approved pattern approved model adjective test equipment
AESGP AESPG approved body AFTERM
French terminology association generalised social levy Emerging Market Index Hungarian Civic Party
IPEM multi-word unit Prince Edward Island SEPI
Sinn Fein Terminology and Documentation microdactyly ontogenesis
phocomely stenosis antiallergic antiasthmatic
bilharziasis treatment antidiabetic antidiarrheal antidiarrhea drug
antiepileptic antienzyme antifibrinolysin antigout
antihemorrhagic financial records antimycotic seasickness prevention pill
antinauseant antinausea drug antimalarial antirheumatic
antiseptic antisyphilitic antitoxic antivertigo
sticking plaster antifibrillatory plasma expander cytostatic
decongestant emetic ganglioplegic hemostat
laxative revulsive cough syrup sulfonylurea
suppository welcome money address register wall woodpecker
sense of optimism Zero Short-time Working zero short-time work fixed assets
Turncoat dissenter would-be emigré planned economy
command economy independent statehood Second State Treaty finger agnosia
pain asymbolia visual agnosia agrammatism graphomotor aphasia
agraphia infantile amnesia absolute agraphia verbal agraphia
alexia anterograde amnesia auditory amnesia traumatic amnesia
animal production patchy amnesia lacunar amnesia motor aphasia
posthypnotic amnesia visual amnesia aphemia anarthria
amnestic aphasia anomic aphasia amnesic aphasia biopacemaker
asomatognosia body-image agnosia autotopagnosia misidentification
palilalia jargonaphasia head injury Social Court
Administrative Court regional court magistrates court enforcement court
public notice procedure statement of facts civil dispute lay judge
trial court law costs forfeiture of rights statement of claims
objection to jurisdiction lack of conformity plea preservation of evidence
interlocutory decree judicial mortgage covering mortgage interlocutory order
APV Rt United Auto Workers CPAP BIOX
biooxidation follow-up action AEPS LCHF
NEFCO exception clause banana boat rescue ship
diesel submarine three-decker guided-missile cruiser flagship
anti-aircraft cruiser iridology karma fringe benefit
command ship ElIntS electronic intelligence ship galleon
escort ship armed merchant cruiser ocean escort vessel ocean minesweeper
helicopter-carrier cruiser gunboat cruiser coastal escort vessel
coastal harbour tug seaward patrol craft mine hunter minelayer
fast escort training ship heavy cruiser forest economy
destroyer submarine chaser tracking repair ship
destroyer two-decker anorectic azotemia
bulimia absolute diet hyperphagia lipogenesis
lipolysis adipolysis morbid obesity early abortion
bronchial asthma amniocentesis hysterotomy abdominal hysterotomy
morning-after pill general journal voucher global project OB GYN
obstetrician-gynecologist obstetrician maternity unit psychic pregnancy
phantom pregnacy stillborn mantra labour pains
puerperal fever childbed fever roll-on deodorant breast feeding
child seat governing body harmonised requirements Community type-approval procedure
EEC product prototype of model series prototype national type approval
grant type-approval for type- approve refuse inspection register
inspection records withdraw EEC type-approval customs seals metrological service
EEC sign special sign type EEC-type pressure vessel
approved type recipient administration administration of origin technical adaptations
suitability for use annul certificates EEC-type vessel EEC-type appliance
EEC self-issued certificate secondary characteristic derogating clause preliminary testing
in-service inspection failure to conform request for authorization product designation
approved device approved part type-approved appliance type-approved device
type-approved part approved appliance calibration records definitive technical data
pattern tests in-service tests pattern examination production models
component supplementary markings mandatory markings descriptive markings
EEC calibration individual marking individual mark mark
EEC self-certification mark EEC mark water poverty manufacturer s mark
breakpoint instruction manufacturer s identification mark EEC sealing mark special mark
EEC issue number EEC type-examination number EEC type-approval number calibration plate
stamping plate DINO Digital Technical Facility theft by trickery
picking pockets safe-breaking burglary robbery with violence
theft from caravans theft from casinos theft from a church theft from hotels
theft from museums theft from trains theft from cars car theft
simple larceny shoplifter bank robber kidnapper
blackmailer first offender highjacker pickpocket
train robber security offence attack with explosives criminal damage
flashing exhibitionism procuring bank robbery
African Security Council internaut internet surfer internet user
internetter net surfer netizen cybernaut
DIRECTORIA petty larceny begging regicide
removal of a minor butt brazing dip brazing
soldering contouring control depressed area stress relief
suction equipment filler wire oxide film agricultural resources
ruby laser filler metal stubbing shrinkage hole
pipe laser welding laser beam welding plasma-arc welding
pressure welding butt welding stud welding electro gas welding
electro-slag welding flash butt-welding orbital welding electron beam welding
friction welding explosive welding fusion welding induction welding
resistance welding expansion tank Bowden cable servo-braking system
grant-in-aid brake transmission gross misconduct hardship allowance
hospitality expenses hospitality grant compressed-air tank household removal expenses
housing costs imprest account sheet imprest account record imputed costs
leakproofness test agrobiology agricultural biology Allen screw
retaining ring circlip food shortage income tax liability
two-way valve modulator Fighting Communist Cells Common Gateway Interface
Rastriya Prajatantra Party National Democratic party Secure Sockets Layer NCNP
hydro-pneumatic accumulator agricultural insurance mayor place of unloading
carton case incumbent forward estimates
irregularity parcel package closed book
supplementary acidification wine-growing area grub vines to other sparkling beverages
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