Minister of Defence royal decree abstraction observation
corpus locutionary act curriculum denotation
dependency grammar derivation descriptive dialect
extralinguistic falsify generative grammar grammar
grapheme indirect speech act infix combinative variant
combinative variable competence connotation contrastive
formal lexeme lexicology ling
linguistics grammatical morpheme morph morphosyntax
natural noun phrase nominal group normative
pedagogical grammar pedagogic grammar phatic polyseme
speech rhythm regularity semantics sememe
semiotics sign sizing agent language
referential function text coherence theme and rheme transference
transfer transformation overgeneralisation universals
verbal verbal cluster verbal group verb phrase
stuttering cont contents coherent statement
morphology bills payable savings bond special agreement
IBWM CNEEMA CICRED letter of readiness
Breton Liberation Front police court district court technical progress
retirement pension Australian redback spider Kearns-Sayre syndrome transient ischaemic attack
transient ischema attack mini-stroke harlequin frog red tide
cladistics volcanic eruption Ministry of Finance online location services
geomatics aphasiology lemmatisation anchor man
optional extra non-dazzle rearview mirror longevity step long-service step
longevity increment radiator grille management support khat plantation
central locking shad allis shad wolf-fishes
catfishes long-tailed duck gadwall Ark party
Coexistence The Master Democratic Party Saimnieks Invirase
saquinavir Fortovase blue antimora waste acid
high-carbon steel zink slab electric heating absolute density
dual protection saline solution ECPA spin-out
spin off clams false ceiling emergency exit
joinery work joinery wet standpipe flight of stairs
handrail aleuronic layer amylopectin baking room
security of contract grain farming manpower expenditure agricultural chemistry
marginal benefit strong wheat Axel ski stick
ski pole biathlon bobsleigh Alpine combined
Nordic combined curling ice dancing downhill
free skating programme ice slide ice hockey hockey player
Winter Olympics luge monoski gondola
snow blindness puck ice hockey puck figure skate
ice-hockey skate figure skating speed skating skate
ice-skate skater ice-skater covered icerink
ski run rescue sled ski jumping freestyle skiing
pairs skating giant slalom slalom off-piste skiing
housekeeping home economics LSHTM AAMA
wireless local loop I-FOR IFOR Implementation Force
Industrial Development Agency electronic road pricing SIAP goldeneye
knot blue crab sea cucumbers oystercatcher
public administration Council House town hall city hall
National Food Council meritorious executive award merit award commitment of funds
mission subsistence allowance tertiary-butyl methyl phenyl
Oriental bonito bow fin swimming crab swimcrab
golden grey mullet golden mullet long-finned grey mullet glory mullet
scabbardfish spoonbill paddlefish cyclone
gills conservation of species abandonment of a parcel newspaper subscription
postal subscription authorised abbreviation official abbreviation absence of postage
UN - UPU Agreement bond note address of items creditor administration
debtor administration defaulting administration paying administration postal administration
wrongly admitted accepted in error abbreviated address incomplete address
incorrect address address not permitted telegraphic address air letter
aerogramme aero-philately air-mail distance prepayment in money
prepayment in cash deficient postage compulsory prepayment compulsory postage
postal agency supervisor postal employee railway post office
travelling post office highway post office sealed phial authorised annotation
Giro Agreement UPU Agreements deposit arrears
money instruments monetary articles postal technical assistance insurance fee
allocation of charges mimeography duplicating authority to pay
authority for withdrawal damage customs notice customs decision
notice of non-delivery notice of payment payment advice advice of payment
notice of transfer transfer advice advice of transfer notice of transfer
transfer advice advice of transfer entry advice notice of entry
advice of entry credit balance adhesive tape adhesive band
stamped wrapper conversion table paper money currency note
souvenir sheet private letter box insured box postal traveller s order
postal traveller s voucher postal traveller s bond mail delivery bill chain letter system
return wire return strap brochure notice of prepayment
franking note certificate of posting trial note transit bulletin
verification note bulletin of verification savings deposit note main post office
principal office main office exchange bureau postal cheque office
postal check office office of posting office of mailing office of destination
full-service office redespatching office reforwarding office office of redespatch
sorting office distributing office paying office office of payment
international bureau self-service office secondary office stationary office
permanent office registered mail enclosure registered mail cage wax seal
gummed seal postal identity card letter-card illustrated letter-card
maximum card postcard picture postcard single postcard
stiff covered cardboard covered pigeonhole CCPS
Executive Council braille printing centring telex exchange
specialised office specialised centre operating expenses working expenditure
working expenses business costs assessed costs common costs
finance charges capital charges differential costs financial charges
special costs jack-adjustable hand-cart mechanically-controlled lift truck postal traveller s cheque
in Arabic figures chromography delivery zone delivery area
circulation of bags contribution class printing plate printing block
public code memorised code arbitrary code extraction code
delivery code dispatch code encoded operator code
coding desk operator coder imprint block corner block
original die neck of a sack neck of a bag abandoned parcel
insured parcel on service parcel cumbersome parcel bulky parcel
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