclical policy money creation creation of money
credit aggregate credit limit lending limit credit ceiling
demand for credit credit demand credit rationing volume of credit
credit volume currency arbitrage progress payment AChE
acetyl-cholinesterase acid phosphatase table-dancing lap dancing
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